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PlatformCon 2024: The #1 Platform engineering virtual conference

Platform engineering — or the practice of internally developing tools for developers to use — will soon become part of most development teams’ strategies, with Gartner estimating that by 2026, 80% of large software engineering companies will have these teams.  It’s a relatively new concept, so in order to learn more about it, attend PlatformCon … continue reading

Analyst View: What’s new, what’s now, and what’s next in platform engineering

The problem is not new: Modern software architectures are complex distributed systems made up of many independent services, many of which are built by other teams or cloud providers. Kubernetes wrangles this herd of services—but adds yet more complexity that must be tamed. This creates hard problems at the intersection of development and operations. Developers … continue reading

Platform Engineering is not (just) about infrastructure!

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology, the term “Platform Engineering” is often subject to a narrow interpretation, confined to the spheres of infrastructure and systems management. Because of this, it could be perceived as an exclusively technical domain, dominated by servers, clusters, and networks. This limited view, however, does not give proper justice … continue reading

Year in Review: Developer productivity

One of the big themes of 2023 was the enterprise struggle to make developers more productive. And the strategies for making that happen included the creation of developer platforms, changes in culture to allow developers to experience joy in their work, and understanding how to measure if a developer or their teams are being productive. … continue reading

CloudBees has a new DevSecOps platform specifically for platform engineering

CloudBees has announced a new DevSecOps platform that was built with platform engineering in mind.  Platform engineering is a discipline that brings together several different roles and integrates siloed technology into a single platform. The new platform centers the developer experience, minimizing cognitive loads and making DevOps processes invisible. It achieves this through blocks, automations, … continue reading

The challenges with platform engineering don’t have to do with engineering

Platform engineering has become increasingly important for businesses as platforms have become more complex, spanning DevOps tools, APIs, and other components necessary for effective software development. It’s a delicate balancing act as developers have been calling for more simplified navigation throughout an organization’s platform.  According to a whitepaper by Humanitec, just five years ago, platform … continue reading

Patch the cloud native development talent gap with platform engineering

Cloud native technologies—with their malleable, modular microservice architectures—quickly generate transformative digital innovations that deliver high-demand customer capabilities and operational value breakthroughs.  But wait, how many Kubernetes experts do we have? We’ve got an industry-wide shortage of skilled software development and operations talent—and the complexity of cloud native development is exacerbating the problem. We’re not going … continue reading

Report: Platform engineering to see big boost in 2023

Platform engineering teams are on the rise, with 94% of respondents to Puppet by Perforce’s 2023 State of DevOps report saying that platform engineering is helping them realize the benefits of DevOps more than before. According to the company, platform engineering is the practice of “designing and building self-service capabilities to minimize cognitive load for … continue reading Protection Status