Cleansing email lists will help preserve your sender reputation score

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels out there. Compared to social media, where you are dependent upon the company’s algorithm treating your content favorably, email marketing can more effectively get your content in front of your audience. Email has an average open rate of 21.73% and an average click-through rate of 3.57%, … continue reading

Gravitee Edge 2024: The future of API management

APIs are the lifeblood of modern applications, with literally millions – if not billions – of calls being made and nearly instantly being replied to every day. But what happens when all those APIs have different gateways with different security keys to pass in? What happens when developers have to look through multiple portals just … continue reading

Discerning reality from the hype around AI

When it comes to artificial intelligence and applying it to software development, it’s hard to discern between the hype and the reality of what can be done with it today. The presentation of AI in movies makes the technology seem scary and that in the not-too-distant future humans will be slaves to the machines.  But … continue reading

Broadcom: Optimize organizational efficiency to drive customer value

To thrive in today’s competitive environment, enterprises must eliminate waste, accelerate their product time to market, and strive for continuous improvement. However, challenges such as work prioritization and understanding past performance issues can hinder an organization’s efforts to optimize efficiency. One common complaint from companies seeking greater efficiency is the difficulty in prioritizing innovation. Tasks … continue reading

BoxLang: A revolution led by rebels – An interview with Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions

The Dynamic JVM language world – especially the CFML language – has been static for some time. A big change is afoot with the creation of BoxLang, and SD Times recently had the opportunity to speak with Luis Majano, CEO of Ortus Solutions, which has brought BoxLang – currently in an open beta that will … continue reading

Organizational alignment is the key to delivering customer value

One of the challenges facing organizations that deliver software is how to make sure the company strategy is followed through planning, production and the finished product, and that everything is staying on track. In other words, how do they know if what they’ve delivered is actually what they set out to deliver? One answer to … continue reading

Broadcom’s Value Stream Management Virtual Summit: Learn how VSM delivers visibility, alignment and efficiency

Learn how value stream management (VSM) can provide visibility into your processes, help you align them to meet your goals, and gain efficiencies at Broadcom’s VSM Virtual Summit on April 24. Recent research has shown VSM plays a critical role in ensuring that going fast and delivering more frequently also delivers a product that actually … continue reading

PlatformCon 2024: The #1 Platform engineering virtual conference

Platform engineering — or the practice of internally developing tools for developers to use — will soon become part of most development teams’ strategies, with Gartner estimating that by 2026, 80% of large software engineering companies will have these teams.  It’s a relatively new concept, so in order to learn more about it, attend PlatformCon … continue reading

The power of automation and AI in testing environments

Software testing is a critical aspect of the SDLC, but constraints on time and resources can cause software companies to treat testing as an afterthought, rather than a linchpin in product quality. The primary challenge in the field of testing is the scarcity of talent and expertise, particularly in automation testing, according to Nilesh Patel, … continue reading

Broadcom’s ‘Three Pillars’ of value stream management

The idea of improving the creation and delivery of value to customers and the organization itself has come to be described by any number of terms in the industry: value stream management, developer productivity and observability, flow management and – at Broadcom, ValueOps (its value stream management solution). Despite the wrangling over terminology, the industry … continue reading

Best practices for achieving offshoring and nearshoring success

Despite efficiency improvements, the need for skilled personnel persists, making it difficult for companies to meet the high expectations for rapid software development.  This situation, characterized by a talent shortage coupled with pressure to deliver software quickly presents an ideal opportunity for offshoring and nearshoring tech talent as a solution, according to Leo Tucker, CEO … continue reading

Solving the puzzle of entity resolution with an easy-to-use API

Entity resolution — the process of determining when data records are about the same person, organization or other entity, despite differences in how they are described — is an important problem for companies to solve if they want to improve data quality and outcomes, but the process can be a complicated one. Brian Macy, director … continue reading

pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition open preview brings benefits of distributed PostgreSQL to developers

pgEdge, a provider of a distributed Postgres database system, announced the release of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition in open preview. This edition for developers offers rapid setup and a generous free tier for evaluations and small projects.  pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition offers a fully managed, serverless distributed Postgres database that’s user-friendly for developers. It allows … continue reading

Find Anything, Anywhere, Instantly: dtSearch Makes Information Retrieval a Breeze

Drowning in documents? Buried in emails? Forget endless scrolling and time-consuming searches. dtSearch is here to be your information hero, offering lightning-fast retrieval across mountains of data. Whether you’re a lone researcher or a large enterprise, dtSearch has a solution tailored to your needs. At its core, dtSearch is a powerful full-text search engine. It … continue reading

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