AI has seeped into every corner of the tech space over the last couple of years, and mobile testing is no exception. 

Tricentis just published its State of Mobile Application Quality Report 2024, where it found that 48% of testing professionals said that AI is already part of their mobile testing strategy. A further 21% plan to implement testing tools over the course of the next six months.

The company estimates that AI can save testers an average of 40 hours per month and save 76-100% of a company’s budget per year. 

According to Tricentis, companies that don’t incorporate AI into their mobile testing strategy may face challenges like lack of talent, resources, and upskilling. 

In addition to helping testers work faster, AI can help them get more done. For example, the company found that those who use AI as part of their strategy have more of their company’s information and services accessible on mobile than those that don’t. 

“For organizations looking to implement artificial intelligence to boost their business objectives, testing is a fantastic place to start,” said David Colwell, vice president of AI and ML at Tricentis. “Mobile application testing is a great use case for AI because not only does it have multiple benefits – including significant time and cost savings, as well as quality improvement and risk reduction – but also its impact can be accurately measured.” 

Despite the adoption of AI, the report found that about half of respondents are still using manual testing, though 38% believe that they would save about 51-75% of their company budget by fully automating their testing practice.

Another finding was that only 27% of respondents believe that their company’s test strategy exceeds expectations. 

And finally, a majority of respondents (90%) believe that they lose up to $2.49 million in lost revenue every year due to mobile quality issues. 

For the report, Tricentis surveyed 1,028 senior IT leaders from small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises in December 2023.