Test Automation Strategy for Beginners

One of the challenges teams face when transitioning to continuous testing within DevOps is the oversimplification found in many models. These often underestimate the effort and time required. For new projects and small teams, you can begin with a pure agile approach, utilize the best new tools, and glory in the lack of technical and … continue reading

3 Essential Building Blocks of Continuous Testing

Organizations – and developers – need to innovate to stay competitive, and with release schedules shrinking all the time, it’s more likely that a business-threatening bug might slip through to production.  Successfully implementing CT, which aims to avoid business-killing software failures, depends on continuous alignment between people, processes, and technology in the organization. Each of these three … continue reading

Monitoring your network with time series data

Today’s applications are architectured to work on hybrid, componentized, containerized, distributed, mobile/sensor environments, and so do the networks that sustain all these applications together. Complexity, traffic volume, intolerance to performance degradation and inefficiency will only increase, demanding real-time and holistic monitoring. There are several sources of instrumentation for network monitoring data such as: Endpoints metrics, events, logging, … continue reading

The Future of Test Automation

In this digital era, organizations are forced to trade off between faster time to market and flawless user experience. The current goal for organizations is to run more tests, find bugs fast and release faster. In this white paper, we will discuss how AI is impacting software testing, discuss current challenges with test automation, how … continue reading

Why Time Series Data Matters

Time series data has historically been associated with applications in finance. However, as developers and businesses move to instrument more of their servers, applications, network infrastructure and the physical world, time series is becoming the de facto standard for how to think about storing, retrieving, and mining this data for real-time and historical insight. This paper … continue reading

Best practices for software experimentation using feature flags

Feature flags—also known as feature toggles, feature flippers, or feature bits—provide an opportunity for a radical change in the way software engineers deliver software products at a breakneck pace. In this book from O’Reilly, we explain how to implement feature-flagged software successfully. We also offer some tips to developers on how to configure and manage a growing set of feature flags within … continue reading

How to Integrate Calendars into your App

Calendar help us keep track of our lives, and integrating these calendars into the software tools businesses and consumers use has become mission-critical for many software companies. But building those integrations is a complex process. We created this guide to help make your calendar integration process easy. In this guide, you will learn: The deceptively complex … continue reading

A Tactical Guide to Building an Email Integration into your App

With workers reluctant to leave their favored tools to do other tasks, SaaS providers are creating APIs to deliver such things as email, workflow automation, and more into those tools of choice.. But building these features into your application is complex and time-consuming. This guide is designed to help organizations see the differences between building … continue reading

Engage Your Customers with Progressive Web Apps

PWAs represent the coming together of mobile applications and a browser experience, enabling users to avoid downloads and to access the application even when there is no internet connection. But along with benefits, there are some challenges to creating and following a PWA strategy. Read this whitepaper to learn what can be gained by implementing … continue reading

API Testing: Deliver Better Software Faster

APIs have become the lingua franca for systems relying on the integration of cloud services as part of their application process. API testing can ensure software systems are reliable, secure and function and perform as intended. These tests are especially critical for integrating microservices with surrounding systems. Catching problems earlier in the cycle reduces the … continue reading

Legacy Modernization: Finding Your Way with Low-Code

Organizations are in the midst of a digital transformation, but according to a recently released report, 59 percent of organizations aren’t making enough progress. The problem is that while organizations are running digital projects, they eventually get stopped at a legacy gridlock where old and brittle systems are costing them massive amounts of time, budget … continue reading

Designing Responsive Dashboards

Responsive dashboards and reports are crucial when you need a great application experience on any device.But good responsive design takes more than resizing a couple charts. It’s about designing dashboards from the ground up with every device in mind. … continue reading

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