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Harness announces plans to acquire feature management company Split Software

The CI/CD platform provider Harness has announced its plans to acquire the feature management company Split Software.  By incorporating Split Software’s capabilities into its platform, Harness will be able to offer a software release platform where developers can not only release software, but run A/B tests and measure adoption of specific features.  With the acquisition, … continue reading

CircleCI enables automated rollbacks in latest offering: CircleCI releases

CircleCI just announced a new feature that will allow developers to automate their release orchestration processes from within the CircleCI UI.  According to the company, the main benefit of this new CircleCI releases feature is that it can give developers greater confidence in their releases and reduce mean-time-to-recovery for issues.  Key capabilities that will come … continue reading

Codefresh releases new dashboard that provides more details on software development life cycle

Codefresh is hoping to make it easier for development teams to manage applications throughout the software development life cycle with its latest update. It is introducing a new environments dashboard to pull in information about GitOps and Argo CD projects. Codefresh defines an environment as a cluster of applications, namespaces in a single cluster, or … continue reading

OpsMx’ Deployment Firewall moves security into CI/CD pipeline

OpsMx has unveiled a new approach to application security with the launch of its Deployment Firewall. This firewall integrates into CI/CD pipelines and enforces application security policies when applications are deployed, blocking releases if there is a vulnerability or security issue.  According to OpsMx, recent application security efforts across the industry have been focusing on … continue reading

Copado Launches the Copado 1 Platform, the First Turnkey End-to-End DevOps Solution for Enterprise SaaS

CHICAGO, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Copado, a leader in low-code DevOps, today launched the Copado 1 platform, the only turnkey end-to-end DevOps solution for Salesforce. Copado 1 unifies the entire software development lifecycle on Salesforce, including AI-enabled testing, into a single platform. Packed with DevOps best practices, the ready-to-use Copado 1 platform enables customers to accelerate DevOps maturity and … continue reading

Palo Alto Networks announces CI/CD security features

Palo Alto Networks unveiled its CI/CD Security module which aims to offer comprehensive software delivery pipeline security integrated into code-to-cloud capabilities within Prisma Cloud’s CNAPP platform.  Prisma Cloud focuses on safeguarding the CI/CD environment and effectively shielding against potential open-source vulnerabilities using software composition analysis, according to the company in a blog post.  “A major … continue reading

GitHub merge queue now available

GitHub’s merge queue aims to end congestion on a team’s most active branches. According to the company, by enabling merge queue, the need to hurry and merge pull requests before others do is no longer a concern. This feature is now generally available and is accessible to any team that is part of a managed … continue reading

Are CI/CD pipelines bursting at the seams?

In the last few years, the CI/CD pipeline has undergone an evolution. As more development processes are shifted left, and additional tasks get pushed into the pipeline, the limits of how much it can handle have been tested.  With the need to continuously integrate that comes along with modern application development, the pipeline has had … continue reading

GrammaTech and ArmorCode partner to deliver vulnerability management orchestration

Application security testing company GrammaTech and AppSecOps company ArmorCode have announced a technology integration partnership geared at helping users automate product security across development, testing, feedback, and deployment. With the GrammaTech CodeSonar static application security testing (SAST) platform, ArmorCode users gain improved safety and security vulnerability intelligence for integrating application security capabilities into CI/CD pipelines. … continue reading

Harness announces new Jira integrations

The software delivery platform provider Harness today announced the release of the Harness Continuous Integration (CI) module and Harness Feature Flags which give customers visibility into feature development and release information with Jira Software.  “Integrating Harness and Jira Software through Harness CI and Feature Flags provide users what they need most today: a consolidated view … continue reading

CircleCI introduces new security and automation features

CircleCI, the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, today announced new features and integrations intended to improve security and automation practices for modern software developers.  According to the company, the new self-hosted container runner is designed to provide greater flexibility and security in order to help developers simplify infrastructure management with greater traceability. With … continue reading

CloudBees acquires ReleaseIQ to expand DevSecOps offerings

CloudBees acquired the ReleaseIQ DevOps Platform to expand the company’s DevSecOps capabilities and to empower customers with a low-code, end-to-end release orchestration and visibility solution.  The SaaS offering enables DevOps organizations to compose and analyze workflows, and also orchestrate a combination of CI/CD technologies including Jenkins without the need to migrate or replace.  “The decision … continue reading

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