When it comes to mobile app testing labs, one size doesn’t fit all. App team sizes differ, as do app requirements and team preferences. Recognizing that, Mobile Labs recently announced three different solutions for teams just getting started with testing, enterprise teams and teams that need real-time testing capabilities.

“The biggest testing challenge in the mobile space is the pace of change across devices, operating systems and apps,” said Angela Culver, chief marketing officer at Mobile Labs. “Companies, particularly in retail, realize that mobile apps help them increase product-related revenue. The competitive environment has become so fierce, they’ve moved to Agile and DevOps releases, but from a brand standpoint, they can’t sacrifice app quality for delivery speed.”

Delivering apps with high confidence requires testing on actual devices, since simulators and emulators fall short. With Mobile Labs’ GigaFox mobile testing lab with hosted and on-premises offerings, agile and DevOps teams can choose the option that best meets their needs while enjoying the freedom to use their choice of DevOps, build, automated testing and manual testing tools and processes.

All GigaFox offerings centralize testing in a private hosted environment or behind a firewall, so distributed teams don’t have to buy devices for one location and ship them elsewhere.

GigaFox StarterKit
GigaFox StarterKit is the most basic version of Mobile Labs’ GigaFox secure mobile device lab. Teams get instant access to five dedicated iOS and/or Android devices via a monthly or annual subscription. The service is also available as an on-premises solution for those who prefer to test behind a firewall.

“GigaFox StarterKit offers many of the same benefits the higher GigaFox subscription levels deliver, but it’s geared toward smaller teams and teams that are just getting started with mobile testing,” said Culver. 

GigaFox StarterKit includes 24×7 access to private, dedicated devices, real-time manual testing and built-in Appium test automation, all of which are available in Mobile Labs’ enterprise-level GigaFox Red, but in a smaller, nimbler footprint. GigaFox StarterKit also provides the speed and superior performance of GigaFox Red but with fewer devices available for testing. 

GigaFox Red
GigaFox Red, formerly called deviceConnect, is for enterprise teams that want to test multiple apps across multiple platforms, operating systems and device types. Available as an on-premises offering only, GigaFox Red is a secure mobile testing lab that provides instant, real-time access to devices to team members anywhere on the globe. 

“GigaFox Red is our main enterprise offering,” said Culver. “Customers use it for manual and/or automated testing, using built-in Appium or other commercial and open-source testing tools including Tricentis, Eggplant, Micro Focus, and Ranorex. It also supports Jenkins and other build systems.”

GigaFox Red brings private cloud benefits to development, DevOps, and testing workflows. It integrates seamlessly with a customer’s network, giving teams complete control of performance, security and assets. Anchored behind corporate firewalls, GigaFox Red is a high-performance, small-footprint mobile device testing lab that houses iOS and/or Android smartphones and tablets in a single, lockable cabinet.

GigaFox Silver
GigaFox Silver is a secure mobile testing lab that provides team members anywhere in the world with instant, real-time access to devices. As a hosted or an on-premises solution, GigaFox Silver can reside behind corporate firewalls or inside Mobile Labs’ secure data center. Either way, GigaFox Silver provides access to more iOS and Android smartphones and tablets than GigaFox Red. Like the smaller versions of GigaFox, GigaFox Silver includes Appium automated testing and supports all build and DevOps tools as well as manual and automated testing tools and processes.

“One thing that differentiates GigaFox Silver is the Graphics Extension Manager (GEM). It can handle streaming games or other rich content experiences that need to be tested in a real-time environment,” said Culver. “Real-time speed anywhere in the world is another differentiator. We optimize bandwidth so team members regardless of their location can have the same experience. If there’s an absolute requirement for no lag time, GigaFox Silver is for you.”

GEM adds new levels of real-time smoothness and responsiveness to hosted cloud devices, so teams can avoid the delays and choppiness that degrade the effectiveness of rich content testing. With GigaFox Silver, enterprise mobility teams are empowered to deliver superior user experiences that distinguish their apps, products and brand.  

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