DevOps explained

DevOps is one of those overarching terms that encompasses a number of technologies and techniques. Some consider continuous integration and delivery as the cornerstone of DevOps. Others say you can’t keep pace with Agile development and deployment without automated processes that kick off tests, builds and performance alerts.

On the development side, some organizations are taking test-driven and behavior-driven approaches. They’re shifting testing to the left, to find defects more quickly so that better quality code is delivered.

DevOps, though, it not a one-size-fits-all solution. Organizations need to evaluate their processes, see where benefits could be derived, and implement those methods and technologies that deliver real value to the business.

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Working toward AIOps maturity? It’s never too early (or late) for platform engineering

Until about two years ago, many enterprises were experimenting with isolated proofs of concept or managing limited AI projects, with results that often had little impact on the company’s overall financial or operational performance. Few companies were making big bets on AI, and even fewer executive leaders lost their jobs when AI initiatives didn’t pan … continue reading

Are developers and DevOps converging?

Are your developers on PagerDuty? That’s the core question, and for most teams the answer is emphatically “yes.” This is a huge change from a few years ago when, unless you did not have DevOps or SRE teams, the answer was a resounding “no.”  So, what’s changed? A long-term trend is happening across large and … continue reading

GitLab 17 introduces GitLab Duo Enterprise and new CI/CD catalog

GitLab has announced the latest version of its platform. GitLab 17 introduces new features such as GitLab Duo Enterprise, a new CI/CD catalog, and Native Secrets Manager. GitLab Duo Enterprise is a new AI add-on that builds on the capabilities of GitLab Duo Pro. It can be used to detect and fix security issues, summarize … continue reading

Copado releases new AI assistant for creating Salesforce tests

The DevOps company Copado has announced a new AI assistant for Salesforce test creation called Test Copilot. This follows the company’s recent announcement of Copado Explorer, which is an automated testing solution designed for Salesforce users, as well as the launch of its AI assistant CopadoGPT, which Test Copilot is built on.  Users provide a … continue reading

GitLab Duo Chat released as part of GitLab 16.11

GitLab has announced that its AI assistant GitLab Duo Chat is now generally available as part of the GitLab 16.11 release.  GitLab Duo Chat can answer questions about issues, epics, code, errors, CI/CD configurations, or the GitLab platform itself. It can also refactor existing code and generate tests. For instance, a developer onboarding onto a … continue reading

Report: As DevOps adoption nears 100%, these factors determine maturity

Most developers at this point in time have adopted DevOps in some form or another, whether they are a full-blown DevOps engineer or a developer utilizing parts of the DevOps practice.  According to a new report from the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF), 83% of developers were “involved in DevOps-related activities” in the first quarter of … continue reading

Analyst View: What’s new, what’s now, and what’s next in platform engineering

The problem is not new: Modern software architectures are complex distributed systems made up of many independent services, many of which are built by other teams or cloud providers. Kubernetes wrangles this herd of services—but adds yet more complexity that must be tamed. This creates hard problems at the intersection of development and operations. Developers … continue reading

Exploratory Testing for UAT

An informal survey of DevOps teams finds that the vast majority of enterprises only have bandwidth for some form of manual testing and do not have the skilled resources required for full test automation. Most companies do not even conduct a formal cycle for user acceptance testing (UAT). They conduct informal manual testing by business … continue reading

Red Hat Developer Hub brings together many aspects of development into a single platform

Red Hat today announced that its developer platform, Developer Hub, is now generally available. Based on the CNCF project Backstage, the platform improves developer productivity and efficiency by consolidating different aspects of the development process into a single platform.  The Developer Hub was created to equip DevOps teams with the tools needed to overcome bottlenecks … continue reading

The pitfalls of product roadmaps

Many organizations today assume a product roadmap is essential – the only logical way to understand where a product is right now and where it will be at specific points down the road. They believe a clear delineation of milestones and deadlines will give them a view into the future and, hopefully, some control over … continue reading

Copado is bringing generative AI to DevOps with beta for CopadoGPT

Copado, a provider of a Salesforce DevOps platform, has expanded the beta program for its AI platform, CopadoGPT, to all customers after successful internal validation.  CopadoGPT serves as a cross-platform intelligence layer that provides advice and recommendations on Salesforce DevOps best practices, accelerating test generation, enriching user stories, and generating release notes.  The company created … continue reading

HCL Software announces rebrand of DevOps portfolio

HCL Software has announced it has renamed its DevOps portfolio to better align products with their core functionality. The company hopes that with this rebrand, it will be easier for customers to navigate the portfolio and get to the right product. The company recently hosted a webinar to announce the changes, where Chris Haggan, head … continue reading

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