Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation (and What to Do About It)

To win the digital transformation race, successful IT leaders need to overcome three immense challenges: massive backlogs, legacy debt, and scarce resources. And, at the same time, they need to embrace new methods that are better suited to fast-paced innovation. This eBook explores how you can adapt your organization’s application development and delivery practices to … continue reading

2018 Database DevOps Survey

DBmaestro’s annual Database DevOps Report reviews the challenges and best practices of companies using or looking to implement DevOps for databases. The results are based on responses from 244 IT professionals from around the world, collected through an online survey conducted in October 2017. Some of the topics this survey addressed: The rate of adoption … continue reading

Recognizing the 12 Failure Modes in Agile Transformation

Agile may be simple, but it still takes work. Often, organizations fail to adopt agile methods for similar reasons, and many of these reasons are cultural. From checkbook commitment and lack of executive support to ineffective retrospectives and bad product ownership, this e-book describes the 12 agile failure modes to avoid so you can succeed … continue reading

How Modern Businesses Scale with Agile

Want to find out the secrets to scaling agile successfully? Consider this your blueprint. In this eBook, we will show you how to efficiently and effectively scale agile across your company and walk through ways to remove roadblocks. For successful scaled agile, modern companies need to: Embrace an agile culture Change the command and control … continue reading

How to Stop Agile Roadblocks

Evolving and scaling your agile adoption is no simple task. It takes a radical rethink of how you do business, and often, future success depends on avoiding several key roadblocks. In this eBook you will learn: How to handle resistance to change How to break down cultural barriers How to change team dynamics Download the “How … continue reading

Discover Agile: Change Your Company and Your Culture

An agile company thinks differently. Rather than define specific people, an area or department, agile organizations focus on the needs of the customer, and organize themselves cross-functionally as such. To promote customer centricity, agile organizations must: Break down command and control management styles Create small teams, not big Have open minds Practice servant leadership And … continue reading

Value Stream Integration: 6 Reasons Not to Delay

Connecting your best-of-breed tools for planning, building and delivering enterprise software is probably on your radar. Considering that nearly 50 percent of the Fortune 100 have mastered delivering software at scale by defining and creating a Value Stream Network through integration, how can it not be? You probably know it’s something you need to do. But with … continue reading

7 Challenges of Doing Continuous Delivery at Scale

Organizations want to iterate their applications quickly, but deployment pipeline delays can undermine those efforts. Plutora Environments gives release teams a single command center to schedule, manage, and configure test environments to expedite the handoff of new code from dev to test, and maintain visibility of fast-moving CD pipelines at scale. Download this e-guide today … continue reading

Massively Scaling Mobile Apps with a Low-Code Platform

In today’s business landscape, web and mobile apps are the main point of contact with users—and their performance can make or break your business. At OutSystems, we wanted to know how much an app developed with our low-code platform can take without losing its quality. So, we ran a test. Imagine a mobile banking app … continue reading

Why Low-Code is Right for Mobile and Web Front-End Development

Enterprise IT teams are faced with a predicament. They’ve been challenged to create beautiful, highly-functional applications for front-end use, and they’re on a very tight timeline. The customer journey has changed – it’s turned digital and it’s faster than ever. Customers are demanding that enterprises keep up. How can IT be expected to deliver? This … continue reading

Forget Hand Coding: 5 Development Challenges to Consider

While hand coding is still effective in some cases, organizations are finding that custom-coding has become “too slow to develop and deliver the applications companies use to win, serve, and retain customers.” Because of the increasing adoption of Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms and the rapid change in technology – there are a number of … continue reading

The Forrester Wave: Static Application Security Testing, Q4 2017

Static application security testing (SAST) is an important part of prerelease application testing that can identify tricky dataflow issues. It can also catch issues such as cross-site request forgery (CSRF) that other tools, including dynamic application security testing (DAST), have trouble finding. According to The Forrester Wave: Static Application Security Testing, Q4 2017, SAST remains … continue reading

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