Enabling a business vision is difficult without the right tools. Using Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect, organizations can take advantage of a single integrated modeling, design, construction and documentation platform that uniquely integrates the software development process into an end-to-end, enterprise-level architecture. It supports many different methodologies and provides the tools and capabilities necessary to manage the complexity, scalability and traceability requirements that are critical to today’s businesses.
“Enterprise Architect opens up new possibilities and fast-tracks the development and integration of software in today’s complex and demanding technological world,” said Geoffrey Sparks, Chief Executive Officer of Sparx Systems. “We provide industry-leading support for cloud-based distributed development, massive scalability, a free read-only version, compelling tools for documenting models, and a unique toolset for visualizing and discovering the architecture and behavior of existing software applications.”

Sparx Systems was named one of the 2015 SD Times 100 for its excellence in the ALM and Development Tools category. Its dedication to innovation and industry leadership can be seen once again in the latest Enterprise Architect release, which is based on standards and is making standards development easier for more than 50 working groups developing open architectures across diverse disciplines.

Enterprise Architect is a richly featured and highly accessible tool suite that enables tight integration of software development into the overall business, database, messaging, systems and enterprise architectures that modern organizations use. It has a highly scalable, innovative and unique ability to empower and inspire a diverse set of analysts, modelers, designers, architects, managers, developers, testers and authors in a single fully traceable repository-based model.

Introducing Enterprise Architect 12
Enterprise Architect 12 is one of Sparx System’s most important releases to date. It integrates business, software, systems and architectures into a single, coherent platform based on industry-standard UML and extension technologies. Notably, this latest release includes tools for working with XML schema, databases and UI prototypes.

Enterprise Architect 12 leverages the work of many standards-based organizations by allowing the rapid conversion of model fragments into XSD, which is used to form contractual definitions for inter-entity messaging. It includes new and enhanced XSD schema support to enable the rapid creation of conformant XSD-based messaging and information exchange contracts according to industry standards such as NIEM, CIM, UNCEFACT, UBL and others. Enterprise Architect 12 also features a new Schema Composer tool suite, multiple standards-based models for download from Sparx Systems’ cloud-based servers, XSD validation and editing, and XSLT debugging and editing tools.

The Database Builder tool suite is another new addition. It includes a new DDL templates framework, a database structure compare facility, new data modeling patterns to fast-track database construction, SQL query support and more. All of that is tightly integrated into the modeling and design environment, and the underlying UML infrastructure.

Further, Enterprise Architect 12 showcases a comprehensive set of new wireframe patterns and drawing support, so users can model their target UI platform in exceptional detail and then tie that back to the underlying class models and requirements. Wireframing is currently available for a wide range of Apple-based platforms, as well as for Android, generic dialogs, and generic Web-based modeling.

In addition, Version 12 significantly enhances the UI drawing capabilities enabling complete and highly attractive theming of the user interface. With a range of built-in themes and visual customizations, it is now possible to work in an environment where the UI look and feel matches user’s character and the nature of the work she does.

Join a User Group
Sparx Systems user groups are popping up around the world. Aimed at experts, novices and those considering Enterprise Architect as a solution, the meetings help attendees understand how Enterprise Architect is being used to develop industry standards, to support major projects and to build government mandated systems spanning Aviation, Health and National Security. They are also an effective forum for information exchange among peers. Sparx Systems is using the insights from the user groups to inform future Enterprise Architect capabilities, case studies and webinars.

The user groups began in Canberra, Australia’s Federal Government Center in 2010 and are growing quickly, especially across Europe. In the second half of 2015, four new User Groups will meet in Paris, Brussels, Canberra and Houston, bringing the total number of user group events to eight in 2015.

What’s Next
Enterprise Architect 12.1 will be released later this year. It will likely include support for the BPSim standard, new wireframes, road-map diagrams, additional Schema Composer targets and functionality, the UML profile for NIEM 3, and updated and new models accessible from Sparx System’s Reusable Asset Service. Meanwhile, the Help System, including HTML and PDF-based modules, is being generated out of an Enterprise Architect model, which will open up some “exciting” possibilities, Sparks said.

Learn more at www.sparxsystems.com.

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