Simplify Full-Stack Testing Across Every Technology Layer

Stop wasting time and money using multiple tools to test every technology layer of an application. With Keysight’s Eggplant test automation solution you only need to work with a single code layer to test back-end systems, APIs, web elements, and the front-end UI to simplify your full-stack testing approach. Download the paper, ‘Modernize the Enterprise … continue reading

Elevate Your Test Designs with AI

Advances in AI have enabled us to close the gap between skilled human testers and UI automation. Now we can test both faster and smarter thanks to a hybrid technique that combines computer vision, intelligent object recognition, and self-generated test cases. In this white paper, written as part of Sogeti’s 2021-2022 AI for Quality Engineering … continue reading

How to Solve the Monolithic Jenkins Controller Problem

Whether you’ve been working successfully on your continuous integration (CI) infrastructure for some time or are just starting to build it out, you have realized the power of CI and are enabling your teams to be successful by implementing, administering, and sharing this powerful tool with the masses. Fast forward to 3:00 AM on a … continue reading

Incorporating Mobile App Security into the Development Lifecycle Without Friction

Security is inherently more expensive if organizations find vulnerabilities after deployment, rather than incorporated into the lifecycle via security assurance (SA). If security isn’t incorporated early and often, major consequences could happen, such as: Financial loss Reputational damage Data loss (company or customer) IP theft And much more! This whitepaper will show you how and … continue reading

Accelerate Software Delivery with Test Automation

Every software development team wants fast and stable releases but testing often slows everything down. Discover how intelligent test automation integrated with your CI/CD pipeline can accelerate every software delivery cycle. In this brief, you will learn: Why continuous testing is essential to accelerate release cycles How to expand test coverage to uncover bugs in … continue reading

Coffee Breaks Brought to You By: Full Stack, End-to-End Automated Testing

Keysight’s Eggplant intelligent test automation can interact with various layers of the testing environment. And by testing real user scenarios, Keysight’s Eggplant can validate data integrity across the entire application workflow. In this brief demonstration, Kieran Leicester, Technical Consult at Keysight Technologies, will use Eggplant to look up a colleague, schedule a meet up convenient … continue reading

2022 CI/CD Solutions Guide

In the past, the CI/CD pipelines were simply a place to integrate code. Developers would write their code in GitHub, pass it through the pipeline, and then deploy it. However, with the emergence of shift left security and newer automation practices, the pipeline has become a much more critical piece of the software delivery lifecycle. … continue reading

Guide: The secure code training blueprint

Defining a plan to improve developer security maturity is no easy task when you still have compliance requirements and release deadlines to meet. But it is a worthy one that will pay dividends in improved productivity and reduced risk. In this guide, we explore the lessons learned from three real-life Secure Code Warrior customers so … continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Mobile Apps

Each year, attacks on mobile applications steadily increase. The costs to businesses in terms of lost customers, compensation, reputation damage, and regulatory fines make lax mobile app security a significant risk factor. Ensuring effective mobile app security, however, presents a major challenge for many organizations. Download this mobile app security guide to learn: Why mobile … continue reading

Developer security maturity matrix

Building security maturity in development teams can be approached in stages. Based on Secure Code Warrior’s experience with 400+ organizations, we’ve identified the common practices and traits in three different stages of security maturity – defining, adopting, and scaling. How security-savvy are your development teams? … continue reading

The importance of security maturity for development teams

By assessing and understanding a development team’s security maturity, organizations can formulate a plan, with the right stakeholders, process, and technology to build and support the necessary skills and capabilities. This whitepaper explores: What is security maturity in development teams, and why is it important? What are the different stages and characteristics of security maturity … continue reading

Four technical hands-on labs for mobile application security

Welcome to !hooked, Guardsquare’s technical magazine featuring hands-on labs. In this issue, the labs cover code checksumming, control flow (non-)integrity in Android applications, native library encryption, and encrypting Objective-C selectors. Dive in, learn about the issues, and work through the solutions in these labs. … continue reading

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