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Elastic’s donation of Universal Profiling agent to OpenTelemetry further solidifies profiling as core telemetry signal

Elastic has announced that it would be donating its Universal Profiling agent to the OpenTelemetry project, setting the stage for profiling to become a fourth core telemetry signal in addition to logs, metrics, and tracing.  This follows OpenTelemetry’s announcement in March that it would be supporting profiling and was working towards having a stable spec … continue reading

What AI can and can’t do for your observability practice

Artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) have dominated the tech scene over the past year. As a byproduct, vendors in nearly every tech sector are adding AI capabilities and scrambling to promote how their products and services use it.  This trend has also made its way to the observability and monitoring space. However, … continue reading

3 Myths About Observability — And Why They’re Holding Back Your Teams

The past few years have seen intense interest in observability tools, which collect data about the performance of systems and applications to help companies identify and address performance issues and outages. The category seems to be nearing the top of its hype cycle, as seen in Cisco’s recent $28 billion cash offer to acquire Splunk. … continue reading

Apica Acquires Data Fabric Innovator LOGIQ.AI and Raises $10M in New Funding to Modernize Data Management

STOCKHOLM and EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Aug. 16, 2023 – Apica, the leader in synthetic monitoring and observability, today announced its agreement to acquire observability data fabric start-up LOGIQ.AI. Apica also announced it has raised $10M in funding from existing investors Industrifonden, SEB Foundation, and Oxx. With the acquisition and the new financing, Apica plans to continue delivering affordable … continue reading

Grafana Labs launches new observability solution for monitoring the end user experience

Grafana Labs is hoping to make it easier for companies to manage the end user experience for their applications. To achieve this, the company launched Grafana Cloud Frontend Observability, which enables companies to monitor frontend health, investigate frontend issues, resolve errors, and query, correlate, and visualize frontend telemetry in Grafana.  According to Grafana, today it’s … continue reading

Harness announces new feature to proactively identify errors

The new Harness Continuous Tracking (CET) release is designed to provide developer-first observability for modern applications to proactively identify and solve errors across the SDLC.  The Harness CET provides several advantages to developers, such as minimizing the occurrence of defects that go undetected, removing the need for manual troubleshooting, and enabling quicker resolution of customer … continue reading

vFunction enables continuous monitoring, detection, and drift issues with latest release

The vFunction Continuous Modernization Manager (CMM) platform is now available, enabling software architects to shift left and find and fix application architecture anomalies. vFunction also announced a new version of vFunction Assessment Hub and updates to vFunction Assessment Hub. CMM observes Java and .NET applications and services to set baselines and monitor for any architectural … continue reading

Qt launches Qt Insight to provide developers with better customer insights

The new Qt Insight platform provides real customer insights into the usage of applications or devices. The platform reveals how users navigate devices, identifies customer pain points, analyzes performance, and creates concrete, evidence-based development plans to optimize product development and lower running costs by eliminating redundant, unused features based on session activity and metrics such … continue reading

New Relic announces JFrog integration to provide a single point of access for monitoring

Observability company New Relic and DevOps company JFrog today announced an integration to give engineering teams a single point of access to monitor software development operations. With this integration, users are able to access real-time visibility into CI/CD pipelines, APIs, and web application development workflows so that DevOps and security leaders can solve software supply … continue reading

New Relic introduces metrics to deliver insights into performance at the code level

Observability company New Relic announced CodeStream code-level metrics and service-level telemetry in order to offer users deeper insights into software performance down to the code level.  This allows developers to find issues quickly before they make it into production, as well as speed up the velocity of engineering.  According to the company, providing developers with … continue reading

Why the world needs OpenTelemetry

Observability has really taken off in the past few years, and while in some ways observability has become a bit of a marketing buzzword, one of the main ways companies are implementing observability is not with any particular company’s solution, but with an open-source project: OpenTelemetry. Since 2019, it has been incubating at the Cloud … continue reading

How observability prevents developers from flying blind

When changing lanes on the highway, one of the most important things for drivers to remember is to always check their blind spot. Failing to do this could lead to an unforeseen, and ultimately avoidable, accident.  The same is true for development teams in an organization. Failing to provide developers with insight into their tools … continue reading Protection Status