Topic: performance testing

Split brings feature experimentation to Microsoft Azure

The feature experimentation company Split Software has partnered with Microsoft to help its customers implement feature experimentation within Microsoft Azure.  According to Split, this aligns with the needs of today’s product developers because feature experimentation is considered crucial for successful digital experiences, but many developers believe they are not successful at it. With this integration, … continue reading

UserTesting adds feature that makes it easier to find users in niche audiences for user experience testing

UserTesting introduced several enhancements to its Human Insight Platform, which is a user experience testing platform that allows developers to see and hear how users are interacting with a product. The latest updates include a new way to find niche audiences, new integrations with Canva and FullStory to enhance the value of human insight, and … continue reading

Take advantage of AI-augmented software testing

The artificial intelligence-augmented software-testing market continues to rapidly evolve. As applications become increasingly complex, AI-augmented testing plays a critical role in helping teams deliver high-quality applications at speed.  By 2027, 80% of enterprises will have integrated AI-augmented testing tools into their software engineering toolchain, which is a significant increase from 10% in 2022, according to … continue reading

Accessibility testing

One area in which test automation can deliver big value to organizations is in accessibility. Accessibility is all about the user experience, and is especially important for users with disabilities. Automated end-to-end testing helps answer the question of how easy or difficult it is for users to engage with the software. “If the software is … continue reading

Why I can never be a developer advocate

I want to address the topic of being a Developer Advocate. Several people in my area of the tech industry now hold the title of “Developer Advocate”. I have no problem with that title, and this post means no disrespect to anyone with that title (many of them are my friends). However, I am curious … continue reading

Mabl’s load testing offering provides increased insight into app performance

Low-code intelligence automation company mabl today announced its new load testing offering geared at allowing engineering teams to assess how their application will perform under production load. This capability integrates into mabl’s SaaS platform so that users can enhance the value of existing functional tests, move performance testing to an earlier phase of the development … continue reading

Quality assurance assures great user experiences

The user experience has become critically important in today’s digital world, even as organizations struggle to align testing with the speed of delivery. Functional tests, performance tests and UI tests, among others, can reveal if an application isn’t behaving or performing as expected. But on their own, they can’t tell you if your user is … continue reading

Why performance testing is so vital and so difficult

The ability to ensure applications deliver consistent, responsive performance at all times is critical for pretty much every organization, and is especially vital for retailers and other e-commerce providers.  Even if an app delivers the best, most innovative functionality, it won’t matter if loading or transactions take too long. Further, as users continue to grow … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: VHS

Performance testing company Stormforge has launched a new open-source project designed to improve and advance application performance and optimization test creation. The project, VHS, records live traffic to test performance against “reality instead of just an educated guess,” Noah Abrahams, open source advocate at StormForge, explained in a post.  “VHS started as a project that … continue reading

Security testing should be on every DevOps team’s Black Friday checklist

The holidays are a time for shoppers to reap the benefit of online deals—and for hackers to leverage software vulnerabilities in retail systems and applications. In order to prepare for this year, IT monitoring experts suggested developers and operations teams incorporate adequate security testing as part of their holiday preparedness checklist. The biggest mistake organizations … continue reading

Guest View: Mobile testing in an agile world

Mobile devices have changed our world. Smartphones and tablets allow employees and customers to be available and active online almost 24z7—something unimaginable in the PC era. Mobile devices’ touch-screens support rich media and application functionality and deliver a far more powerful user experience than ever thought possible. The impact is largely felt in the testing … continue reading

BlazeMeter introduces scriptless performance testing

FollowMe is a new module that provides on-demand troubleshooting for performance testing … continue reading Protection Status