SOA Software releases project-planning suite for SOA transition

David Worthington
January 13, 2009 —  A developer of service oriented architecture infrastructure software has released a project-planning suite. The company says it will help enterprises transition to SOA by prioritizing small projects that align to business objectives and provide the highest return on investment.

SOA Software announced yesterday the availability of Portfolio Manager, a project-planning governance tool. The software helps organizations identify and inventory software assets, build a SOA road map, and plan governance methods for service development.

Portfolio management helps enterprises build the right services at the right time through asset identification, said Ian Goldsmith, vice president of product management for SOA Software.

"We flat out tell customers that they will fail if they attempt SOA top down," said CTO Alistair Farquharson. "Customers do not have to go to the effort of exposing every service."

Instead, Portfolio Manager can help companies achieve early successes by helping developers prioritize the development of candidate services and understand dependencies among them, Goldsmith explained. "Those successes can help drive the cultural shift that is required for successful enterprise SOA."

To assist with SOA road-map planning, Portfolio Manager creates high-level business reports on ROI for management, in addition to more technical reports that help developers align services to IT initiatives, said Farquharson.

Portfolio Manager produces SOA road maps that represent both current and planned architectural models. To ensure that services are built correctly, it integrates with SOA Software's Repository Manager development-time governance software, as well as to third-party asset management offerings offered by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and TIBCO, Farquharson said.

Customers have the option of writing their own connectors or obtaining one from SOA Software through a professional services engagement, noted Farquharson. Portfolio Manager delivers packaged SOA planning governance methods and meta-models for process automation in Repository Manager.

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01/13/2009 05:01:36 PM EST

Nice Article!

United StatesGeorge Walsh

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