Target DevOps Bottlenecks with Connected Lifecycle Data

Identifying bottlenecks is critical for optimizing your software development process. To do this, it’s vital to understand and connect your entire value chain so that data flows seamlessly across all the tools within it. This e-book highlights the key steps to take to identify bottlenecks including how data flows through the software value chain, automating … continue reading

When Agile, DevOps and Lean Aren’t Enough: The Missing Imperative in Software Delivery

Agile, DevOps and Lean principles have improved software delivery in many important ways. And as increasingly competitive markets compel software organizations to step up quality and productivity, interest in these concepts has never been higher. But despite considerable merits, they fall short in addressing the full range of issues confronted by modern software organizations. Read … continue reading

Five Stages of Incident Management

By understanding the distinct phases of incident management in technology environments, teams can build a comprehensive plan to prepare for, react to, and analyze the impact of an incident. Download the Five Stages of Incident Management white paper and gain clear insight into: Understanding each stage of incident management Helpful tips on driving improvements across each stage … continue reading

Basic patterns for writing first-rate .NET tests

Developers who have incorporated unit testing into their development process are already familiar with its advantages: cleaner code, courage to refactor, and improved productivity. Writing unit tests is easy; however, writing first-rate tests make automated unit testing and test-driven development powerful tools. This article provides some basic testing patterns that will help with writing good tests and … continue reading

How to Accelerate Brilliant Digital Experiences With Low-Code

Across numerous industries, enterprise giants are losing ground to more nimble competitors. It’s hard to innovate when you’re saddled with complexity, security, and compliance concerns. Nowhere is this more true than in the financial services and insurance sector, where increasingly “switchy” customers are flocking to disruptors as they search for digital convenience. But, it’s not … continue reading

How to Launch Your Low-Code Digital Factory

If you’re wondering how to scale your use of low-code to support your entire organization’s digital transformation agenda, you’re in the right place. As with any new journey, it’s useful to have a map and guidebook to refer to. This Low-code Digital Factory eBook is an abridged version of our comprehensive Digital Transformation Playbook. It … continue reading

For IoT, use a hybrid of Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity

Wi-Fi requires a router, and its distance is limited. Cellular doesn’t have those restrictions. A hybrid solution can offer: Increased coverage Remote troubleshooting Simple installations Optimized costs Hybrid connectivity opens up a multitude of possible use cases. To learn more, download this white paper today! … continue reading

Scaling Agile in Roughly One Minute

Organizations have found efficiencies and cost savings by empowering their developers to employ Agile practices. Getting other teams in the organization to use these techniques, however, has not been as easy or effective. This series of essays, each of which can be read in about a minute, will give you the foundation to bring agile … continue reading

Continuous Load Testing: Reinventing Load Testing for DevOps

Ensuring that each new release delivers a positive user experience is now more critical than ever. To meet rising expectations, DevTest teams need instant insight into whether incremental changes negatively impact application performance. However, legacy performance testing approaches are too late, too heavy, and too slow. Read this paper to learn why and how to … continue reading

Software Fail Watch: 5th Edition

The Software Fail Watch is an analysis of software bugs found in a year’s worth of English language news articles. The result is an extraordinary reminder of the role software plays in our daily lives, the necessity of software testing in every industry, and the far-reaching impacts of its failure. The 5th Edition of the … continue reading

Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation (and What to Do About It)

To win the digital transformation race, successful IT leaders need to overcome three immense challenges: massive backlogs, legacy debt, and scarce resources. And, at the same time, they need to embrace new methods that are better suited to fast-paced innovation. This eBook explores how you can adapt your organization’s application development and delivery practices to … continue reading

2018 Database DevOps Survey

DBmaestro’s annual Database DevOps Report reviews the challenges and best practices of companies using or looking to implement DevOps for databases. The results are based on responses from 244 IT professionals from around the world, collected through an online survey conducted in October 2017. Some of the topics this survey addressed: The rate of adoption … continue reading

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