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Google updates Search algorithm to help reduce spam and low-quality content

Google has unveiled updates aimed at enhancing the quality and relevance of its search results. Among these updates are algorithmic improvements to its core ranking systems, designed to prioritize the surfacing of the most useful information available online while concurrently minimizing the presence of unoriginal content.  Additionally, Google is revising its spam policies to more … continue reading

Creatio shifts to composable architecture for its no-code platform

Creatio has launched Creatio Quantum, which marks a shift to a composable architecture. This architecture offers a hierarchy of pre-built components and blocks that empower users to create highly customized solutions using no-code.  This approach enables organizations to adapt quickly to changes, making application and workflow automation deployment faster and easier. Additionally, Creatio Quantum introduces … continue reading

Slack AI, Slack Lists, and new automation capabilities released

Salesforce has introduced new features in Slack that incorporate advanced AI, automation, and knowledge-sharing capabilities into its productivity platform.  Slack AI is built natively into Slack on its trusted foundation, grounded in a company’s collective knowledge found in Slack, and easy to access in the flow of work. Using AI, channel recaps in Slack provide … continue reading

The post-modern data stack: Why all roads lead to automation

The modern data stack, once a symbol of streamlined efficiency, is cracking under its own weight. What seemed like a dream come true for engineering teams has become a complexity trap that requires more and more maintenance as it scales. Technical debt is piling up and teams are struggling to keep pace, suggesting a future … continue reading

The human side of automation: Reclaiming work-life balance

In the fast-paced world of software development, achieving an ideal work-life balance has become a distant aspiration for many with burnout and fatigue common realities. The constant pressure to meet deadlines, tackle complex problems, and handle an ever-increasing workload often leaves little room for personal time, whether that’s a great nap (my favorite), a workout, … continue reading

Don’t let data compliance block software innovation; automation is the key

The need for the digital transformation of business processes, operations, and products is nearly ubiquitous. This is putting development teams under immense pressure to accelerate software releases, despite time and budget constraints. At the same time, compliance with data privacy and protection mandates, as well as other risk mitigation efforts (e.g., zero trust), often choke … continue reading

Tricentis Test Automation marries low-code with testing

Tricentis Test Automation is a new SaaS-based solution that supports enterprise app, API, and business process testing.  “While organizations are building their businesses and deploying applications on the cloud, most teams are constrained by legacy processes which are creating slow, error-prone, and costly challenges due to the lack of a viable cloud-based testing solution,” said … continue reading

How AI is being used to further marketing initiatives

Regardless of the industry, if an organization is failing to measure up, customers will not hesitate to find alternatives, resulting in a loss of revenue as well as damaging the company’s reputation and relationship with customers.  One of the most essential aspects of remaining competitive is adopting automation, and introducing artificial intelligence tooling into every … continue reading

Automation: The next evolutionary step toward elite performance

Over the last few years, AI and automation have been slowly but surely changing the landscape of the software development industry. Whether it is applied to testing, security, or reducing wait times for tasks that had previously been done manually, this technology has proven to be essential in order for organizations to keep up with … continue reading

The importance of automating data management

In the midst of the growing digital demands of customers, organizations are feeling more pressure than ever to modernize their practices. With this, there has been a rising need for companies to automate everyday business processes in order to keep up in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.    According to Noel Yuhanna, VP principal analyst at Forrester, … continue reading

Enhance Web Applications With a File Upload Service

When looking to add a file uploader solution to your web application or website, finding one that will bring the most value to end users is essential. The answer should be built with security in mind, be easy to use, and have a lot of useful features. Web applications are the foundation of modern business … continue reading

Automation Anywhere announces Automation Success Platform

Cloud-native intelligence automation company Automation Anywhere today announced the Automation Success Platform. This release is intended to help accelerate business transformation by making automation more accessible. According to Automation Anywhere, 95% of organizations are currently embracing automation practices and with Gartner’s prediction that automation will add an estimated $15 trillion benefit to the global economy … continue reading

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