Gravitee Edge 2024: The future of API management

APIs are the lifeblood of modern applications, with literally millions – if not billions – of calls being made and nearly instantly being replied to every day. But what happens when all those APIs have different gateways with different security keys to pass in? What happens when developers have to look through multiple portals just … continue reading

ScyllaDB 6.0 debuts with new replication architecture for greater elasticity

ScyllaDB has announced the release of version 6.0 of its database, which features a new replication architecture called “tablets.” The new architecture builds on the Raft consensus protocol and provides improvements to elasticity, speed, simplicity, and efficiency. ScyllaDB claims that now clusters can be doubled within 15 minutes, and their throughput in that same time … continue reading

Anthropic’s new Claude 3.5 Sonnet model already competitive with GPT-4o and Gemini 1.5 Pro on multiple benchmarks

Anthropic is kicking off the Claude 3.5 model family with its first release: Claude 3.5 Sonnet.  Sonnet is the name for Anthropic’s mid-tier model; Haiku is the smallest model and Opus is the largest model.  According to Anthropic’s benchmarks, Claude 3.5 Sonnet outperforms OpenAI’s latest model GPT-4o and Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro in a number … continue reading

1,000+ business leaders collaborate to create Enterprise GenAI Governance Framework

A number of industry leaders — over 1,000 in total — have come together to create the Enterprise GenAI Governance Framework, which provides guidance that businesses can use to assess their AI readiness, identify associated risks, and responsibly adopt generative AI. The initiative was spearheaded by integration platform Boomi, professional services firm Connor Group, and … continue reading

Datadobi’s StorageMAP 7.0 release improves analytics capabilities for unstructured data

The data management company Datadobi has announced StorageMAP 7.0, the latest version of its unstructured data management platform.  “StorageMAP 7.0 is revolutionizing the way businesses and government organizations handle their unstructured data, transforming it into a powerhouse of strategic advantage,” said Carl D’Halluin, CTO of Datadobi.  StorageMAP 7.0 introduces two new analytics features: Custom Dashboards … continue reading

Android 15 Beta 3 introduces improvements to passkey user experience

The Android development team has released Android 15 Beta 3 and also announced that Android 15 has now reached Platform Stability. This means that developer APIs and app-facing behaviors for the release are final and developers can now review them and integrate changes into their apps.  “Android 15 continues our work to build a platform … continue reading

Canva expands Developers Platform with launch of Connect APIs

The user-friendly graphic design tool Canva is launching Connect APIs, which will allow developers to more tightly integrate Canva with other platforms or data sources, such as Slack or Salesforce. This news comes near the one year anniversary of the Canva Developer Platform, which allows developers to build apps for Canva.  The Connect API portfolio … continue reading

Report: Ethical AI use will be a competitive business advantage

Companies who follow ethical AI practices when developing their AI offerings may gain a competitive advantage from doing so.  According to Twilio’s State of Personalization Report, 89% of survey respondents believe that ethical use of AI is a potential business advantage. Another recent Twilio survey found that 49% said they were more likely to trust … continue reading

Q&A: How cognitive fatigue impacts developer productivity

Writing code is mentally intensive work, and just like if someone were working a physically demanding job and their body felt exhausted afterwards, mental work can be exhausting mentally. Many knowledge workers report experiencing “cognitive fatigue” after a number of hours, after which point their ability to do tasks significantly drops.  While most workers work … continue reading

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud Sensor RTX simulates physical sensors so that developers can test autonomous machines

NVIDIA has announced a new solution, NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud Sensor RTX, that can simulate physical sensors so that developers can work on software for autonomous machines, such as vehicles, humanoids, industrial manipulators, mobile robots and more, in test environments. The new offering enables developers to test sensor perception and other related AI software in a … continue reading

Are developers and DevOps converging?

Are your developers on PagerDuty? That’s the core question, and for most teams the answer is emphatically “yes.” This is a huge change from a few years ago when, unless you did not have DevOps or SRE teams, the answer was a resounding “no.”  So, what’s changed? A long-term trend is happening across large and … continue reading

Unity Catalog – SD Times Open Source Project of the Week

Unity Catalog is an open source governance catalog for data and AI, developed by Databricks and open sourced earlier this week at the company’s Data + AI Summit.  Companies can use it to govern structured and unstructured data, and machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards, and files.  It offers interoperability with any data format and compute … continue reading

Report: Software engineers increasingly seen as strategic business partners

The days where engineers only take orders from higher ups and complete the tasks they are told to do may be over. In today’s modern development world, software engineers are having a much more involved role in business strategy.  According to Jellyfish’s 2024 State of Engineering Management report, 90% of respondents said their engineering teams … continue reading

Safety-Critical Rust Consortium forms at the Rust Foundation

The Rust Foundation has announced the launch of a new sub-group dedicated to use of the Rust language in safety-critical software, which it defines as “systems whose failure can impact human life or cause severe environmental or property harm.” The Safety-Critical Rust Consortium was formed by a number of organizations working together alongside the Rust … continue reading

.NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code now generally available

Microsoft has announced that the .NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code is now generally available, allowing developers to now build cross-platform apps using .NET MAUI within their editor. Microsoft created .NET MAUI in 2022 to be a replacement for Xamarin, which reached end-of-life last month. A number of new features were also announced alongside … continue reading

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