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Why using IaC alone is a half-baked infrastructure strategy

The shift to a developer-centric vision of infrastructure that started about 15 years ago offered users frequent updates and a way to simplify API-centric automation. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) became the standard method for software developers to describe and deploy cloud infrastructure. While on the surface, having more freedom sounds like a nearly utopian scenario … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source of the Week: Stargate

Stargate is a data API gateway built on top of Apache Cassandra. The API gateway was created as a way to let developers work in frameworks and structures familiar to them without having to know all the particulars of the underlying database.  Stargate v2 is now generally available with more flexible deployments and makes it … continue reading

Enhance Web Applications With a File Upload Service

When looking to add a file uploader solution to your web application or website, finding one that will bring the most value to end users is essential. The answer should be built with security in mind, be easy to use, and have a lot of useful features. Web applications are the foundation of modern business … continue reading

Postman and Microsoft announce partnership

The team at the API platform Postman today announced that it will be teaming up with Microsoft in order to further support developers across every stage of the API-first lifecycle and offer a comprehensive API experience for Microsoft Azure users.  The Postman API Platform works to simplify each step of the API-first lifecycle as well … continue reading

DevSecOps Must Turn the Tables on GraphQL API Attackers

Organizations who are (justifiably) moving from REST APIs to more powerful and flexible GraphQL APIs need to be aware: would-be attackers are watching. Your GraphQL APIs are a prize that could pay out a treasure trove of sensitive data (or serve up other opportunities for bad actors to take advantage of your services for their … continue reading

Jakarta EE 10 released with microservices capabilities

The Jakarta EE 10 Platform, Web Profile, and new Core Profile Specifications were released today, introducing new features for building modernized, simplified, and lightweight cloud-native Java applications.  “This release is the ‘big one’ that plants Jakarta EE firmly in the modern era of microservices and containers,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. … continue reading

Mapped announces self-service data offering

The AI-powered independent data layer Mapped now has a no-cost, self-service Starter Plan offering for software development and data science teams.  With the new plan, software developers and data scientists can automate data extraction and standardization.  Mapped simplifies the data integration process into a single API and with the latest launch, enables application developers to … continue reading

Android team releases another Privacy Sandbox preview

Android today announced that it is releasing Privacy Sandbox on Android Developer Preview 5, which includes modifications to the SDK Runtime design to allow reflection API usage and additional published design proposals on FLEDGE services, mediation, and app-to-web measurement.  In the SDK Runtime, apps get additional control on runtime-enabled SDK lifecycle events such as when … continue reading

A guide to API management tools

The following is a listing of API management tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings.  Apigee is an API management platform for modernizing IT infrastructure, building microservices and managing applications. The platform was acquired by Google in 2016 and added to the Google Cloud. It includes gateway, security, analytics, developer portal, and … continue reading

Security and integration are key concerns for API management

The use of APIs has skyrocketed over the years and with organizations using so many different types of APIs on a normal basis, API management has become essential for managing the API attack surface.  Fifty-one percent of respondents said that more than half of their organizations’ development effort is spent on APIs—compared with 40% of … continue reading

Traceable AI introduces API Security Testing

The API security and observability company, Traceable AI, today announced that its API Security Testing solution in its API Security Platform is now generally available. This allows users to test any API in pre-production for vulnerabilities, accuracy, reliability, and security. According to the company, this release ensures that all APIs are aligned with the highest … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Astro

Astro is a web framework for building fast and content-focused websites that has gained many new features since its original beta announcement in April.   The latest release, 1.0, was released earlier this week. It includes new <Image /> and <Picture /> components, MDX support with standard syntax for mixing UI components in Markdown, server output … continue reading

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