Increase your dev efficiency with application error monitoring

RECORDED EVENT: Writing great code is hard. Even with careful planning and process, unexpected issues arise that distract you from delivering a useful, manageable service. Application error monitoring helps cut through the noise and minimize the time spent chasing and resolving bugs. Real-time alerts warn you about critical problems affecting your users, and give you … continue reading

Ensuring User Happiness With Application Quality Monitoring

RECORDED EVENT: Understanding the health of your application is among the most important goals of any user-focused organization. Application performance monitoring (APM) is a smart and necessary starting point in achieving this goal, but does it address the whole issue? For companies to fully understand their application, they must consider Application Quality Monitoring (AQM), which … continue reading

Getting started with IoT

IoT is advancing so fast, and marketplaces are getting so competitive, that trying to design and deploy expensive proprietary solutions can hinder your company’s viability. Neo’s simple, flexible design empowers your business. In easy steps, you acquire SIMs, you get connected, you have support. You’re in the IoT sphere. Watch the webinar today! … continue reading

Lessons from the Trenches: Achieving Massive Scale with AWS

RECORDED EVENT: With the growing need to build apps faster, many organizations are turning their attention to low-code cloud development. But how secure and scalable are enterprise apps built with these technologies? In this webinar, two AWS solution architects will join one of our foremost cloud experts to show you how a low-code platform and … continue reading

The Developer’s Bright Hybrid Cloud-Native, Polyglot, Poly-architecture Future

RECORDED EVENT: Today, IT organizations have many options for development technology tools, and the number of choices can be daunting. As modern application requirements become more complex, it’s apparent that one runtime, one framework, or one architectural style is no longer a feasible strategy. Organizations must figure out how to manage the complexity of distributed … continue reading

Building Geo-distributed Applications with Redis CRDBs: The New Redis Database Built on CRDT Approach

  RECORDED EVENT: Globally distributed interactive applications are hard to develop due to read and write conflicts. The new CRDBs (conflict-free replicated databases) enable the same sub-millisecond latencies you are accustomed to getting with Redis applications with globally-distributed deployment topologies. CRDB make building complex geo-distributed apps simple by using the built-in smarts of proven CRDT … continue reading

Making the move to public cloud: Best Practices featuring Forrester and Allscripts

Public cloud environments are no longer limited to new applications or temporary workloads. Enterprises looking to increase agility and scalability are assessing their existing application portfolio and seriously weighing the pros and cons of migrating to the public cloud. But migrating isn’t easy, and can be costly. Today’s applications are increasingly complex, part of a … continue reading

The Risks of Separating UI/UX from Your Development Lifecycle: A Product Manager’s POV on Optimizing Software Development

The Risks of Separating UI/UX from Your Development Lifecycle: A Product Manager’s POV on Optimizing Software Development Date: Thursday, October 5, 2017 Time: 1:00PM ET / 10:00AM PT One of the many challenges faced by product teams today is where to fit the UI and UX process into their software development lifecycles. For example, agile … continue reading

Creating Value with Mobile Real-Time Data Capture

RECORDED EVENT: In this webinar we demonstrate innovative ways to collect user data from paper documents, IDs, bank cards, receipts, and other sources using ABBYY mobile and cloud capture technologies. We’ll explore ways to build faster, friendlier, and more intuitive user experiences for data collection tasks with easy-to-implement mobile data capture technologies. If you are … continue reading

Validating and Accelerating UI/UX Improvements with Software Usage Data

RECORDED EVENT: This webinar will explore how software usage analytics enables you to validate your assumptions about user environments and accelerate implementation of UI/UX improvements. Revulytics Vice President of Usage Analytics, Keith Fenech, will discuss how packaged software vendors are using usage data to: Verify and calculate user environments and minimum requirements Anticipate and measure … continue reading

Leveraging React and GraphQL to Create a Performant, Scalable Data Grid

RECORDED EVENT: User interfaces often utilize components such as grids and tables to help users browse and understand data. Today’s large data sets require sophisticated capabilities to ensure users can effectively comprehend data while remaining flexible and responsive. Building this functionality is time consuming, has integration and maintenance risks, and worst of all, distracts developers … continue reading

Build, Buy or Both: Investing in Analytics that Last

Recorded event: For some companies, building analytics themselves is the right decision. For others, buying from a third party makes the most sense. The equation seems simple. If you have a development staff then you should build yourself but if you need to get to market buying a solution might make more sense. What we’ve … continue reading

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