The API management company Gravitee has announced new tools for API management in its latest release. 

Customers will now be able to create and expose a number of types of APIs from the Gravitee API creation wizard. These include REST APIs, WebSocket APIs, Webhook subscriptions, gRPC APIs, SSE APIs, GraphQL APIs, Kafka topics, MQTT topics and Solace event APIs.

The creation wizard can also now “expose Kafka, MQTT and Solace resources as REST APIs, WebSocket APIs, Webhook subscriptions and SSE APIs,” Gravitee explained.

Customers can also now enforce policies at the message level. These policies can be created in the Gravitee Policy Design studio, which is also new. 

In addition, the company added support for serialization and deserializatiron of information, with validation against target schemas that are stored in specific registries. 

“Our vision for API management is that it becomes a healthy, competitive space where companies can choose from API and protocol-agnostic API gateways and solutions,” said Rory Blundell, CEO of Gravitee. “Today we are advancing the category in a way that gives customers the tools they need to respond to significant business opportunities in real time.”