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SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: OSC&R Software Supply Chain Attack Matrix

The OSC&R (Open Software Supply Chain Attack Reference) is an open source framework used for understanding and evaluating existing threats to entire software supply chain security. OSC&R was created to establish a standard language and structure for comprehending and evaluating the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) utilized by attackers to breach the security of software … continue reading

Google is partnering with Replit to provide AI-assisted IDE

Replit announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide cloud infrastructure and services to Replit users. Standalone chat LLMs don’t have a project’s context and can’t be used to their full potential until they’re brought into an IDE, according to the Replit team in a blog post. The new partnership with Google Cloud aims to … continue reading

Torc acquires Codealike to provide developers with more data for their job searches

The developer talent network Torc announced the acquisition of the coding performance measurement application Codealike to offer developers more data that increases skills, job opportunities, and enterprise value. “Torc aims to empower developers with data and intelligence, protect IP, increase upskilling and career opportunities, and make the remote workforce indispensable. Understanding performance data is the … continue reading

Microsoft launches public preview for Loop to drive better team collaboration

Microsoft has announced a new app in public preview called Loop which is designed to improve collaboration and communication within teams. Loop is an all-in-one platform that integrates chat, video calls, shared calendars, and task management features.  “At its core, Microsoft Loop is about people—people who want to create together with ease, no matter where … continue reading

Bob Metcalfe receives Turing Award for work inventing Ethernet

The 2022 ACM A.M. Turing Award often referred to as the “Nobel Prize in Computing,” went to Robert (Bob) Melancton Metcalfe for the invention, standardization, and commercialization of Ethernet. Ethernet was first invented in 1973 and it ran at 2.94 megabits per second, about 10,000 times faster than the terminal networks it would replace. While … continue reading hopes to build a trustworthy and independent open-source AI ecosystem

Mozilla announced, a startup aiming to make a trustworthy and independent open-source AI ecosystem, and pledged an initial $30 million investment in the company. “We’ve learned that this coming wave of AI (and also the last one) has tremendous potential to enrich people’s lives. But it will only do so if we design the … continue reading

Report: 72% of tech leaders plan to increase investment in tech skills development

Despite 65% of tech team leaders being asked to cut down on costs, 72% stated that they still plan to enhance their investment in technology skills development in 2023 according to technology workforce development company Pluralsight’s 2023 State of Upskilling Report. Furthermore, 97% of learning and development and HR directors said that they are opting … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Include

eBay’s newly open-sourced tool, Include, was built to make accessibility annotation easy, smooth, and simple, to ensure that accessibility is a core part of the design experience, rather than something crammed in later. The plugin was developed by members of the accessibility and design teams at eBay and is released for public use on Figma. … continue reading

JFrog announced new capabilities to improve security of software releases

JFrog announced the beta of the Artifactory release lifecycle management platform to standardize and track development processes with greater accountability and security.  “Organizations of all sizes are challenged to keep software up-to-date and secure while operating at the speed of business, particularly when development teams are globally distributed, which can result in a lack of … continue reading

Open-source software sees growth across the board

As the use of open-source software (OSS) continues its year-over-year growth, the biggest area for innovation and open-source adoption is now AI. But the growth of OSS is in every area, relied upon by companies for a wide range of business-critical applications, including data and database management, containers and container orchestration, and DevOps and SDLC … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Touca

Touca is a continuous regression testing tool that provides engineering teams with a real-time visual comparison of their software’s performance and behavior against a previous trusted version. This can help them identify any unintended side effects of their daily code changes. “It is still too difficult and time-consuming for software engineers to gain confidence in … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: APITable

APITable is an API-oriented visual database created to help developers build collaborative apps. The maintainers consider it to be “the best Airtable open-source alternative.” The platform provides an advanced technology stack, which allows multiple users to edit together in real-time or with the ‘Operational Transformation’ algorithm. It also includes a user-friendly database spreadsheet interface and … continue reading

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