Unity Catalog – SD Times Open Source Project of the Week

Unity Catalog is an open source governance catalog for data and AI, developed by Databricks and open sourced earlier this week at the company’s Data + AI Summit.  Companies can use it to govern structured and unstructured data, and machine learning models, notebooks, dashboards, and files.  It offers interoperability with any data format and compute … continue reading

Report: Software engineers increasingly seen as strategic business partners

The days where engineers only take orders from higher ups and complete the tasks they are told to do may be over. In today’s modern development world, software engineers are having a much more involved role in business strategy.  According to Jellyfish’s 2024 State of Engineering Management report, 90% of respondents said their engineering teams … continue reading

Safety-Critical Rust Consortium forms at the Rust Foundation

The Rust Foundation has announced the launch of a new sub-group dedicated to use of the Rust language in safety-critical software, which it defines as “systems whose failure can impact human life or cause severe environmental or property harm.” The Safety-Critical Rust Consortium was formed by a number of organizations working together alongside the Rust … continue reading

.NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code now generally available

Microsoft has announced that the .NET MAUI extension for Visual Studio Code is now generally available, allowing developers to now build cross-platform apps using .NET MAUI within their editor. Microsoft created .NET MAUI in 2022 to be a replacement for Xamarin, which reached end-of-life last month. A number of new features were also announced alongside … continue reading

Linux Foundation Europe launches Open Mobile Hub project to facilitate multi-platform mobile development

The Linux Foundation Europe has announced the launch of Open Mobile Hub (OMH), a new framework for cross-platform mobile development. A main effort of the project will be to develop a unified codebase that allows applications to be built once and then deployed across different mobile operating systems.  The project was formed by five mobile development … continue reading

Gradle improves reporting and visualization capabilities in Develocity

Gradle has announced a new reporting feature in its developer productivity platform Develocity (previously called Gradle Enterprise). The new dashboard can provide developers quicker insights than previously accessible in the platform, and it’s now easier to navigate. Develocity Reporting and Visualization provides information such as the number of projects using each supported build tool, the … continue reading

AWS announces two new upcoming AI certifications

AWS has created two new certifications in AI to help job seekers who are trying to secure jobs that require those in-demand skills.  According to a study from AWS, jobs that require AI skills offer a 47% higher salary in IT, 43% higher in sales and marketing, and 42% higher in finance.  The first certification … continue reading

Example of Apple Intelligence rewriting text to a specific tone

Apple Intelligence announced at WWDC

At its annual developer conference, Apple WWDC, Apple unveiled its new AI platform, Apple Intelligence, which will be integrated across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. “At Apple, it’s always been our goal to design powerful personal products that enrich people’s lives by enabling them to do the things that matter most as simply and as easily … continue reading

SonarCloud integrates with Amazon CodeCatalyst to promote Clean Code practices

Sonar has announced a new integration of its code review tool, SonarCloud, with Amazon CodeCatalyst to help improve the development process for cloud-based applications.  Amazon CodeCatalyst is a platform that provides blueprints for setting up software development projects in AWS, including setting up project tools, managing CI/CD pipelines, provisioning and configuring development environments, and more. … continue reading

Devin gets a slew of new features to help with its onboarding

Cognition, the creator of the AI software developer, Devin, has announced several new features in the tool that will make it a “more collaborative, knowledgeable, and productive teammate.” The company introduced Playbooks, which are documents that provide instructions to Devin on common software development tasks. Developers can also specify success criteria and guardrails specific to … continue reading

Elastic’s donation of Universal Profiling agent to OpenTelemetry further solidifies profiling as core telemetry signal

Elastic has announced that it would be donating its Universal Profiling agent to the OpenTelemetry project, setting the stage for profiling to become a fourth core telemetry signal in addition to logs, metrics, and tracing.  This follows OpenTelemetry’s announcement in March that it would be supporting profiling and was working towards having a stable spec … continue reading

Antitrust investigations may be on the horizon for Microsoft, OpenAI, and NVIDIA

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are reportedly starting the process of antitrust investigations for Microsoft, OpenAI, and NVIDIA, according to the New York Times.  While the DOJ and FTC have yet to officially announce their plans, several reputable publications have reported that this information comes from verified sources familiar … continue reading

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