Codefresh is hoping to make it easier for development teams to manage applications throughout the software development life cycle with its latest update.

It is introducing a new environments dashboard to pull in information about GitOps and Argo CD projects. Codefresh defines an environment as a cluster of applications, namespaces in a single cluster, or namespaces in different clusters.

During a webinar demoing the new feature today, Kostis Kapelonis, senior developer advocate at Codefresh, explained that some of the negatives of using Argo CD alone are that it doesn’t have a concept of environments and doesn’t have context of applications, such as the fact that applications may be a part of a larger product.

This new dashboard provides a single-screen experience that shows environments from left to right, from development to testing to production. It offers developers the ability to define what applications a product contains and to assign products to an environment. 

Codefresh explained that having a single-screen environment means that developers won’t have to switch between multiple windows for the terminal, GitHub, and an IDE when managing environments or pushing applications to production. 

According to Kapelonis, the new environment manager also helps project managers better understand which features are in which environments. 

And in addition to providing a high level view of deployments, developers can also drill down deeper into specific applications with a timeline view that shows how applications have advanced through different environments, Kapelonis explained. 

“As businesses and DevOps teams grow, Argo CD instances split, and microservices multiply, managing the lifecycle of each application across environments becomes complex and arduous,” said Dan Garfield, co-founder and chief open-source officer at Codefresh. “The new Codefresh capabilities instill clarity and GitOps governance across hundreds of applications deploying to thousands of locations – with a unified, intuitive single-screen experience.”