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Navigating Kubernetes: The common mistake newcomers make

With so many newcomers to the cloud-native computing space it’s only to be expected that an ecosystem of certifications and accreditations has cropped up around Kubernetes over the years. And as demand for K8s expertise continues to grow, so does the number of professionals seeking out these certifications and accreditations.  In fact, you’d be hard-pressed … continue reading

Red Hat releases Red Hat Device Edge, OpenShift 4.14, and donates new Backstage plugins to open-source community

Today at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023, Red Hat announced a number of updates to its portfolio. First, the company announced the general availability of Red Hat Device Edge, which was created to provide a platform for deploying devices at the edge. It includes an operating system optimized for the edge and a supported … continue reading

Crossplane 1.14 released with platform engineering in mind

The team behind Crossplane has announced the release of the latest version of the framework for building control planes.  According to the project maintainers, Crossplane 1.14 is the biggest release of the project so far and introduces several new features that are targeted at benefiting platform engineers. The CLI was updated with several new commands … continue reading

Lightbend introduces new version of Akka designed for seamless integration between cloud and edge deployments

Lightbend has announced the latest version of the Akka platform, which is a platform for developing concurrent, distributed applications. With the introduction of Akka Edge, developers will be able to unify applications across cloud and edge environments.  Akka Edge allows developers to build something once and then have it work across multiple environments. It keeps … continue reading

Rancher Labs and k3s creators launch new project, Acorn, for developing in cloud sandboxes

The creators of Rancher Labs and k3s are unveiling a new project: Acorn. Run under the company Acorn Labs and currently in beta, Acorn enables developers to create in a cloud sandbox and easily share their work with others.  According to the creators, the goal of this project is to make “cloud computing accessible, collaborative, … continue reading

What makes WebAssembly special? The Component Model

WebAssembly (Wasm) began its journey in the web browser. However, it has since expanded, becoming a sought-after technology for server-side environments, Internet of Things (IoT) systems, and synchronous plugins. With this kind of horizontal expansion, even reaching into multi-tenanted cloud environments, it is clear that Wasm has some desirable attributes. One additional innovation, on the … continue reading

Staying relevant in tech requires continual learning

The constantly shifting economy is a reminder to technical professionals seeking new roles that change is the only constant. The Linux Foundation’s 2023 State of Tech Talent Report, viewable here, highlights what some 400 IT hiring managers and staffing professionals view as must-haves for new hires. Here are three insights and the takeaways technical professionals … continue reading

NIST publishes new draft framework for integrating supply chain security into CI/CD pipelines

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a new draft document that outlines strategies for integrating software supply chain security measures into CI/CD pipelines.  Cloud-native applications typically use a microservices architecture with a centralized infrastructure like a service mesh. These applications are often developed using DevSecOps, which uses CI/CD pipelines to guide software … continue reading

WasmCon: State of WebAssembly 2023, initial Wasm landscape from CNCF, and more

WebAssembly has grown far beyond its original intent of being used to develop web applications, and can now be found in many corners of the technology landscape. Starting today and continuing tomorrow, many technologists are gathering in Bellevue, Washington for WasmCon to learn more about the technology and hear talks from industry experts. The results … continue reading

Google Cloud Next ‘23: Updates to infrastructure, Vertex AI, analytics, and more

Google Cloud Next kicked off today, with the company highlighting the progress it’s made over the past year as well as showcasing some of its new offerings.  “We are in an entirely new era of digital transformation, fueled by gen AI. This technology is already improving how businesses operate and how humans interact with one … continue reading

Patch the cloud native development talent gap with platform engineering

Cloud native technologies—with their malleable, modular microservice architectures—quickly generate transformative digital innovations that deliver high-demand customer capabilities and operational value breakthroughs.  But wait, how many Kubernetes experts do we have? We’ve got an industry-wide shortage of skilled software development and operations talent—and the complexity of cloud native development is exacerbating the problem. We’re not going … continue reading

Cloud-native success requires API security

The complexity of modern cloud-native applications, which often leverage microservices, containers, APIs, infrastructure-as-code and more to enable speed in app development and deployment, can create security headaches for organizations that fail to put practices in place to mitigate vulnerabilities. With dependencies on databases and third-party APIs, and sensitive information and secrets such as certificates and … continue reading

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