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Developers, leaders disconnect on productivity, satisfaction

The advent of DevOps, cloud-native computing, API use and now AI have made creating software way more complex for developers. These factors have also impacted the developers’ experience and productivity – and how productivity is measured. No longer do software engineers simply write code and run some tests. Now, they have to manage API integration … continue reading

Q&A: How cognitive fatigue impacts developer productivity

Writing code is mentally intensive work, and just like if someone were working a physically demanding job and their body felt exhausted afterwards, mental work can be exhausting mentally. Many knowledge workers report experiencing “cognitive fatigue” after a number of hours, after which point their ability to do tasks significantly drops.  While most workers work … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Developer Productivity and Happiness Framework

LinkedIn recently announced its decision to open source its Developer Productivity and Happiness (DPH) Framework.  The DPH Framework describes “the systems, processes, metrics, and feedback systems we use to understand our developers and their needs internally at LinkedIn,” Max Kanat-Alexander, principal staff software engineer at LinkedIn, and Grant Jenks, senior staff software engineer at LinkedIn, … continue reading

Report: 7 qualities of highly effective teams

The professional development company Dale Carnegie just published results of its survey where it set out to determine the qualities that separate highly effective teams.  Using the 2,650 responses to its survey, it was able to narrow down seven recommendations to build a high performing team. Define a clear purpose and vision Teams must have … continue reading

Uno Platform 5.0 promises “5X productivity” improvement

The team behind the open-source Uno Platform has announced the release of Uno Platform 5.0, which it says includes several updates for productivity. “Five is for 5X productivity,” the release blog post is titled. The Uno Platform is a platform for building multi-platform .NET apps from a single codebase.  In the 5.0 release, support for … continue reading

Common mistakes made by engineering managers that hurt productivity

For years, you’ve been toiling away as a software development individual contributor (IC), and now your great work has been rewarded with a promotion to engineering manager.  Now what? Dylan Etkin has been an engineering manager for a good portion of his career, and now is a co-founder of, a company focused on helping … continue reading

New Planview Roadmaps combines strategy, team plans, and execution into single view

Planview has introduced Planview Roadmaps, a solution that integrates strategy, team plans, and execution into one cohesive view. This tool enhances business agility by allowing organizations to observe and respond to changes across various teams, methodologies, and tools. “Enterprise survival relies on an organization’s ability to quickly adapt and pivot to market shifts and customer … continue reading

Atlassian announces release of Compass DevX Platform

Atlassian today is announcing the general availability of Compass, the company’s new developer experience platform. With developers getting lost in today’s decentralized, complex world of APIs, libraries, UI elements, frameworks and tools, Compass is designed to guide developers to their true north – delivering exciting new products that align with business goals and satisfy customers. … continue reading

Atlassian acquires Loom

Team Anywhere/SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Atlassian Corporation (NASDAQ: TEAM), a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Loom, the video messaging platform that has amassed more than 25 million users and was named among the top 50 of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative companies in 2023. The … continue reading

To help developers be more productive, foster joy

What makes developers productive? And how is that measured? This is an issue that’s top of mind in the industry these days. Some believe that lines of code written per day is still a valid metric. Some say you should measure development teams, not individuals.  Others say productivity stems from removing obstacles in the SDLC … continue reading

Workday announces AI capabilities for improving developer and general employee experience

Workday, a provider of cloud applications for finance and HR, has unveiled substantial improvements to its no-code platform, Workday Extend.  These enhancements, introduced at the Workday Rising customer conference, comprise the Workday AI Gateway, advanced developer tools from AWS, and a user-friendly no-code/low-code toolkit. These upgrades are designed to enhance the developer experience and boost … continue reading

How to successfully optimize application development and management

Today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape combined with challenging economic conditions, complex contracts, and service-level agreements can hinder a business’ ability to evolve and adapt. This also creates an environment where application development and management (ADM) requirements are constantly changing.  The upside of this challenging environment is that it creates an opportunity for companies to proactively … continue reading

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