Topic: secrets management

The key to successful secrets management is to make the best way the easiest way

Most organizations understand the value of secrets management — which is the practice of securely storing development credentials like API keys, certificates, and SSH keys — but not all organizations are following secure secrets management practices. According to the secrets management provider Bitwarden’s 2024 developer survey, which polled 600 developers across different industries, 86% of … continue reading

Implement a good secrets management practice to reduce your security risk

Supply chain security has been a big topic of conversation over the past several years, and while many of the conversations have revolved around insecure third-party components in codebases, there’s another part of the supply chain that could have a negative impact if not secured properly: secrets.  Max Power, product lead for Bitwarden Secrets Manager, … continue reading

Pulumi releases secrets management solution

Pulumi has launched a new product called Pulumi ESC, aimed at simplifying the management of secrets and configuration in cloud infrastructure and applications.  It addresses the challenges of handling secrets and configuration at scale across various cloud environments. Pulumi ESC allows teams to gather secrets and configurations from multiple sources, and organize them into hierarchical … continue reading

CISA releases roadmap for securing open-source software

Securing software supply chains has been a big focus of the Biden administration. In May 2021 President Joe Biden signed an executive order to improve cybersecurity, and since then it has made progress in providing guidance to companies on how to actually meet these cybersecurity goals.  Now the U.S. federal Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency … continue reading

New Docker feature keeps ‘secrets’

Docker has decided to keep your secrets. The company Friday announced that the newest release of Docker Datacenter includes security-management tools for handling what it’s labeling as “Secrets.” These include API keys, passwords and encryption keys. Docker Datacenter keeps data secure not only at rest, but also in transit. Using encryption, it offers a standardized … continue reading Protection Status