LIVE Wednesday, May 18 2022 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Studying software engineering practices from 100,000 production applications and 4,000,000 open source component migrations, Sonatype uncovered eye-opening behaviors in modern software development, including a surprising trend that nearly 70% of dependency management decisions are suboptimal.

Understanding these migration paths, helps make sense of part of the panic that ensued when a zero-day vulnerability was disclosed in Log4j and Spring4Shell. If you weren’t automating software supply management and weren’t paying attention to your dependencies, you were left incredibly vulnerable.

Along with studying production applications, as the stewards of Maven Central, Sonatype teams have monitored download data, ensuring the world has reliable information on the latest trends.

In this talk, Ax Sharma will share insights from their recent software supply chain research along with lessons learned from Log4j and Spring4Shell to break down how to change your software supply management practices for a more secure SDLC.

Ax will provide guidance on how teams can:

  • Choose components that help minimize their risks
  • Adopt practices that help you/them quickly discover and remediate security issues
  • Become more efficient and innovative developers

Can’t attend live? That’s ok, we will send you the recording just for registering!



This event focuses on bringing business and IT together. We expanded our 4th event lineup with more experts in Value Stream Management execution and optimization to bring you all the information you need to either start your value stream journey, or to improve on what you’re already doing. We cover new solutions, strategies, and trends that are shaping business and culture decisions within organizations worldwide.

VSMcon has attracted more than 1,800 attendees since its launch in 2020, and attendees have benefited from even greater opportunities in this 2022 event to network with peers, talk to solutions providers, and interact with speakers during and after their sessions.

You can watch the entire conference, or just your favorite sessions on-demand, so register today!


LIVE! Thursday May 26, 2022 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Digital transformation, for some people, is just another buzzword repeated by their organization wanting to migrate to the cloud without any concrete plan of implementation. We’re not going to lie to you, digital transformation isn’t simple and it isn’t easy, but with a foolproof implementation plan, you can start to feel the tangible effects of better agility, resiliency, and efficiency that come with modernizing your business into the cloud.

Join SD Times for a LIVE webinar with LogicMonitor’s experienced site reliability engineers who will share with you tips and tricks learned during LogicMonitor’s evolution and how to apply that into a foolproof strategy, so you too can modernize your monitoring into the cloud.


NEXT LIVE SESSION: 5/17/2022 @ 1PM ET SD Times Live! microwebinar series

Value Stream Management

  • Topic 3 of 6 – Live Streaming! May 17th @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT – “The Surprising Reality About Bottlenecks”
Have you ever experienced a “bait and switch?” It can be frustrating when expectations don’t meet reality.
We believe that organizations are currently facing this level of frustration when trying to identify bottlenecks using graphs provided by some applications. Bottleneck graphs are often based on average cycle time. Is this effective? Or is it simply a feckless distraction?

In this microwebinar, we will delve into different perspectives on locating bottlenecks, how they might be useful (or not), and the reason that only using your average cycle time to identify your bottlenecks is not enough to get the job done.

  • Topic 2 of 6 – “Make your value streams flow: How to start seeing your value stream”

THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND. In the last session, we highlighted the difference between value stream management and a value stream, and how you need to start seeing your value stream. In this session, we tell you how to start seeing your value stream and make meaningful connections. You need to understand what tools you use at every step, the people involved and the processes. Seeing your value stream helps you cut waste, make processes more efficient, align cross-functional teams and business goals, plan for future growth and do the right things.

Related Resource: What if there was a value stream mapping tool that focuses specifically on the tools & processes relevant to software development and delivery? Say hello to the Value Stream Designer – a complimentary tool that makes mapping value streams easy, interesting and fun. Download it today!


  • Topic 1 of 6 – “What’s the difference between value stream management and a value stream?”

THIS IS NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND. Watch as we kick off our first five-minute ‘microwebinar’ series, with value stream management provider ConnectALL. SD Times editor-in-chief and VSMcon chairman David Rubinstein hosts ConnectALL president and COO Lance Knight as we answer the question, “What’s the difference between value stream management and a value stream?” and then take a few LIVE questions from listeners.

Related Resource: If you want to learn more about value streams and value stream management, check out this library of instructional videos!


LIVE! Wednesday June 8, 2022 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

As an alternative, successor, and child to REST, GraphQL inherits the old security challenges of its antecedent and adds new security challenges of its own. In this session, we will review how to apply old REST security recipes in order to establish a solid baseline. Then, we will learn how to upgrade our API security with new measures specific to GraphQL. Finally, we will look at how you can perform these steps easily. Securing APIs is crucial and it can be complex. Join this live discussion and learn how the right framework can help you reduce that complexity.


LIVE! Wednesday, May 25 2022 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Test automation has proven to have a significant impact on software development and the efficiency of the organization. But many companies are struggling to make the move to automation on mobile, and face enormous pressure to increase speed to market. Monthly releases are not cutting it anymore, and without a strong automation strategy in place, releasing weekly or daily is a herculean task.

Join Kobiton Shannon Lee as she discusses the value and importance of implementing an automation strategy for mobile in order to maximize business growth, and avoiding common troubles when getting started.

Attendees will learn…

  • What is a test automation strategy and why you need one

  • Setting common goals and a test approach

  • Proper ways in executing a test automation strategy

  • Differentiating test cases for Manual vs Automated

  • Choosing the right automation tool


LIVE Tuesday, May 24 2022 @ 11AM ET | 8AM PT

AI-augmented coding is here, and it isn’t your robot overlord – but it can make your coding life less tedious. Yes, that means Github Copilot, but there’s more to AI-augmented Java development than GPT-based auto-complete tools.

Technologies like Google’s Alphacode and Diffblue Cover also use AI (in different ways) to help development teams to work faster, be more productive and spend more time on interesting problems. In this session we’ll compare some of the key AI-based development tools, examine the technologies behind them, and look at the different ways they could change the way you work. 

Join this webinar to learn:

●     Why AI has so much potential to help Java developers

●     About different approaches to AI-augmented software development

●     How AI can already transform mundane, but vital, tasks like unit testing



Get the real story on how hybrid cloud can mean high cost, governance headaches, and cloudy visibility of your organization. Unless you are in the business of managing hybrid cloud infrastructure, deploying, securing, and ensuring cloud compatibility can leave you restless and stuck in your tracks.

There is a silver lining. Join Taos, an IBM company, at this online event where we will share how with a few simple steps you can deploy quicker and save faster. The event offers helpful tips and relatable for deploying hybrid cloud, whether on your own or with a Managed Service Provider, as well as insights into how built-in continuous improvement and automation can accelerate any hybrid cloud success.



The Data Cloud enables builders to develop better applications, faster and deliver their products in a way that suits their customers and their business.

Some application providers opt for a “managed” deployment model that allows them to deliver a fully managed service, while managing and storing customer data in their data platform.

Recently, application providers are implementing “connected” deployment models that separate code and data such that the app provider creates and maintains the application code, while customers maintain control of their data.

No matter your deployment model, Snowflake makes it easy to build and scale your application.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The differences between a managed and connected application
  • How Snowflake supports both managed and connected applications
  • Deployment model architectures and implementation strategies
  • When to implement each deployment mode



Engineering teams are increasingly understanding the importance of shifting left and securing the software supply chain to decrease risk inherent in open source. But, many organizations are still working to find a way for their teams to see the big picture around software hygiene, and to recognize that managing your supply chain doesn’t just help eliminate risk, but also eliminates technical debt and innovation tax; ultimately increasing productivity and revenue. Unfortunately, by tying software supply chain management just to security, many organizations aren’t acting until they’ve experienced an attack.

Listen as SD Times’ Editor-in-Chief Dave Rubinstein hosts Steve Poole, Developer Advocate at Sonatype, for a conversation about how your organization can decrease innovation tax, technical debt and security risk, by encouraging regular security and governance routines.

White Papers

Trying to build embedded software that’s bulletproof can be both a difficult and time-consuming task. According to embedded software industry experts, nearly 90% of all detected security holes can be traced back to just TEN types of vulnerabilities.

In this paper we explore the top 10 most common cybersecurity vulnerabilities, provide examples from actual source code, and look at what changes can be made to coding style or processes to avoid them.

Here are a few of the top 10:

  • Vulnerability #10: Numeric Errors
  • Vulnerability #7: Code Injection
  • Vulnerability #5: Improper access control

See the rest when you download this whitepaper!

White Papers

Zero-day attacks can be the stuff of nightmares, but when an organization commits to using all available tools in their security arsenal towards a preventative strategy, security professionals can sleep a little easier.

If ever there was an event to strike fear into the hearts of brave security professionals all over the world, it’s the discovery of a zero-day cyberattack. In 2020, a study by the Ponemon Institute revealed that 80% of successful data breaches were the result of zero-day exploits, and sadly, most companies remain ill-equipped to make a significant improvement on this statistic.

However, we can significantly reduce the risk and chance of getting caught out by adopting a prevention-focused security program, especially when developer enablement is made a priority.

Explore this all-new guide to learn more about:

  • Pitfalls that can slow down or stop viable preventative security strategies, and how to avoid them
  • Why developers can be the secret sauce to reduce the potential attack surface
  • Powerful ways security-aware developers can work with AppSec on advanced preventative security tactics.
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