Parasoft revealed version 2020.2 of its enterprise portfolio at STARWEST Virtual 2020 this week. The release comes with updates to SOAtest, Virtualize, Selenic, and Continuous Testing Platform (CTP). 

A key feature of the release are the platform-specific locators for Salesforce and Guidewire low-code development environments. According to the company, this will help ensure the testability and quality of applications. 

“As organizations accelerate their digital transformation to leverage enterprise platforms and cloud technologies, they need confidence that their applications will continue to run smoothly and provide a positive user experience. Automated testing helps them ensure they cover all the bases for unit, API, and UI levels at speed. Smart companies choose the Parasoft solution to make sure they can meet their business and technical goals,” Richard Sherrard, vice president of products at Parasoft.

The company’s portfolio also includes:

  • SOAtest, which is designed to automatically capture underlying API traffic and leverage artificial intelligence to convert the traffic into API tests
  • Selenic, which aims to validate end-user experience with AI-powered self-healing and recommendations for UI tests
  • Virtualize and CTP, which uses simulated services and APIs to test interactions earlier in the development process.