Legacy Modernization: Finding Your Way with Low-Code

Organizations are in the midst of a digital transformation, but according to a recently released report, 59 percent of organizations aren’t making enough progress. The problem is that while organizations are running digital projects, they eventually get stopped at a legacy gridlock where old and brittle systems are costing them massive amounts of time, budget … continue reading

Enabling DevOps pipeline execution with GitHub

Companies of all shapes and sizes are building software in more open and collaborative ways, from idea to production. This IDC Vendor Profile provides current and comprehensive insight into how organizations apply DevOps practices, adopt open source software, and use version control to build better, faster. … continue reading

Designing Responsive Dashboards

Responsive dashboards and reports are crucial when you need a great application experience on any device.But good responsive design takes more than resizing a couple charts. It’s about designing dashboards from the ground up with every device in mind. … continue reading

UX Design for Embedded Analytics

You don’t have to be a UI/UX designer to create impressive dashboards for your application. With a few basic principles, you can transform your embedded analytics UX. Assess the state of your current dashboards and reports. Then get secrets to improving your embedded analytics in the ebook. … continue reading

Deliver secure software at the speed of DevOps

DevOps has changed the way software is built. Software security also needs to change. Thirty percent of successful attacks happen at the application layer and Software Security has become a boardroom-level issue. Security needs to work the way developers work.  … continue reading

How GitHub Secures Open Source Software

Open Source Software is everywhere, powering the languages, frameworks, and applications your team uses every day. Github works hard to secure our community and the open source software you use. Learn how Github works in public and behind your firewall to protect you as you use, contribute to, and build on open source software. … continue reading

Secure Software Development in the Financial Services Industry

There is a lot at stake for companies in the financial services sector when it comes to protecting customer data. Software security in this space is critical. Among the steps companies can take to secure their software are:  Always encrypt data, adopt string identity management, integrate security tools with continuous integration. … continue reading

Secure Software Development Strategy Essentials

Trust is the foundation of the relationship between software and its users. Failure to protect sensitive customer data can have a lasting impact on a business’s reputation and their bottom line. But when businesses follow security best practices, they are uniquely positioned to create safe, forward-thinking user experiences- and many of them are doing just … continue reading

API Security

A Guide to Building and Securing APIs It is incumbent on today’s API builders to be smart, informed and proactive. In this new guide to building and securing APIs, explore the role of API Gateways and learn best practices for protecting data in transit, managing API credentials, and handling authentication and authorization. … continue reading

API Security from Concepts to Components

This whitepaper describes the modern API Security landscape, how to effectively leverage OAuth 2.0 and API Gateways for authorization from both the infrastructure and software development mindset, and what to look for in an API Access Management solution. … continue reading

Value Stream Management – The key to balancing innovation and operational excellence

Value Stream Management requires you to zoom out of the details and take a macro look at business processes in order to identify strategic ways to improve them. Organizations need to ask themselves how they can provide greater value to the customer, while also eliminating delays, improving quality, reducing costs and employee frustration. With a connected … continue reading

6 Exercises to Strengthen Traceability

The answer to solving quality, time, and cost issues is often as simple as strengthening the traceability of the product development process. Strong traceability helps maintain a high level of product and process quality, and supports compliance efforts. Sound like a ton of extra work? Surprisingly, strengthening traceability and using the right tools can actually … continue reading

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