JetBrains updates Aqua with support for Playwright and Cypress

JetBrains has announced that its test automation IDE, Aqua, now supports Playwright and Cypress. Both are popular open-source test automation frameworks, and according to JetBrains, they were highly requested by users.  JetBrains first introduced Aqua in November 2022, and the IDE is still currently in active development. It allows QA engineers to develop automated UI … continue reading

Sentra has a new feature to remove personal info from ChatGPT prompts

Cloud data security company Sentra has announced a new feature that removes Personal Identifiable Information (PII) from ChatGPT and Google Bard prompts.  Named Sentra ChatDLP Anonymizer, the new feature helps minimize vulnerability around this critical personal data and helps companies ensure compliance with privacy frameworks, such as CCPA and GDPR.  It is currently already available … continue reading

Quickbase platform update aims to counter data fragmentation

Quickbase, the no-code development platform, unveiled the next generation of its platform during its Empower 2023 event.  Quickbase recognized that many companies continue to battle data fragmentation and inefficiencies. To counter these issues, as the foremost application platform for dynamic work, Quickbase is introducing new capabilities designed to facilitate customers in delivering pertinent information to … continue reading

Broadcom acquires ConnectALL

Broadcom today announced it has acquired value stream management platform provider ConnectALL to add integrations to its ValueOps VSM portfolio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In a blog post announcing the deal, Broadcom said its plan is to integrate ConnectALL with the company’s ValueOps platform, which includes the Rally agile solution and the … continue reading

Landing AI launches new SDK to bring computer vision capabilities to developers

Computer vision company Landing AI has announced a new SDK to help those working with AI. The repository is freely available on GitHub now.  The SDK covers a wide range of use cases, such as object detection and Visual Prompting, which is a new feature from the company that brings the framework of text prompting … continue reading

Apple previews WebKit updates that will make it to Safari 17 this fall

At WWDC, Apple announced updates to WebKit, which is the web browser engine that powers the Safari browser. The updates highlighted during WWDC will make their way to Safari with the release of Safari 17 this fall, and there are 88 updates in total. First, it will introduce the ability to add specific web pages … continue reading

Wind River Studio Linux Security Scanning Service provides remediation solutions for CVEs

Wind River unveiled its latest offering, the Wind River Studio Linux Security Scanning Service. This service, designed specifically for embedded Linux development, offers high-quality scanning capabilities to detect and identify Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and is currently accessible to users free of charge.  The new service goes beyond detection and also provides information on … continue reading

Apple Vision Pro and operating systems across the Apple ecosystem are announced at WWDC23

At WWDC 2023, Apple announced its new AR/VR headset, Apple Vision Pro, which is expected to be available early next year. The company also announced new features for many of its operating systems.  In a blog post the company called its new AR/VR headset “a spatial computer that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical … continue reading

GitLab Achievements makes it easier to implement gamification in development

Recognizing users for their accomplishments has long been a practice in open-source communities, and now a new feature from GitLab will make it possible to publicly reward users for their GitLab activity. GitLab explained that it has always had ways to recognize users — such as hackathon leaderboards or physical SWAG — but there was … continue reading

Rust 1.70.0 released with “sparse” protocol for reading index

The developers behind the programming language Rust have announced the release of Rust 1.70.0. One of the changes in this release is that the “sparse” protocol for reading the index is now enabled by default. The team says that using this protocol to get information from the index will allow for significant performance improvements. … continue reading

OpenAI launches new grant program for cybersecurity professionals

OpenAI announced that it is launching the Cybersecurity Grant Program, which is a $1 million initiative to boost and quantify AI-powered cybersecurity capabilities and to foster high-level AI and cybersecurity discourse.  The company aims to collaborate with security professionals worldwide in order to shift the balance of power in cybersecurity. Their strategy involves leveraging AI … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Aviary

Aviary helps developers choose the best large language model (LLM) for their particular application’s needs. Once chosen, the open-source tool can also be used to integrate it into the application.  “Our goal is to ensure that any developer can integrate AI into their products and to make it easy to develop, scale, and productionize AI … continue reading

Report: 63% of developers are working on or learning about AI-assisted development

AI-assisted development has become the emerging technology that developers are engaging with the most, beating out other technologies like generative AI, robotics, quantum computing, self-driving cars, non-cryptocurrency blockchain applications, cryptocurrency, 5G, the metaverse, and more.  This finding is from SlashData’s 2023 Developer Nation survey. The company surveyed over 25,000 software developers from over 160 countries.  … continue reading

The challenges with platform engineering don’t have to do with engineering

Platform engineering has become increasingly important for businesses as platforms have become more complex, spanning DevOps tools, APIs, and other components necessary for effective software development. It’s a delicate balancing act as developers have been calling for more simplified navigation throughout an organization’s platform.  According to a whitepaper by Humanitec, just five years ago, platform … continue reading

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