Automate Visual UI Testing In Just 5 Lines of Code: The Rise of Application Visual Management

In this era of digital transformation and CI-CD, UI bugs are everywhere and can significantly hurt your business unless you squash them pre-production. Application Visual Management (AVM) is an emerging technology that hundreds of innovative R&D teams are now using to deal with the QA challenges of visual validation. AI Powered Automated Visual Testing & … continue reading

Empowering Teams for the 21st Century

Help Agile Teams Thrive with Modern Ways of Working Agile teams function best when empowered to deliver value with increased speed and flexibility. To stay competitive, organizations must leverage the work of these teams effectively. This requires technology, process and reporting uniformity to facilitate increased velocity, communication, collaboration and value. Download the “Empowering teams for … continue reading

Learn 5 Steps to Beating the Competition with Agile at Scale

No matter where you are on your agility journey, you can transform into a customer-centric—even customer-obsessed—organization that produces inspired, sustained innovation and value. In this eBook, 5 Steps to Beating the Competition with Agile at Scale, we walk you through how your organization can scale agile and stay ahead of your competitors.         … continue reading

Using Agile Data for Predictive Plans

As organizations advance in agile maturity, so do their data analytic and metric needs. Compiling and synchronizing the data of a few agile teams is significantly different than rolling up data across many teams or an entire portfolio. Without a clear picture of how teams are delivering their work, organizations may be flying blind when … continue reading

7 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Low-Code Development Platform

Ready to get started with low-code? Whether you’re in the early stages of exploring your options or an experienced low-code team looking to upgrade an existing solution, asking certain questions up front can help ensure you make the right choice. Based on 10+ years of experience helping clients accelerate their own digital transformations, Kony’s 7 Factors … continue reading

Shift Left: Advancing Quality into The Dev Cycle 

Agile practices help improve development speed and reduce release cycle time. But if testing is still happening late in the dev cycle, it’s harder to find bugs and resolve them by the end of the sprint. To get to shorter and highly innovative release schedules, automated QA cycles should be introduced earlier in the SLDC, … continue reading

10 Test Automation Frameworks for Cross Browser Testing

When deciding the best framework for you, there is a lot to consider within the crowded testing landscape. Should you use just one, or build a tool stack strategy to combine frameworks for different purposes? Is the framework both an organizational and technical fit for what you’re trying to achieve? Learn everything you need to … continue reading

The Definitive Guide to Continuous Testing

Testing should no longer be thought of as an event — something to happen at a specific point in software development. It must be done by everyone, all the time, even before actual coding begins. Here are some critical factors to consider: 56% of critical dependencies are unavailable  50% of time is spent looking for test data  … continue reading

11 Black Holes of DevOps

How Not to Get Lost in Outer Space As your organization kicks off its DevOps transformation, you’re aiming for wild success… and headed for all sorts of adventures. This isn’t a short test flight to Pittsburgh and back—this is a journey into uncharted territory! As you scale to create an enterprise DevOps process that works … continue reading

Enterprise Software Delivery in the Age of Containers

Containers are popular for good reason. They let developers bundle all the necessary components of an application into one package that can easily be shared and distributed. This approach can greatly simplify deployment to test, user acceptance, and production environments. However, container platforms, such as Kubernetes, Docker, and OpenShift, solve only a fraction of the … continue reading

Global Microservices Trends Report

The 2018 Global Microservices Trends report provides data and insights to help you understand the challenges and opportunities you’ll face as you monitor applications in your microservices environment. Read this report to understand the latest trends in microservices:  What’s driving organizations to adopt microservices Whether companies are achieving success with microservices Evolving use of standards … continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Testing and BDD

Behavior-driven development is the practice of understanding how customers use your software. To ensure the software meets those requirements, it’s imperative to bring all the company’s stakeholders together to sign off. This has ramifications on your testing strategy. To learn how exactly BDD affects testing, read this e-book today! … continue reading

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