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Parasoft offers new capabilities for API, microservices, and accessibility testing in latest release

The software testing company Parasoft has announced new updates for API, microservices, and accessibility testing. For API testing, the company is using AI to offer auto-parameterization of API scenario tests generated by the OpenAI integration.  According to Parasoft, this update will streamline the process of developing test scenarios that validate data flow.  In the realm … continue reading

JetBrains releases test automation IDE, Aqua

JetBrains has announced that its test automation IDE, Aqua, is now generally available. Aqua makes it easy for testers to create automated tests for UIs, APIs, and other areas of an application. Like other JetBrains IDEs, it offers code completion and code refactoring capabilities.  According to JetBrains, Aqua supports every aspect of test automation, including … continue reading

Mabl now offers automated mobile testing

The testing company mabl has announced that it now offers automated mobile testing capabilities in its platform, which already offered testing for web and APIs.  It was designed to give full coverage of all the unique functionalities of varying mobile devices and their operating systems. With this new new offering, tests are created through a … continue reading

Tricentis announces series of AI Copilots for its testing portfolio, starting with Testim Copilot

The testing company Tricentis has just announced the first in a series of AI copilots for its testing portfolio. The first solution is Testim Copilot, which adds AI capabilities to the automated testing platform Testim.  With Testim Copilot, users can input a text description of what they want to test and receive the JavaScript code … continue reading

Parasoft introduces new C and C++ testing solution

The software testing company Parasoft has announced a new testing solution for C and C++ applications. C/C++test CT was designed specifically to meet the needs of safety and security critical embedded applications. It integrates into existing development and CI/CD workflows, and features a command-line interface for running tests.  It also integrates with open source testing … continue reading

Applitools and Kobiton team up to combine their automated and mobile testing strengths

The testing companies Applitools and Kobiton are teaming up to combine their strengths and bring better testing benefits to customers.  Kobiton, a provider of mobile testing tools, will integrate with Applitools’ test automation platform, Applitools Intelligent Testing Platform.  With this, Applitools customers will now be able to access hundreds of real mobile devices and perform … continue reading

Report: How mobile testing strategies are embracing AI

AI has seeped into every corner of the tech space over the last couple of years, and mobile testing is no exception.  Tricentis just published its State of Mobile Application Quality Report 2024, where it found that 48% of testing professionals said that AI is already part of their mobile testing strategy. A further 21% … continue reading

New Relic adds proof-of-exploit reporting to its IAST tool

New Relic has introduced enhanced features to its Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) tool, including a novel proof-of-exploit reporting function for more effective application security testing.  This update allows New Relic’s users to pinpoint exploitable vulnerabilities within their applications, allowing them to replicate issues for easier remediation before they release new software versions. This advancement … continue reading

Copado releases new automated testing solution for Salesforce users

Copado is releasing a new tool designed to make it easier to test Salesforce applications. Copado Explorer integrates into CI/CD pipelines and automates a significant portion of the testing process.  As manual testers are executing their normal activities, Copado Explorer works in the background to create test scripts using its generative AI scripting assistant, Test … continue reading

The Importance of Prevention: How Shifting Left, Static Analysis and Unit Testing Create Better Code Quality

Developers are constantly balancing demands to provide quality features of the highest standard at a fast pace. Every aspect of business now relies on software, which means developers are constantly working to write and produce the best software they can. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) help facilitate the creation of that software, but … continue reading

A guide to security testing tools

The following is a listing of security testing tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings. FEATURED PROVIDER HCL AppScan helps organizations pinpoint and remediate vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) with a suite of application security testing platforms available as a cloud-based service (SaaS), self-managed, or cloud-native. Powerful static, dynamic, interactive, … continue reading

Report: Slow mobile app releases cost over $100,000 in lost revenue per year for 75% of companies

It’s no surprise that slow development processes are costing companies greatly, but by how much? According to a new report by the mobile testing company Kobiton, 75% of respondents said slow mobile app releases cost their company at least $100,000 each year, and 13% said it costs them between $1 million and $10 million every … continue reading

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