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Though Parrot has been mired in development for more than nine years now, it is still moving forward and seems to be fulfilling the project's goal of building a dynamic language runtime that can support all dynamic languages. It would seem, however, that those goals are so lofty and complicated, that the project has needed every day of those nine years to get it right.

Of course, the real excitement of Parrot isn't its maturity, it's the promise of having access to any dynamic language's libraries through any other dynamic language. That means accessing Python routines from a Perl program. Truly, this is a project to watch. — Alex Handy

Clouds must be open
Take open-source sensibilities into the enterprise? That was a radical idea 10 years ago, when Brian Behlendorf and Bill Portelli started CollabNet.

It was the time of ALM 1.0, with LAN-based tools and processes that hard-coded organizations in to their vendors. CollabNet’s vision was for transparent, open-source development, with a recognition that distributed development was a desirable business model. Now, fast-forward 10 years, and companies get that.

Today, Portelli recognizes that a computing cloud also can’t be an island, like LANs were back in the day. He said organizations, though, still prefer to have their data behind a firewall, along with their operations and processes. “Companies are now asking, ‘What are my development teams putting on the ‘Net? What are Amazon’s security policies?’ ” Portelli said.

“Amazon doesn’t guarantee uptime for the application, only for their infrastructure. But companies don’t run infrastructures. They run applications and need accountability for keeping their applications up.”

This, he said, will usher in a new era of application life-cycle management, starting with development—for the cloud and within the cloud. — David Rubinstein

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