Component makers see 2009 as a big year for MS platforms

David Worthington
January 15, 2009 —  (Page 1 of 5)
The gears are turning for implementations of Microsoft's next generation of platform technologies, and as a matter of course, component makers are the leading-edge innovators. In 2009, some of the latest Microsoft technologies will be gaining the most traction as Silverlight's star rises and developers rethink how they structure Web applications.

Silverlight is rapidly becoming a popular platform for component developers to target. ComponentArt, ComponentOne, Developer Express and Infragistics are all making controls for creating business applications and filling in functionality that Microsoft has omitted.

Miljan Braticevic, president of ComponentArt, captured that sentiment in just a few words: "Silverlight is huge." The component model that Microsoft shipped with Silverlight is impressive and friendly toward building components, he said.

Silverlight 2 is based on a subset of the .NET Common Language Runtime and shares most of its capabilities. Executives interviewed by SD Times were unanimous in saying that Silverlight 2 would be the version of the platform that they target over the coming year.

"We will put all of our resources on Silverlight," said Gustavo Eydelsteyn, managing director at ComponentOne. He noted that the company would be developing Silverlight 2 controls for building business applications. He said that Silverlight 3, which promises innovations around digital media, would likely not affect ComponentOne directly.

Indeed, component makers are settling into the platform. "We are not particularly worried about Silverlight 3; the differences from Silverlight 1.0 to 2 were far greater [than future changes will be]," explained Julian Bucknall, CTO of DevExpress.

While many Silverlight controls introduced thus far have been relatively simple, ComponentArt sees the opportunity to build enterprise-level controls that deliver new functionality to end users, Braticevic explained. "Great controls will increase the value of the platform," he said.

"Interoperability between AJAX and Silverlight is particularly interesting to us," he said. ComponentArt will work to blur the lines between the frameworks by delivering components that permit developers to implement business logic in a way that is "client platform agnostic," he said.

"A large number of development managers are in a dilemma about which technology [ASP.NET AJAX versus Silverlight] to use for their next project. We will tie them together to make our entire offering appealing to customers," Braticevic said.

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01/16/2009 09:42:05 AM EST

I learned Silverlight and the light bulb went off and now I'm learning Adobe Flex 3 and all the stuff that is being built for Silverlight is already built in Adobe Flex 3. DOH! Adobe Flex is mature and already done. Microsoft is sorta like GM and going down the same road as GM. Example Vista and nobody wants it. My next machine may be a MAC. .NET 4.0 may be like Vista in that nobody will want it. Microsoft has already abandoned LINQ which is a really cool technology that Developers really liked so why did Microsoft dump it? DOH!

United StatesRandy

01/16/2009 02:48:58 PM EST

I was just looking for component vendors for Adobe Flex 3...DOH! I don't see anything like the components being built by Telerik, Infragistics, DevExpress, ComponentOne, ComponentArt and I don't see them as native components in Adobe Flex. If you're a Visual Studio developer, you'd be crazy not to look at Silverlight over Flex. I've used both and when I worked in Adobe Flex's Eclipse environment, I felt like I was stepping back in time. The developer tools are just so much richer on the Microsoft side.

United StatesBill

01/18/2009 05:41:07 AM EST

@ Randy .. so its in Flex so MS shouldn't bother??? LINQ has not been abandoned (far from it). LINQ to SQL has been slated as being dropped in favour of the Entity Framework (mighty similar). I have recently ported a LINQ to SQL project (a faily involved one) to EF from LINQ to SQL as a solo developer in under two days. That's hardly being abandoned. Scare mongering at best.

United KingdomSimon

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