When looking to add a file uploader solution to your web application or website, finding one that will bring the most value to end users is essential. The answer should be built with security in mind, be easy to use, and have a lot of useful features.

Web applications are the foundation of modern business and personal life. Whether you’re developing a new app or just want to enhance an existing one, there’s no shortage of tools available. 

In this post, we’ll look at one tool that can help developers enhance their web applications with file uploaders.

What are the Essentials To File Uploading?

 – Faster development and less code: File uploads are not part of your core functionality, so they provide an excellent opportunity to offload functionality that’s not core to your app. What’s more, adding file uploads to your app is a simple process that requires less code than other types of functionality. 

– Higher conversions: File uploads can make your site more usable for your visitors by letting them select the best file for their needs. 

– More efficient workflows: File uploads can be used to make collaborative workflows more efficient. You can use them to allow people to upload content and make it available for viewing. 

– Better user experience: People don’t have to make a trip to a print shop just to get the file they need. Now, they can just find the file on your site and download it. 

– Fewer headaches for IT: File uploads can make it easier for people to get their work done. This will reduce the number of headaches IT departments have to deal with.

 – Higher customer satisfaction: Letting people upload files to your site will make it easier for them to get what they need. This will increase customer satisfaction.

Why Automation Matters

The ability to automatically optimize your images sets the best file upload services apart from the rest. With tools like Filestack, you can upload an image, select where it should be published, and resize it. 

The best part is that you won’t have to manually take care of this each time you upload a new image. That saves you time and effort. 

– Image transformation: You can also use Filestack’s image transformation functionality to optimize your images. Images are often too large, so if you want to make them smaller, you can use Filestack’s image transformation functionality to do this automatically. 

– Image branding: If you want to brand your images, you can use Filestack to watermark them. This can be helpful when you allow user-submitted images.

– Image analysis: Filestack also lets you analyze your images. You can use this functionality to perform tasks like removing metadata and identifying faces in pictures. This is helpful if you want to comply with privacy laws or need to identify people in images.

The Importance of Security in a File Uploader

Security is essential for any app, and file uploaders are no exception. You need to be sure that your users’ files are secure. A file uploader should provide end-to-end encryption so that files are fully secure at all times. 

File encryption

Encryption is used to protect the content of files by converting them into a form that is unreadable to anyone except the file owner. Once encrypted, files can be stored on servers in any location and sent over the internet to be viewed by the file owner. 

Data encryption

Data encryption is a method of protecting data as it passes between servers and users. When data is encrypted, it’s converted into a form unreadable by anyone except the servers responsible for decrypting it.


Tokenization is a method of storing sensitive information like passwords, account numbers, and social security numbers in a database without actually storing the information itself. Instead, the data is converted into a long string of seemingly random characters called a token.

With a good file uploader, the process users go through when uploading images, PDFs, videos, and other documents is simplified, making the application or website more oriented towards a positive user experience. 

The uploader can also ensure that images load quickly and reliably, cutting down on the number of clicks and wait times needed to use a web application. 

Using a reliable file uploader for frameworks like Angular has many benefits for applications, including the ability to split code into different sections, which makes the developer’s job easier. Also, Angular has a declarative user interface (UI), which lets developers build UIs with the data they receive.

With Angular file upload, users can take advantage of several unique features, such as localization, a wide range of themes, Angular’s ability to work with all platforms, and a time progress bar.

Third-Party File Uploader

Filestack’s Angular file upload solution has all these features and a few more. These include an elegant user interface, different ways to upload files besides the picker widgets, drag-and-drop features, and an integration that can be changed to fit your needs.

With Filestack’s API, uploads, URL ingestion, and integration with IOS and Android devices are all greatly improved, making the user experience better as a whole.

“We have thousands of users uploading files on our platform daily.” Upload failures can decrease conversion by creating a poor user experience. Dorian Collier, director of products at the digital entertainment studio JibJab, said, “We’re thrilled to see Filestack taking on this challenge to make sure that our users have a smooth experience.”  

Filestack’s File Uploader for Angular lets users change, convert, and optimize images, files, and videos before they appear in the user’s app.

This file uploader also allows for preparing responsive audio, video, image, and large files, on a mobile network, high latency networks, integration with cloud providers, and multiple other aspects that add complexity to the build and maintenance. 

Large files, crowded mobile networks, networks with high latency, integration with cloud providers, and a variety of other factors make development and maintenance more difficult.


Filestack’s API is built to be simple and efficient to avoid unnecessary complexity for the business. Enhancing web applications doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Ready-made solutions are available for developers to use and integrate to deliver a superb file upload experience. 

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