Solving the puzzle of entity resolution with an easy-to-use API

Entity resolution — the process of determining when data records are about the same person, organization or other entity, despite differences in how they are described — is an important problem for companies to solve if they want to improve data quality and outcomes, but the process can be a complicated one. Brian Macy, director … continue reading

pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition open preview brings benefits of distributed PostgreSQL to developers

pgEdge, a provider of a distributed Postgres database system, announced the release of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition in open preview. This edition for developers offers rapid setup and a generous free tier for evaluations and small projects.  pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition offers a fully managed, serverless distributed Postgres database that’s user-friendly for developers. It allows … continue reading

Find Anything, Anywhere, Instantly: dtSearch Makes Information Retrieval a Breeze

Drowning in documents? Buried in emails? Forget endless scrolling and time-consuming searches. dtSearch is here to be your information hero, offering lightning-fast retrieval across mountains of data. Whether you’re a lone researcher or a large enterprise, dtSearch has a solution tailored to your needs. At its core, dtSearch is a powerful full-text search engine. It … continue reading

The impact of AI use by developers on quality engineering

Generative AI is starting to help software engineers solve problems in their code. The impact of this on quality engineers is already being felt. According to data from Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey, 70% of all respondents are using or are planning to use AI tools in their development process. Further, the study of 90,000 … continue reading

Using GPS location to obtain or target physical locations

It’s easy to convert a physical address, like 12 Main Street, into its latitude and longitude coordinates, but for many businesses there are situations where you’d want to do the opposite: get the closest physical address of those coordinates. “No one says let’s pull up the property value for latitude 42, longitude 80. They say … continue reading

Achieving a 360-degree Customer View with Custom Matching Strategies

There are many reasons why duplicate entries might end up in a database, and it’s important that companies have a way to deal with those to ensure their customer data is as accurate as possible.   In Episode 5 of the SD Times Live! Microwebinar series of data verification, Tim Sidor, data quality analyst at data … continue reading

Capital One open-sources new project for generating synthetic data

In the fast-paced world of machine learning, innovation requires utilizing data. However the reality for many companies is that data access and environmental controls which are vital to security can also add inefficiencies to the model development and testing life cycle.  To overcome this challenge — and help others with it as well — Capital … continue reading

Mastering Data Governance: A Technical Blueprint for the Age of Generative AI

As we venture deeper into the realm of machine learning and Generative AI (GenAI), the emphasis on data quality becomes paramount. John Jeske, CTO for the Advanced Technology Innovation Group at KMS Technology, delves into data governance methodologies such as data lineage tracing and federated learning to ensure top-tier model performance. “Data quality is the … continue reading

Achieving the “Golden Record” for a 360-degree Customer View

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies who work with large amounts of data is that their databases may end up with several instances of duplicate records, leading to an inaccurate overall picture of their customers.  According to Tim Sidor, data quality analyst at Melissa, there are a number of reasons why duplicate records … continue reading

The significance of national watchlist screening

Companies in certain industries – banking, healthcare, and the like – are subject to many different regulations when it comes to things like how they store user data, required communications with customers, and what data can and can’t be collected.  For example, financial companies need to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing … continue reading


DevOps success starts with quality engineering

Studies show that DevOps adoption is still a moving target for the vast majority of software development teams, with just 11% reporting full DevOps maturity in 2022. Navigating this transition requires organization-wide metrics that help everyone understand their role. To that end, Google developed the DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics to give development teams … continue reading

How electronic identity verification helps financial companies stay on top of regulations for preventing financial crime

Many companies need to be able to verify the identity of their customers for a variety of reasons, but for some industries this isn’t just a best practice, but rather a necessity in order to comply with regulations.  In the financial industry, for example, companies should have programs in place to meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) … continue reading

From Insights to Decision Intelligence: Navigating the Modern BI Landscape

In the current age of digital transformation, data has emerged as the cornerstone of business operations. The rapid accumulation of information brings opportunities and challenges for organizations seeking to harness data’s potential. As evidenced by recent statistics from the Reveal survey, data-driven strategies are on the rise, with eight in ten software developers (80.8%) incorporating … continue reading

Buyers Guide: AI and the evolution of test automation

Test automation has undergone quite an evolution in the decades since it first became possible.  Yet despite the obvious benefits, the digitalization of the software development industry has created some new challenges. It comes down to three big things, according to Kevin Parker, vice president of product at Appvance. The first is velocity and how … continue reading

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