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Parasoft enhances its Continuous Quality Platform around API testing, virtualization

Parasoft’s Continuous Quality Platform updates in version 2023.2 cover three main themes – a focus on continuous innovation, continuing to strengthen its core components, and addressing customer feedback and loyalty. Under the theme of continuous innovation, Grigori Trofimov, a senior solutions engineer at Parasoft, said the update introduces integrations with generative AI capabilities through LLMs … continue reading

SmartBear launches SwaggerHub Portal to promote API adoption

SmartBear launched SwaggerHub Portal, a new feature for customizing consumer-facing documentation to promote API adoption.  This developer-centric tool enables API providers to create personalized landing pages, offering consumers comprehensive resources for easy API implementation. The SwaggerHub Portal integrates with SwaggerHub, a popular API design and documentation tool, as well as Explore, an API client supporting … continue reading

Gravitee adds new API management tools in latest update

The API management company Gravitee has announced new tools for API management in its latest release.  Customers will now be able to create and expose a number of types of APIs from the Gravitee API creation wizard. These include REST APIs, WebSocket APIs, Webhook subscriptions, gRPC APIs, SSE APIs, GraphQL APIs, Kafka topics, MQTT topics … continue reading

Time to hide your API

The need for robust API security is growing rapidly in response to the increasing dependence of organizations on APIs for their digital operations.  With 70% of respondents to a report expecting to use more APIs in 2023 than last year, this presents a heightened challenge for API security, which only comprises about 4% of the … continue reading

Parasoft enhances API and UI testing with 2020.2 release

Parasoft revealed version 2020.2 of its enterprise portfolio at STARWEST Virtual 2020 this week. The release comes with updates to SOAtest, Virtualize, Selenic, and Continuous Testing Platform (CTP).  A key feature of the release are the platform-specific locators for Salesforce and Guidewire low-code development environments. According to the company, this will help ensure the testability … continue reading

SD Times news digest: API Fortress’ Mass Functional Test Generation, Snyk raises $150 million, and TestProject and Sauce Labs’ codeless test automation plans

API Fortress has announced the new Mass Functional Test Generation solution. The new tool is a beta release that is expected to be made available later this month. It tackles API testing and monitoring, and provides the ability to generate large batches of test.  “With over 95% of API vulnerabilities caused by human error or … continue reading

Parasoft rolls out Selenic UI automated test tool

Selenic: of or relating to Selenium. That, in its most elemental definition, describes Parasoft’s new tool for UI testing. Called Selenic, the tool rounds out Parasoft’s test offerings, from unit testing to API testing up to the user interface. Selenic monitors Selenium tests, discovering errors in the user interface, making remediation recommendations into a developers’s … continue reading

3 critical aspects of API testing

Whether you are using a mobile native, web or desktop app, integrated devices like fitness trackers, smart thermostats and virtual voice assistants; the odds are, there are millions of application programming interface (API) requests happening every second to provide the necessary services to the consumers without them even realizing it. The present world runs on … continue reading

The 2018 SD Times Software Testing Showcase

These are many technologies available to organizations looking to bring their testing up to the speed of software development. Ensuring quality can no longer be the drag on software deployment, if businesses want to stay competitive and be able to take advantage of changes in their markets. Some are choosing continuous testing, while others are … continue reading

Parasoft simplifies API testing

Developers and testers are finding common ways to deploy and interface with API tests, but they still don’t fully understand how their applications use APIs or the interrelationships among those APIs.  Parasoft SOAtest uses AI and machine learning to reveal API behaviors that have not been observable previously. It uses that information to automatically generate … continue reading

A guide to continuous integration and continuous delivery tools

API Fortress: API Fortress is an API testing and monitoring platform built specifically to align development and operations in today’s architectures. Automate test executions as part of deployments from any CI platform, including Jenkins (try our plug-in). The platform simplifies creating tests, running them during deployments, and then using those same tests for production monitoring. … continue reading

How these companies can help you enhance the CI/CD pipeline

Patrick Poulin, founder and CEO of API Fortress API Fortress was specifically built for today’s agile architectures: A collaborative platform that bridges the gap between development, QA, and DevOps. By using the simple GUI, teams can work together to create a series of powerful API tests in one place. tThose tests then can be executed … continue reading Protection Status