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In today’s business landscape, web and mobile apps are the main point of contact with users—and their performance can make or break your business. At OutSystems, we wanted to know how much an app developed with our low-code platform can take without losing its quality. So, we ran a test.

Imagine a mobile banking app on a Black Friday. That’s about 20 million users with thousands of concurrent accesses, strain on CPU, massive throughput and extreme peaks. This is what we pitted against our OutSystems mobile back-end — the server side of OutSystems.

Download the Massively Scaling Mobile Apps white paper and get the full story: from the setup to testing, you’ll find the (unlimited) power of OutSystems.

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Enterprise IT teams are faced with a predicament. They’ve been challenged to create beautiful, highly-functional applications for front-end use, and they’re on a very tight timeline. The customer journey has changed – it’s turned digital and it’s faster than ever. Customers are demanding that enterprises keep up. How can IT be expected to deliver?

This article covers where the front-end development is at today, and what is expected of enterprise IT. Beyond demonstrating the need for upgrading legacy stacks and strategy to something more agile and flexible to meet the dramatically transformed customer journey, this piece uncovers:

  • How IT must deliver the ‘holy grail’ of requirements for front-end apps
  • The challenges in adopting an open-source stack
  • The definition of Low-Code Application Development (and Delivery)
  • A method to creating beautiful, functional apps in an agile manner with a low-code platform

Download this highly informative article and transform the speed and flexibility of your IT team to deliver responsive front-end applications.

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While hand coding is still effective in some cases, organizations are finding that custom-coding has become “too slow to develop and deliver the applications companies use to win, serve, and retain customers.”

Because of the increasing adoption of Rapid Application Development (RAD) platforms and the rapid change in technology – there are a number of development challenges to consider when using hand coding over a RAD platform as a development method.

Download the article now to learn five key development challenges to keep in mind when considering using hand coding over a rapid application platform.

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Static application security testing (SAST) is an important part of prerelease application testing that can identify tricky dataflow issues. It can also catch issues such as cross-site request forgery (CSRF) that other tools, including dynamic application security testing (DAST), have trouble finding. According to The Forrester Wave: Static Application Security Testing, Q4 2017, SAST remains critical to eliminate proprietary software vulnerabilities so attackers can’t exploit them in production.

Download this report to see what’s new and why Forrester has named Synopsys a Wave Leader.


Date: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM PT | 2:00 PM ET

Writing great code is hard. Even with careful planning and process, unexpected issues arise that distract you from delivering a useful, manageable service. Application error monitoring helps cut through the noise and minimize the time spent chasing and resolving bugs. Real-time alerts warn you about critical problems affecting your users, and give you the information you need to quickly prioritize and understand the problem.

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An introduction to the benefits and use cases of Microservices, Containers, and APM

As more enterprises embrace DevOps practices and move workloads to the cloud, application architects are increasingly looking to design choices that maximize the speed of development and deployment. Two of the fastest growing are containers and microservices.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How containers and microservices work
  • The benefits and challenges of using them
  • How a unified view of the enterprise stack and effective application performance monitoring (APM) can help to maximize their benefits

Download the white paper now.

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How to maintain peak performance of systems connected to SharePoint.

From end user monitoring to server support, SharePoint is filled with collaborative services and resources. But navigating all of the moving parts can be daunting. AppDynamics can help your enterprise manage this so you can work better together with SharePoint — and across your business.

Download this eBook and discover:

  • A deeper understanding of SharePoint and how other components can take advantage of it
  • The elements of comprehensive coverage and total visibility into ops with prebuilt monitoring configurations
  • How AppDynamics and SharePoint work to establish stability and productivity

Download this eBook now to see the benefits of putting AppDynamics and SharePoint to work for your enterprise.

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How to drive performance and scalability for Java applications

Java applications are built for high performance. It’s in the code. But if you don’t measure performance until you’ve completed the app’s functionality, you might be stuck fixing issues — if you can find them. APM helps you find and fix Java performance issues so you can eliminate problems and keep scalability on track.

Download this eBook and learn:

  • The pros and cons of Java Remote Method Invocation
  • How to avoid and solve database problems like N+1
  • How to handle memory management in Java and deal with leaks

Download this eBook now and scale your Java web application to meet your business needs.



Understanding the health of your application is among the most important goals of any user-focused organization. Application performance monitoring (APM) is a smart and necessary starting point in achieving this goal, but does it address the whole issue?

For companies to fully understand their application, they must consider Application Quality Monitoring (AQM), which aims to make user experience hiccups more visible and diagnosable to software development teams. By understanding what causes errors or crashes, dev teams can stay one step ahead and correct software issues before users even have a chance to report them.

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Why investing in user happiness is critical to app development.
  • How application quality monitoring improves developer effectiveness.
  • The methods used to execute effective application quality monitoring.

Watch the webinar!

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We’ve already undergone quite a journey to evolve from “classical testing” and test automation to Continuous Testing. Nevertheless, when we look into the future, it’s clear that even Continuous Testing will not be sufficient. We need help. We need “Digital Testing” to achieve further acceleration and meet the quality needs of a future driven by IoT, robotics, and quantum computing. AI, imitating intelligent human behavior for machine learning and predictive analytics, can help us get there.

Read this paper to learn how AI can take software testing to the next level, including:

  • Why AI is now more feasible—and critical—than ever
  • What AI really is and how it’s best applied
  • How AI can help us test smarter, not harder
  • The role of smart testing technologies that aren’t technically “AI” (e.g., self-healing technologies)

Download the white paper now.

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In today’s multi-cloud world, businesses looking to grow face a myriad of complexities. When one cloud provider introduces a new service that better aligns with your security objectives, but another offers long-term archival storage for a fraction of the cost, you can find yourself stuck in a multi-cloud maze—with all the twists, turns, and choices that implies. The fact is, while this multi-cloud world offers nearly limitless opportunities, it also presents a series of operational challenges. Managing multiple platforms and service levels makes adopting cloud difficult and costly, while architecting a multi-cloud strategy is as much an organizational challenge as a technical one. If you want to reap the benefits of the multi-cloud world— while minimizing the headaches—it pays to plan ahead and consider a few key principles.

To learn the 5 principles for multi-cloud success, read this white paper today!


IoT is advancing so fast, and marketplaces are getting so competitive, that trying to design and deploy expensive proprietary solutions can hinder your company’s viability. Neo’s simple, flexible design empowers your business. In easy steps, you acquire SIMs, you get connected, you have support. You’re in the IoT sphere.

Watch the webinar today!

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