Agile engineering teams need to focus on delivering high quality code at pace. However, ensuring releases don’t negatively impact search engine optimization (SEO) often sits way down the priority list.

But what if you could rapidly automate SEO tests as part of the QA process, fully integrate them into the CI / CD system, and automatically raise JIRA tickets when bugs are found?

Join us for this webinar where Cosmin Elefterescu, Head of Product Management at DeepCrawl, and James Leisy, Senior Technical SEO at DeepCrawl explore the future of SEO QA and discuss why it’s vital for your business.


The pace of innovation is accelerating. Yet continuous WFH diminishes software teams’ output. What can you do to increase individual – and team – performance, without burning out?

Join guest speaker Nils Vesk and Devtech Group for a live session that unpacks the 14 most common mistakes affecting your team’s performance. Nils also explains how to flip these mistakes into principles that will deliver innovative, cohesive teams for years to come.

Nils works around the world with innovative teams just like yours. His clients include IBM, Microsoft, HP, Canon, Fuji Xero, and Gartner. Devtech Group provide custom software development for ISVs like Mimecast, Acronis, and Appriver.

Mistakes Nils discusses include:

•  Thinking that to create behavior change you need to change motivation first

•   Insufficiently distinguishing between people vs. process issues

•   Measuring outcomes, but not measuring behaviors or having process goals

•   Failing to use stories to drive behavioral change

•   Allowing assumptions to take over from fact – in team dynamics, execution, and problem-solving

Go from feeling overworked and overwhelmed to feeling confident and strategic. Experience an increase team capacity without being a taskmaster.


A big one, as it turns out. Organizations aren’t looking at security as just being perimeter protection anymore. The applications themselves need to be built from the ground up with protections that ensure data integrity and prevent compromise.

Security departments used to have the primary responsibility to ensure these goals, but as the pace of development has increased, organizations have shifted security left, making it difficult for security to scale. This has caused a necessary shift of some of this responsibility to developers, but they are also under pressure to deliver features, and are not always well equipped to make appropriate AppSec decisions.

Since security responsibilities are being put on them, developers should embrace an active role in the process, and should have a voice setting the critical requirements for security solutions. They should demand that policies, processes and especially training that take their needs into account are instituted. Organizations that provide coaching and training to their developers see a threefold improvement in security finding remediation. Through cross-training, security experts should train developers on best practices, and developers should train security on the demands of the development life cycle.

Join Cody Bertram and Patrick McNeil, both Senior Principal Solution Architects at security company Veracode, for an important discussion on enabling developers to take a more active role in application security.

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A strong case can be made for why organizations should adopt NoSQL. About 90% of the data that exists today was created in the last two years, and relational databases cannot effectively manage most of it. Nevertheless, nearly all organizations still cling to their legacy relational databases, collectively paying tens of billions of dollars each year for the privilege—while failing to attain the uptime and scale they need to survive and prosper in today’s business environment.

This report discusses:

* The primary benefits of NoSQL
* Barriers to adoption of NoSQL
* The ready availability of NoSQL solutions, as exemplified by some of the top providers
* Competitive dynamics at work in the space

The report also makes specific recommendations for enterprises and vendors deploying NoSQL.

Download this report for more insight into why you should switch to NoSQL today!

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At the heart of every digital economy business are its web, mobile, and Internet of Things(IoT) applications: they’re the primary way companies interact with customers today, and how companies run more and more of their business. The experiences that companies deliver via those apps largely determine how satisfied – and how loyal – customers will be.

The new enterprise technology architecture needs to be far more agile than ever before, and requires an approach to real-time data management that can accommodate unprecedented levels of scale, speed, and data variability. Relational databases are unable to meet these new requirements, and enterprises are therefore turning to NoSQL database technology.

The goal of this paper is to help you introduce NoSQL into your infrastructure by highlighting lessons learned from enterprises that successfully adopted NoSQL.

We explore:

* Key considerations and strategies for transitioning to NoSQL
* Tips for moving from SQL Server and other relational databases
* And more!

Download this whitepaper today to learn more!

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Architects are certainly feeling the pressure of digital transformation – 41% say they are under high or extremely high pressure, and 68% say that getting the right technologies in place for digital transformation can seem an insurmountable task.

Despite this pressure, architects are still having to scale back their ambitions. It is well understood that legacy systems and infrastructure can hold back change – and legacy databases are still one of the largest

Another challenge is the changing nature of infrastructure. Most organizations are moving towards a multi-cloud approach, using a variety of methods to deploy their database infrastructure – from private cloud to Database-as-a-Service.

Ensuring digital architects have the technology and confidence they need to implement digital transformation projects will be key to success.

Explore the current challenges, changes and solutions for meeting your employer’s digital transformation initiatives by downloading this whitepaper today!

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In working with some of the world’s largest enterprise mobility teams, Mobile Labs has had the opportunity to observe some of the most successful mobile testing labs in action. The best practitioners manage to retain the traditional goals of QA while incorporating new requirements brought forth by mobile while solving new challenges mobility imposes on apps, devices, developers, testers, and users alike. Finding a point of entry means making decisions in eleven key areas, implementing plans based on those decisions and then executing.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the key characteristics of successful mobile app testing programs and how to get the most ROI while remaining productive and releasing apps on time.

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With customer growth trending up, Drift needed a way to be able sustain new AI-based features and increased customer utilization, while simultaneously reducing cost and improving product margins.

They turned to CloudZero, whose cost-mapping features and anomaly alerts helped them to save over $150K a month in AWS costs, enable a culture of cost-conscious engineering and improve the relationship between DevOps and finance.

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Anyone who builds on AWS knows controlling costs and eliminating waste can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure where to look or your cloud environment isn’t optimized perfectly. In this detailed guide, CloudZero founder Matt Manger highlights some practical steps you can take to better assess your bill and reduce your AWS spend, including:

  • How To Set Your Teams Up For Success: Proper account segmentation, tagging strategies, cost and usage reports, and more.
  • Top Causes of AWS Waste: How to solve for high NAT Gateway, Snapshot and S3 costs, and what to do about previous generation compute
  • How To Proactively Control Costs: How to get real-time, product level cost visibility across different teams
  • Benchmarks: To analyze your company with deeper context



Everyone knows that infrastructure automation is fundamental to any DevOps platform. However, infrastructure automation requires not only coding abilities, but also cloud network, security and cost expertise, and Infrastructure as Code skills. It’s not something developers want to waste their time on. Being able to provide on-demand self-service infrastructure provisioning and deployment to dev teams can free them from building and maintaining their own cloud automation. It makes it possible for developers to focus on developing the features and products that really matter.

But as self-service increases in popularity and becomes a mandatory requirement, you may ask yourself: are all self-services created equally?

In this webinar, Maya Ber Lerner, CTO at Quali, reviews common implementations of self-service and on-demand infrastructure, as well as shares best practices for choosing the right implementation.

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An Introduction to cross-platform hybrid development for architects and development leaders

The growing adoption of hybrid is evident in a recent Forrester survey that found two-thirds of developers are choosing a cross-platform or web-based approach over native tools. Meanwhile, top brands like Target, Nationwide, and Southwest Airlines have chosen
a hybrid approach over native to power apps for their customers and employees.

Download this report now

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This five-step blueprint to creating efficient and informed teams using automated business processes and centralized data streams will show you how to:

— Fill the gaps between siloed systems;
— Choose a solution to drive automation and insight;
— Plan for your automation implementation;
— Checklist tasks for full implementation; and
— Assess the value of each new process.

Download this ebook to learn more.

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