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Airtable launches several new AI-based features to improve productivity

The low-code platform Airtable is trying to make it even easier for users to create applications on its platform with the launch of new features in Airtable AI. The first update is the ability to extract insights from large amounts of data. It provides an easy-to-understand summary of the insights, which can then be shared … continue reading

Prismatic adds code-native integrations to its low-code platform

The low-code integration platform Prismatic has announced new code-native integrations, in an attempt to make its platform more useful to developers and allow them to embed their own code in Prismatic applications. With this update, developers will be able to write code from within their preferred IDE, rather than having to go through Prismatic’s low-code … continue reading

Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio enables users to integrate AI into application using low-code

Salesforce has announced a new set of low-code tools to enable its customers to easily and quickly embed AI into their customer relationship management (CRM) applications.  The new platform, Einstein 1 Studio, builds on Einstein Copilot, which is the company’s generative AI solution. The Studio includes three main components: Copilot Builder, Prompt Builder, and Model … continue reading

Forrester predicts three possible outcomes for the future of low-code

Forrester sees three possible futures for the low-code market: it will either keep going on its current trajectory, be accelerated by AI, or be slowed by AI as developers do more coding tasks with an AI assistant and don’t need the productivity gains of low-code as much.  This is according to Forrester’s Low-Code And Digital … continue reading

How GenAI and Low-Code are Turbo-Charging Software Development

When low-code platforms first burst onto the scene, many considered them game-changers. The ability to rely less on traditional programmers, despite limited coding knowledge, promised a democratizing revolution in software, even if questions of governance at scale, security, and long-term maintenance were not yet fully resolved. But as businesses grew and innovated, many companies still … continue reading

A guide to low-code vendors that incorporate generative AI capabilities

The following is a listing of low-code vendors that incorporate generative AI capabilities, along with a brief description of their offerings. FEATURED PROVIDER Parasoft helps organizations continuously deliver high-quality software with its AI-powered software testing platform and automated test solutions. Supporting embedded and enterprise markets, Parasoft’s proven technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of … continue reading

premium The promise of generative AI in low-code, testing

Over the past year, software companies have worked hard to incorporate generative AI into their products, doing whatever it takes to incorporate the latest technology and stay competitive.  One software category that is particularly well-suited to being boosted by AI is low code, as that is already a market that has a goal of making … continue reading

OutSystems Announces New Series of Low-Code Development Schools to Meet the Growing Demand for Developers Worldwide

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OutSystems, a global leader in high-performance application development, today unveiled five new public courses as part of its highly acclaimed Developer School program. These new, free courses, held online and in person throughout September and October, focus on developer career paths while addressing a significant need for developer talent around the world. Since 2020, more than … continue reading

Mendix 10 Solidifies Enterprise Low-Code as the Key Enabler for Composable Digital Solution Delivery

BOSTON – June 27, 2023 – Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern enterprise application development, today announced the general availability of Mendix 10, the most powerful release of the industry-leading low-code platform. Mendix 10 introduces a host of innovations that empower organizations to meet the unprecedented demand for software by enabling shifts in enterprise-wide digital solution delivery. Organizations across all … continue reading

Mendix Adds New AI and Machine Learning Capabilities to its Market and Technology-Leading Enterprise Low-Code Platform

 Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern enterprise application development, today outlined powerful new and robust  AI and machine learning capabilities, including innovative context-aware AI developer tools, which will all be available upon the release of Mendix 10, to be announced during a live streaming event on June 27th. The new AI and Machine … continue reading

Tools are now critical to implementing Agile successfully

Twenty-two years ago, at a ski resort in Utah, 17 technology thought leaders came together and drafted an Agile Manifesto, a set of principles for a new approach to software development. Unlike the traditional “waterfall” approach that had been popular, this new approach would focus on iterative improvements and constant innovation.  Since that fateful night, … continue reading

In the low-code era, codeless testing tools deliver the efficiency and profitability coded test automation can’t

The use of low code and no code gained traction in recent years as demand continues to rise for faster and more efficient application development. To keep pace with the influx of newly built applications, many IT leaders are investing in testing automation — a market that’s projected to show a compound annual growth rate of … continue reading

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