Time to Say Yes to NoSQL

A strong case can be made for why organizations should adopt NoSQL. About 90% of the data that exists today was created in the last two years, and relational databases cannot effectively manage most of it. Nevertheless, nearly all organizations still cling to their legacy relational databases, collectively paying tens of billions of dollars each … continue reading

Relational to NoSQL: Getting Started from SQL Server

At the heart of every digital economy business are its web, mobile, and Internet of Things(IoT) applications: they’re the primary way companies interact with customers today, and how companies run more and more of their business. The experiences that companies deliver via those apps largely determine how satisfied – and how loyal – customers will … continue reading

Digital Transformation: Can Architects Meet the Demands of the Digital Age?

Architects are certainly feeling the pressure of digital transformation – 41% say they are under high or extremely high pressure, and 68% say that getting the right technologies in place for digital transformation can seem an insurmountable task. Despite this pressure, architects are still having to scale back their ambitions. It is well understood that … continue reading

Jump Start Mobile Testing

In working with some of the world’s largest enterprise mobility teams, Mobile Labs has had the opportunity to observe some of the most successful mobile testing labs in action. The best practitioners manage to retain the traditional goals of QA while incorporating new requirements brought forth by mobile while solving new challenges mobility imposes on … continue reading

Cloud Cost Data Pays Off: A Case Study

With customer growth trending up, Drift needed a way to be able sustain new AI-based features and increased customer utilization, while simultaneously reducing cost and improving product margins. They turned to CloudZero, whose cost-mapping features and anomaly alerts helped them to save over $150K a month in AWS costs, enable a culture of cost-conscious engineering … continue reading

Practical Steps To Reduce AWS Bill

Anyone who builds on AWS knows controlling costs and eliminating waste can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure where to look or your cloud environment isn’t optimized perfectly. In this detailed guide, CloudZero founder Matt Manger highlights some practical steps you can take to better assess your bill and reduce your AWS spend, including: … continue reading

Hybrid vs. Native

An Introduction to cross-platform hybrid development for architects and development leaders The growing adoption of hybrid is evident in a recent Forrester survey that found two-thirds of developers are choosing a cross-platform or web-based approach over native tools. Meanwhile, top brands like Target, Nationwide, and Southwest Airlines have chosen a hybrid approach over native to … continue reading

From Frustrated to Automated

This five-step blueprint to creating efficient and informed teams using automated business processes and centralized data streams will show you how to: — Fill the gaps between siloed systems; — Choose a solution to drive automation and insight; — Plan for your automation implementation; — Checklist tasks for full implementation; and — Assess the value of … continue reading

Five Proven Ways to Drive Continuous Improvment

Process is the lifeblood of every business, and yet too many organizations suffer from processes that are inefficient and unsustainable. Whether your organization is stuck navigating a snarl of unwieldy spreadsheets and emails or painstakingly customizing large, complex systems with part-time support from overworked technical teams, the result is the same: a bogged-down business with … continue reading

AWS Analytics Done Right

Businesses today struggle as a result of the three big challenges with traditional analytics products – legacy tools that won’t work with all of their data, that don’t have the architecture to handle big data, and that can’t take actions in real-time to keep them ahead of the competition. Qrvey is the next generation of … continue reading

The Complete Guide to Shift Left Testing

In an Agile world, software and IT teams are under constant pressure to move faster. Typically, this means decreasing the relative length of delivery time while continuing to improve quality on each successive release. At the same time, there’s always pressure to minimize testing costs. An emphasis on testing and quality has made a huge … continue reading

Transform the Way You Do Business: Migrate to Amazon Web Services

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you move faster, operate more efficiently, and save substantial costs, all while benefiting from the scale and performance of the cloud. In this guide, we discuss how cloud adoption can deliver significant business value to your organization and what you can do in order to maximize its … continue reading

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