Agile development explained

Agile software development has been around since the 1990s, but didn’t get the name until the famous meeting of 17 renowned software development thought leaders at Snowbird, Utah resulted in an Agile Manifesto.

The idea behind Agile software development is to reduce time to market by enabling faster iterations of smaller segments of software. Before Agile, organizations would take 12-18 months to write a monolithic application and struggle with ensuring changes weren’t breaking other parts of the application. By reducing the scope of a work project, errors could be caught earlier, before deployment, and remediated more quickly.

Prior to the manifesto being written, Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber were working on Scrum, while Kent Beck was using Extreme Programming, which calls for pairs of developers to work together in pair programming. There also are other techniques for doing Agile development, such as “mob” programming and test-driven development.


agile Resources

Report: Small businesses are seeing greatest benefits from Agile

Small businesses are the happiest adopters of Agile, with fifty-two percent saying it works “very or somewhat well” and citing that it is a “powerful productivity and organizational framework” that leads to better collaboration, improved software quality, and better business alignment. This is according to’s 17th annual State of Agile report, which surveyed 788 … continue reading

Mastering Project Estimation: A Complete Guide

Project estimation holds a pivotal role in the domain of project management. It entails foreseeing the labor, time, and resources necessary to achieve project completion. This vital step significantly bolsters a team’s capacity to manage their workflow efficiently and set feasible expectations.  Project estimation offers transparency regarding resource prerequisites, allowing managers to assess the viability … continue reading

Advanced AI assistant Planview Copilot launched

Project management company Planview has unveiled Planview Copilot, an advanced AI assistant designed for connected work, during its annual event, Planview Accelerate.  This AI assistant, trained using a comprehensive dataset, provides operational insights in Portfolio Management, Value Stream Management, and Agile Planning and Delivery. It aims to expedite data-driven strategic decision-making through a conversational interface. … continue reading

Flow metrics in SAFe 6 help with value realization and delivery

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) helps companies organize work, organize teams, determine how to break work up, and understand what is being prioritized in all of this. And the inclusion of flow metrics into SAFe 6 enables those companies to realize those plans. Flow metrics can enable companies to determine if all of that orchestration … continue reading

Tools are now critical to implementing Agile successfully

Twenty-two years ago, at a ski resort in Utah, 17 technology thought leaders came together and drafted an Agile Manifesto, a set of principles for a new approach to software development. Unlike the traditional “waterfall” approach that had been popular, this new approach would focus on iterative improvements and constant innovation.  Since that fateful night, … continue reading

A guide to Agile tools

The following is a listing of Agile tool providers, along with a brief description of their offerings.  ValueOps by Broadcom Software delivers on the promise of value stream management (VSM) as the first to combine business and investment-oriented product management with advanced, operationally-focused agile planning and management capabilities. The integration of Broadcom’s proven Clarity and … continue reading

Agile is the perfect antidote to Great Resignation, Recession

Many companies have been grappling with a labor shortage at some point over the last year, whether short or long term, due to the Great Resignation. This phenomenon continues, with many workers hopping jobs to find better offers elsewhere.  On top of that, all signs seem to be pointing to a recession in the US … continue reading

Agile mindset can be applied to more than just development teams

There has been no shortage of information on how to make your development team more agile, but little guidance exists on applying those same practices to infrastructure and operations (I&O). I&O leaders are under a lot of pressure to improve their agility in order to strengthen the alignment between IT and the rest of the … continue reading

SLOs: The heart of reliability practices

The most challenging principle of Agile is “simplicity — the art of maximizing the amount of work not done.” Developers waste immense cycles trying to avoid software failure. Rather than defining “good enough” reliability and stopping there, teams go way beyond the point of diminishing returns, building what is jokingly referred to as “gold plated” … continue reading

Agile Lineout framework helps diverse types of teams

Recently, Agile Consultant, Enterprise Agile Coach, and Transformation Lead, Jon Ward announced the new Agile framework for non-software teams: Agile Lineout. The framework functions as an alternative to Scrum and is designed for business teams managing transformations, marketing initiatives or corporate change, and mergers or acquisitions. While Agile Lineout is designed to operate for non-software … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Mozilla Common Voice adds 16 new languages and 4,600 new hours of speech, Dataiku raises $400 million in Series E funding, Parallel Agile releases new version of CodeBot

Mozilla Common Voice announced a new, expanded data set that features 16 new languages including Basaa and Kazakh and 4,622 new hours of speech. In recent months, Mozilla has also announced three Common Voice fellows, a $3.4 million investment to fuel work in East Africa, and a partnership with NVIDIA. “By giving individuals the ability … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Infosys unveils new Enterprise Agile DevOps capabilities, Algolia announces Series D funding, Ampere to acquire OnSpecta

The digital services and consulting provider Infosys unveiled a new set of Enterprise Agile DevOps capabilities that will help businesses strengthen customer-centricity and innovation. Enterprises can transform the way they develop and deliver products and services by reimaging customer journeys.  “Forward thinking firms are now evolving to a product centric operating model to ingrain customer … continue reading

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