Rust’s addition to the Linux kernel seen as “enormous vote of confidence” in the language

The release candidate for the latest version of the Linux kernel was announced last month, and one of the highlights in the release notes for Linux 6.1 is the inclusion of the initial infrastructure for adding Rust as a language.  Rust has been growing steadily in popularity through the years, and though according to the … continue reading

Google shares info about upcoming Android Privacy Sandbox Beta

Google has been attempting to provide better ways to protect user privacy while also still providing advertisers with ways to serve relevant content to users. Its solution to reducing third-party tracking is the Privacy Sandbox. Earlier this year, it announced it was bringing Privacy Sandbox to Android and since then it has released a few … continue reading

OutSystems expands low-code platform with cloud-native development offering

OutSystems is expanding its low-code platform with capabilities for cloud-native development in the new OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC). ODC combines an architecture based on Kubernetes, Linux containers, microservices, and AWS native cloud services with CI/CD, enterprise-grade security, and the productivity of low-code.  It utilizes AI-augmented development through AI Code Mentor, which helps contribute to productivity … continue reading

Cloudflare releases new templates to make it easier to build applications on platform

Cloudflare is attempting to make it easier for developers to build applications on their developer platform. To do so, it has announced Cloudflare Workers Templates. Cloudflare Workers is a capability for building applications, and this new set of templates being released will give developers ideas of what they can build on the platform.  For example, … continue reading

LaunchDarkly focuses on minimizing risk, maximizing value in Fall 2022 update

The feature flag management company LaunchDarkly has announced its Fall 2022 release, with the focus of the new capabilities being to minimize risk and maximize value.  It has added a number of new features to Feature Workflows, which is a set of capabilities for automating elements of the software release process.  Customers will now be … continue reading

Infragistics Ultimate 22.2 launches with four new Blazor data grids

The design company Infragistics has announced the latest release of its UX and UI platform. Infragistics Ultimate 22.2 introduces a new set of Blazor data grids and high speed RAD development through the App Builder.  “Blazor is huge for .NET developers, and with Ultimate 22.2, our new Blazor grids exceed anything available on the market … continue reading

Jamstack Conf 2022: Web3 is not the future

Despite all the hype around Web3, blockchain is not the future of the web. Even the creator of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, wants us to ignore the hype of Web3.  Berners-Lee said in a talk at the Web Summit recently: “It’s a real shame in fact that the actual Web3 name was taken by … continue reading

.NET 7 is here

The long-awaited .NET 7 has been released today. Back when the first preview was released, Microsoft said .NET 7 “marks the first step forward towards the next 20 years of .NET.” .NET 7 leverages some of the foundations that were laid in .NET 6, including a simplified development experience, improved developer productivity, and a unified … continue reading

Payara Cloud will enable serverless deployment of Jakarta EE apps

Payara, publishers of an open-source application server for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile project, have announced the launch of Payara Cloud. The new serverless offering will enable developers to easily run Jakarta EE apps in the cloud. Payara Cloud runs on Microsoft Azure and the Azure Kubernetes Service, and how it works is it accepts a … continue reading

JetBrains introduces discounted pricing to Datalore 2022.3

JetBrains has announced the latest release of its collaborative data science platform Datalore.  With Datalore 2022.3, JetBrains is offering discounted pricing. The platform will now be free for teams of up to four, as well as for the first four users of a larger team. Teams of 10 people will now be charged $75/user/month instead … continue reading

Pulumi Deployments launches to make it easier for devs to build cloud infrastructure

The infrastructure as code (IaC) company Pulumi has announced a new Deployments-as-a-Service offering Pulumi Deployments.  The new offering leverages Pulumi’s existing IaC platform and adds extensible building blocks to allow users to build their own cloud infrastructure. This allows them to build platforms that include features like drift detection, multi-stage orchestration, and code review environments.  … continue reading

Google Play celebrates 10th birthday with new features for developers

In celebration of the Play Store’s 10th birthday, Google has announced upcoming updates to benefit both developers and customers.  It will raise the bar for quality, by promoting high-quality apps in the store. To facilitate this, it is introducing new quality thresholds for app developers to meet. Two new Core Vitals that will be measured … continue reading

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