How to build a data-driven DevOps culture

Data helps organizations make a number of important decisions, every day. It can be used to measure ROI of marketing campaigns and even aggregate user habits. It can also be used to better your DevOps team.  In a Power Talk with SD Times, Steve Boone, DevOps head of product management at HCL Software, and Bryant … continue reading

Red Hat expands ways to access RHEL

Red Hat has announced a number of new updates coming to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to make it more accessible to developers and development teams. “Just as in the past, we’re committed to making the RHEL ecosystem work for as broad a community as we can, whether it’s individuals or organizations seeking to run … continue reading

Microsoft reveals plans for the Entity Framework Core 6.0

Microsoft has revealed its plans for the Entity Framework Core 6.0. The company plans on working on the most requested features, based on user feedback through the project’s GitHub page. Current features planned include SQL Server temporal tables, JSON columns, and the ability to have arbitrary ordering of columns when creating a table with Migrations.  … continue reading

Rookout announces new X-ray vision feature for third-party dependencies

Debugging platform Rookout has announced a new X-ray vision feature that will enable developers to look into third-party dependencies and check for bugs within them.  The company explained that debugging third-party code, whether from a vendor, an open-source project, or an ex-employee, can present a number of challenges, especially when it comes to debugging. According … continue reading

State of JavaScript 2020 report reveals shakeup among popular frameworks

The latest State of JavaScript report reveals that while React and Vue are still the most popular JavaScript frameworks, the framework Svelte is starting to establish itself as a top contender for the top spot.  Svelte has a user based that is 89% satisfied with it. Sixty-six percent of survey respondents were interested in using … continue reading

TypeScript 4.2 beta now available

The beta release of TypeScript 4.2 is now available. There are a number of new features being added, and a number of breaking changes as well.  In this version, rest elements can be used in more ways than before. Previously, they were only allowed at the last position of a tuple type, but they can … continue reading

Chaos engineering in serverless environments is more useful than you’d think

Chaos engineering has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years as it moved from its origins at Netflix to more and more companies across the industry. Many development teams use it to prevent downtime by trying to break their systems on purpose so that they can improve those systems before they … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Storybook

This week’s highlighted open-source project is designed to help developers build UI components faster. Storybook allows developers to browse a component library, view different states of a component, and interactively develop and test those components.  Storybook provides a development environment for creating these components, and eliminates the need to start up a complex development stack, … continue reading

2021: The year of low code

Low-code app development platforms have been around for years, but for a long time, they were often looked down upon by developers as something not powerful enough to be used to create actual applications. Whether this was because of a fear of low code making their jobs obsolete or a true belief that these platforms … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Micro

Micro is an API backend that allows developers to write code without worrying about managing backend services as well.  Micro’s team believes that developers should be empowered to build software at an accelerated pace without any limitations.  “Too much time is being lost on walking the maze that is the CNCF landscape. Too much time … continue reading

Digital accessibility lawsuits rose after COVID lockdowns

Digital accessibility lawsuits increased by 23% in 2020

This year, a large number of businesses added new stores, websites, and digital content to serve their customers, but accessibility initiatives did not keep up. In 2020 the number of digital accessibility lawsuits increased by 23%, amounting to almost 10 lawsuits everyday, according to a new report from UsableNet, a digital accessibility company. In addition … continue reading

Ruby 3.0.0 RC1 now available

The first release candidate of the next version of the programming language Ruby is now available. Ruby 3.0.0 RC1 introduces a number of new features, such as RBS, TypeProf, Ractor, and Fiber Scheduler. RBS is a language for describing types of Ruby programs, and it enables developers to document the definitions of classes and modules. … continue reading

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