Today’s software teams must deliver products, updates, and bug fixes faster than ever without sacrificing quality. After all, that’s what end users and the C-suite expect. Using TechExcel DevSuite, software teams can manage entire application life cycles using a unified platform for design, development, testing, and project management. Finally, they can ensure that the software they build actually matches requirements.

“Agile, waterfall, and hybrid teams are all expected to move faster without making sacrifices. As software delivery cycles continue to decrease, it can get a lot harder to ensure that what you’re building is what your organization and customers intended you to build,” said Jason Hammon, director of project management at TechExcel. “What makes our solution unique is the ability to easily trace requirements through development and testing for the purposes of validating and verifying those requirements.”

DevSuite is available as a modular solution so teams can choose the scope of functionality they need, extend the solution, and use third-party tools and applications. If a team or organization doesn’t use requirements or they don’t need formal testing, for example, the solution can be right-sized to suit their needs. In fact, DevSuite is flexible enough to adapt to the unique requirements of teams and entire enterprise software development organizations without disrupting work styles or tool choices.

In addition to its comprehensive DevSuite ALM solution, TechExcel offers test management, customer support, and IT Service Management (ISTM) products. More than 1,500 customers in 43 countries and regions in the world, including 20% of global top 500 enterprises, choose TechExcel products to accomplish more in less time without making unnecessary trade-offs.

“Our customers want enterprise solutions that are capable of optimizing business processes because they can’t succeed in today’s fast-moving economy without them,” said Hammon. “We make it easy to create and manage complex business processes from software development to customer support and IT Service, or any process that’s unique to your business.”

Enterprises, medical device manufacturers, game developers, educational facilities, IT organizations and others rely on TechExcel to improve customer satisfaction and quality.

Ensure traceability
DevSuite provides traceability throughout the entire development process, even for complex enterprise organizations using a myriad of systems across teams. Rather than manually linking the systems together or managing projects using spreadsheets, software development organizations can get better visibility and traceability with point-and-click simplicity.

“DevSuite allows you to easily establish traceability. In a click or two, you can create lots of tests directly from requirements,” said Hammon. “You don’t have to spend time looking for things, doing a lot of extra linking or resorting to manual efforts to figure that out.”

With DevSuite, businesses are in a better position to ensure that the software they imagined—and the software that customers want—is what’s being delivered, as validated by QA.

“Traceability is extremely important. In some cases, it might have life-or-death consequences. In those cases, you have to ensure that the software is exactly right,” said Hammon. “On the other hand, you may just want to make sure your software works well and that it meets end users’ needs. We can do both and everything in between.”

Collaborate more effectively
Software teams expect collaborative capabilities because e-mail has become too inefficient for today’s fast-moving development practices. With DevSuite, teams working in concert can easily share ideas and comments.

“We made it even easier to collaborate because everyone is using social media and chat applications these days. They want business software to work in a similar manner, so it’s easier to add a comment or ping someone and say, ‘Hey, take a look at this,’” said Hammon.

To that end, TechExcel continues to add more collaboration features so team members can communicate faster and more efficiently.

Work your way
DevSuite adapts to the way software teams work so there’s no need to replace existing tools and processes. Teams simply get the visibility and traceability they need without facing a steep learning curve.

“Changing processes and tools is a non-trivial issue. It’s hard to do more with less when you have to stop what you’re doing and learn something new,” said Hammon. “Tools shouldn’t lock you into a particular vendor or require you to use a lot of other tools you don’t even want to use. With DevSuite, you decide what processes to have and what tools to use.”

For example, if one developer prefers a certain bug tracker and another developer prefers a different bug tracker, both can continue to use their tool of choice. Meanwhile, the business benefits from traceability across teams and tools, no matter how complex the ecosystem may be.

About Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan is an analyst at Strategic Rainmakers.