SmartBear launched SwaggerHub Portal, a new feature for customizing consumer-facing documentation to promote API adoption. 

This developer-centric tool enables API providers to create personalized landing pages, offering consumers comprehensive resources for easy API implementation. The SwaggerHub Portal integrates with SwaggerHub, a popular API design and documentation tool, as well as Explore, an API client supporting REST and event-driven specifications. 

This integration also allows teams of any size to explore, design, test, and document APIs all in one place, aiming to enhance the developer experience.

“SmartBear is focused on API-first development, helping developers to solve their challenges when it comes to design, documentation, testing, and adoption,” said Sean Butler, vice president of product management at SmartBear. “With a growing number of APIs available, providers need help with discoverability and onboarding. To address this challenge, we are excited to launch these two innovative milestones – SwaggerHub Portal and its integration with SwaggerHub Explore – as we advance toward the SmartBear API Developer Lifecycle platform to deliver the best developer experiences in the industry.”

SlashData found that more than 90% of developers use APIs regularly, with 69% relying on third-party APIs. However, successful API implementation depends on discoverability. SwaggerHub Portal addresses this by enhancing visibility and adoption, enabling providers to easily onboard consumers for a better customer experience.

SwaggerHub’s integration with Portal allows developers to generate documentation from their API designs with zero context switching. This minimizes time to market, making their APIs easy to discover and adopt. Development teams, whether code-first, design-first, or hybrid, can generate documentation from Explore, no longer needing to start from scratch when documenting, SmartBear explained.