Software AG blends both CentraSite editions into one SOA management product

David Worthington
September 24, 2008 —  Clearing up customer confusion and delivering on its promise to integrate webMethods’ products with its own, Software AG has combined its SOA governance offerings into a single solution.

On Monday, Software AG announced the creation of CentraSite ActiveSOA, which will become generally available in the second quarter of 2009. ActiveSOA combines the asset management functionality of CentraSite Enterprise together with the policy enforcement of CentraSite Governance.

CentraSite Governance was formerly known as webMethods Infravio X-Registry. Software AG acquired webMethods for US$546 million in 2007.

“CentraSite Governance allowed enterprises to 'attack SOA' top-down, delivering services within a short timeframe, while CentraSite Enterprise’s bottom-up approach to life-cycle management [is] provided for companies to evolve to SOA incrementally," said John Conley, director of public relations for Software AG.

"Bringing out this release, [which] fully integrates the intellectual property from both the [webMethods] Infravio acquisition and CentraSite, is a good move for Software AG. It will end customer confusion caused by the earlier 'CentraSite Governance' and 'CentraSite Enterprise' editions, and allows the company to focus its efforts on its new flagship offering,” said senior Forrester analyst Larry Fulton, referring to ActiveSOA. He also noted that the release marks an unambiguous step away from Software AG’s joint development with Fujitsu.

Aside from converging SOA adoption strategies, ActiveSOA now gives developers the ability to customize the SOA life cycle with transitions to enforce the right policy at the right time and to automate governance processes, said Franco Castaldini, director of SOA governance product marketing. It also offers impact analysis through metadata, he added, as well as expanded reporting capabilities to provide IT with access to build reports and logs.

Additionally, Software AG has added federation facilities for migrating applications from project-level adoption to build out an enterprise level proposition. “CentraSite becomes a central point and a single system of record,” ensuring compliance of architectural standards for SOA on every project, said Castaldini.

Services are made more discoverable by dashboards and smart lists that are similar to the “Genius” feature from Apple’s iTunes software, he said.

Customers have role-based access, and service information is pulled from the repository, Conley noted.

Notifications are sent to administrators when changes are made in the service registry, Castaldini said, adding that ActiveSOA provides better operational accountability than the company’s previous releases. Developers can send notifications to downstream users via impact analysis, Conley added.

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