Business intelligence solution provider Jaspersoft announced today that its business intelligence platform will come to Amazon Web Services, making the platform available for purchase on an hourly basis. The platform will work with Redshift, Amazon’s new data-warehousing service.

Karl Van den Bergh, VP of Product and Alliance at Jaspersoft, said that this is going to have a considerable impact on how AWS apps are developed. “If you look at the Amazon customer base, a lot of their customers who are using AWS are developers building applications that are running on Amazon’s cloud,” he said.

“Jaspersoft’s core value proposition is about providing what we call the intelligence inside, which is basically saying that applications need to become more intelligent so that the users of those applications get the insight they need from the data that they’re working with.”

Van den Bergh said an example of this would be a developer building a CRM application, with the users of that application (the sales reps or sales managers) having access to their customers’ data in a way that they get to control. “So they get to interact [with] and build their own dashboards or reports,” he said.

“What we’re now doing for the Amazon customer base—and there’s millions of developers working on Amazon—is, they can deploy our reporting and analytics and build that capability into whatever application they’re building on Amazon’s cloud,” Van den Bergh said.

He admitted that developers could integrate their reporting and analytics into their applications before today’s announcement, but what’s new here is the company’s involvement with Amazon. “We have not sold on the Amazon marketplace before, so this was not possible,” he said.

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