Today’s developers have to deliver great user experiences across platforms, browsers and devices. They’re also being asked to build Big Data analytic capabilities so their organizations can understand, act upon and operationalize data. Using Syncfusion’s software frameworks, tools and Big Data Platform, software teams can deliver the applications their companies need to stay competitive.

“Developers are expected to build, maintain and extend mobile applications as well as powerhouse desktop applications. Now, with Big Data in the picture, their companies need the ability to derive insights from machine-generated data as well as transactional data,” said Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of Syncfusion. “We provide building blocks you know how to use and don’t have the time to build yourself.”

Syncfusion made the 2015 SD Times 100 list for its innovative contributions to the User Experience category. Notably, those contributions included the launch of a Hadoop-based Big Data platform for Windows, support for Xamarin, and a number of enhancements to its flagship product, Syncfusion Essential Studio.

More than 450,000 users and 10,000 organizations in 125 countries rely on Syncfusion to provide the tools they need to deliver stunning, modern user experiences, including more than 200 of the Fortune 500.

Harness Big Data
Developers have been using Syncfusion components to build Business Intelligence (BI) applications for years. Their reliance on Syncfusion products continues and has now been expanded with the introduction of Syncfusion’s Big Data Platform, which is the first and only complete Hadoop distribution designed for Windows. With this platform, the same tools used by Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Adobe, Hulu, LinkedIn and Yahoo are available for Windows developers, allowing them to streamline the development of data analytics applications.

“The Hadoop stack has been particularly challenging for .NET developers. It works on Windows, but you have to do a lot of work to get it up and running,” said Jebaraj. “Our end-to-end Big Data Platform allows you to produce solutions that make use of the Hadoop environment using familiar tools such as Visual Studio, the C# environment, and the .NET runtime environment.”

Syncfusion’s Big Data Platform not only makes producing solutions easier, it also includes optimized controls for visualizing vast amounts of data. In the near future, the company will add support for the Apache Spark data-processing engine.

“Historically, our customers have used our products to aggregate and display large amounts of data, whether it’s coming from a SQL or OLAP back end,” said Jebaraj. “Now that they’re considering Big Data solutions, they want a simple way to leverage Hadoop so they can deliver powerful applications that provide actionable insight.”

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform addresses this need by offering a complete production environment that can run Hadoop jobs in a scalable manner on a full cluster. The included Cluster Manager application makes provisioning easy, allowing developers to manage and monitor multiple-node Hadoop clusters on Windows. With the Syncfusion Hadoop distribution, clusters can be created in minutes using commodity machines running the latest versions of Windows (Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 and later).

The Syncfusion Big Data Platform is available free and is as easy to install as SQL Server.  Syncfusion Plus members are entitled to free commercial support.

Introducing Essential Studio 2015 Volume 2
Syncfusion Essential Studio now includes more than 650 stunning controls and frameworks, making it the most comprehensive suite of components available for .NET and JavaScript. It includes charts, grids, diagrams, schedulers, Gantt controls, maps, gauges, docking, ribbons and much more. Developers also appreciate the predictive analytics support and support for Xamarin.Forms.

The suite also includes a new Spreadsheet control for WinRT and a new DataGrid for Xamarin.Forms, as well as new Map, AutoComplete, NumericTextBox and Navigation Drawer controls for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. There is also a new interactive playground application for Essential Studio for JavaScript, which is an online IDE for creating and sharing JavaScript samples.

Giving Back to the Community
Syncfusion is committed to ensuring that organizations of all sizes benefit from their frameworks and tools. Organizations with five or fewer developers and annual revenue less than $1 million can take advantage of the Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Community License, which provides free access to Syncfusion’s entire product line.

Aside from the Community License, Syncfusion’s contributions to the community also include a rich offering of e-books and white papers that cover important topics ranging from Visual Studio 2015 to OLAP and SQL Server.

“There are so many things coming out so quickly, it’s hard to keep up, so we started publishing e-books that really crystallize what practicing software developers need to know about a particular technology,” said Jebaraj.

Seventy e-books are currently available, and each month the company adds two new 100-page e-books to its library.

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