The Complete Guide to Building a Successful Agile Team

The strength of an Agile team is built on the interplay of team members roles as well. When starting a new project, or making the transition to Agile in the first place, defining those roles is a fundamental part of the process. A successful Agile transition comes down to understanding the nuances and taking an … continue reading

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With Value Stream Integration

Competitive advantage in a digital world hinges on how fast you can deliver the right software products to internal and external customers. By “right software”, we simply mean a product (or set of features) that delivers value to a customer’s business. Cross-team collaboration in real-time is critical in optimizing this time to value. Yet unless … continue reading

A Manifesto of Strings Management

A company’s brand is the essence of what that company stands for in terms of emotional, intangible consumer concerns. As we’ve written in SD Times, there is perhaps no more important way to get your message across than with words — both subtle and overt — in an application’s UI. In the past, text hard-coded into an … continue reading

Shift Gears with Shift Left

How to speed up digital app development cycles without compromising quality. Shift Left is one of the biggest buzzwords in digital application development. In this white paper we discuss what brought on that buzz, look at the different definitions of Shift Left and discuss how leading organizations are implementing it. The white paper also discusses … continue reading

NHS PHP Builds Mobile App and Online Patient Booking System in Less Than 7 Weeks

The NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) needed an automated online patient booking system to deliver a fast, easy and confidential care service to doctors and trainees across England. In less than just 7 weeks, using OutSystems low-code development platform, they developed a new mobile app and a fully automated General Practitioner (GP) care system, which … continue reading

How EMC Built and Scaled TheHub to Serve 12,000 Engineers

EMC needed to build a portal to help facilitate an open contribution model for its hundreds of engineering labs around the world. So, the enterprise software vendor turned to OutSystems for help. Using a low-code platform to build its portal might seem counterintuitive for one of the world’s foremost software companies. But the company knew … continue reading

Claims tracking made easy: Insurance portal built fast with low-code platform

Concerned that brokers would move their business elsewhere, AXA, the #1 global insurance company, needed to build an innovative broker portal, fast. Using OutSystems low-code platform, AXA was able to build ‘eServe’ – a portal that provides immediate, 24/7 online access to customer claims data from any device – in just 3 months. The result? … continue reading

How IT Is Responding to Digital Disruption

Thirty-five hundred IT professionals from 116 countries share their insights in one of the most comprehensive research reports on the state of application development. Featuring an analysis of responses from IT managers, architects, and developers across all industries, this 34-page research report answers five critical questions: How are app dev priorities adjusting to this digital … continue reading

Automate Visual UI Testing In Just 5 Lines of Code: The Rise of Application Visual Management

In this era of digital transformation and CI-CD, UI bugs are everywhere and can significantly hurt your business unless you squash them pre-production. Application Visual Management (AVM) is an emerging technology that hundreds of innovative R&D teams are now using to deal with the QA challenges of visual validation. AI Powered Automated Visual Testing & … continue reading

Empowering Teams for the 21st Century

Help Agile Teams Thrive with Modern Ways of Working Agile teams function best when empowered to deliver value with increased speed and flexibility. To stay competitive, organizations must leverage the work of these teams effectively. This requires technology, process and reporting uniformity to facilitate increased velocity, communication, collaboration and value. Download the “Empowering teams for … continue reading

Learn 5 Steps to Beating the Competition with Agile at Scale

No matter where you are on your agility journey, you can transform into a customer-centric—even customer-obsessed—organization that produces inspired, sustained innovation and value. In this eBook, 5 Steps to Beating the Competition with Agile at Scale, we walk you through how your organization can scale agile and stay ahead of your competitors.         … continue reading

Using Agile Data for Predictive Plans

As organizations advance in agile maturity, so do their data analytic and metric needs. Compiling and synchronizing the data of a few agile teams is significantly different than rolling up data across many teams or an entire portfolio. Without a clear picture of how teams are delivering their work, organizations may be flying blind when … continue reading

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