Anthropic adds prompt evaluation feature to Console

Anthropic’s developer Console now allows developers to generate, test, and evaluate AI prompts, allowing them to ultimately improve response quality.  Claude 3.5 Sonnet introduced a built-in prompt generator that allows a user to describe a task and have Claude convert it into a high-quality prompt. For example, they could describe that they need to triage … continue reading

OpenSilver 3.0 adds AI-assisted UI designer

Userware, the company behind OpenSilver, an open-source .NET UI framework, have announced the release of OpenSilver 3.0. The update introduces an AI-based UI editor (still in preview), a drag-and-drop UI designer, and an online XAML designer. The new AI-powered UI editor will allow developers to create applications or make changes to specific UI elements using … continue reading

Boomi API Control Plane allows for easier discovery and governance of APIs

Boomi is helping companies more easily discover, manage, and govern all of their APIs with the launch of the Boomi API Control Plane.  This new offering utilizes technology gained from Boomi’s recent acquisition of the federated API management company APIIDA.  According to Boomi, organizations can sometimes have “shadow APIs,” which are APIs that exist outside … continue reading

Companies still need to work on security fundamentals to win in the supply chain security fight

Though this is technically a “Buyer’s Guide” by SD Times terminology, let’s preface this article by remembering that buying a piece of software isn’t the key to fixing all security issues. If there was some magical security solution that could be installed to instantly fix all security problems, we wouldn’t be seeing a year-over-year increase … continue reading

JetBrains now allows Qodana to be self-hosted

JetBrains has announced the release of a self-hosted version of its code quality platform Qodana.  Qodana is a static code analysis tool that integrates into JetBrains’ IDEs, allowing issues to be addressed directly within the IDE. “Since launching the cloud version of Qodana last summer, we kept receiving requests for a self-hosted version. Following successful … continue reading

Parasoft’s latest release offers several new automated features for testing Java, C#, .NET apps

Parasoft recently released the 2024.1 releases of several of its products, including Java testing tool Jtest, C# and .NET testing tool dotTEST, and testing analytics solution DTP.  Jtest now includes test templates in Unit Test Assistant, which is a feature that uses AI to generate a suite of tests. With the new Jtest release, testers … continue reading

Qdrant introduces alternative to BM25 search tailored to improving RAG retrieval

The vector database Qdrant has developed a new vector-based hybrid search capability, BM42, which provides accurate and efficient retrieval for RAG applications.  The name is a reference to BM25, which is a text based search that has been used as the standard in search engines for the last 40 years.  According to Qdrant, the introduction … continue reading

June 2024: People on the Move

A number of companies have announced major changes to their executive leadership last month. Here are a couple of the moves across the industry this past month. Anthony Griffin named chief architect of Hazelcast He has extensive experience building systems for financial institutions, such as Danske Bank, Nomura, HSBC, and others. Throughout his 25+ year … continue reading

CISA report highlights need to transition to memory-safe languages

A new report from CISA, the FBI, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), and the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS) analyzed 172 critical OpenSSF projects and found that 52% of them contain code written in a memory-unsafe language. The report also found that 55% of the total lines of code for all projects were … continue reading

Elastic launches low-code interface for experimenting with RAG implementation

Elastic has just released a new tool called Playground that will enable users to experiment with retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) more easily. RAG is a practice in which local data is added to an LLM, such as private company data or data that is more up-to-date than the LLMs training set. This allows it to give … continue reading

Theia IDE – SD Times Open Source Project of the Week

Earlier this week, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of the Theia IDE, which is an open source IDE based on the Theia platform. “The release of Theia IDE represents a new milestone in the world of open source development tools,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director for the Eclipse Foundation. “By combining flexibility, innovation, and … continue reading

Google launches 2 million context window for Gemini 1.5 Pro

Google has announced that developers now have access to a 2 million context window for Gemini Pro 1.5. For comparison, GPT-4o has a 128k context window.  This context window length was first announced at Google I/O and accessible only through a waitlist, but now everyone has access. Longer context windows can lead to higher costs, … continue reading

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