“I remember a presentation at our East Bay Java user group,” he said. “This was in 2006. I first heard about EC2 when we had a guy from Amazon come. We thought he was going to talk about selling books, but instead he talked about provisioning 20 servers for 10 cents an hour. At this time, servers were precious resources—none of my clients ever had enough hardware. I ended up getting an AWS account and writing a Java PaaS for it. That was what became Cloud Foundry [his version, which ended up being the name for the completely different PaaS written by Derek Collison, when both Richardson’s and Collison’s companies were ultimately acquired by VMware].”

Richardson expresses admiration for how thoroughly Amazon went on to not only dominate the cloud market but also have lasting influence on DevOps practices.

Today, Amazon Web Services’ cloud IaaS market share is some 28%, according to estimates by Synergy. That’s compared to Microsoft at 10%, IBM at 7%, Google at 5%, Salesforce at 4%, and Rackspace at 3%.

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