Data is Your Problem: Data Integrity in Generative AI | SD Times Webinar with KMS Technology

While Generative AI presents a clear competitive advantage, most companies are struggling to harness it. From ineffective outputs to costly missteps, GenAI is driving significant financial losses as companies invest thousands in models that don’t work. But the core issue isn’t the technology itself – it’s the data that powers it. In this webinar, we’ll explore … continue reading

Getting to the Low Latency, High Availability Goodness of Distributed Postgres in 3 Minutes or Less | SD Times Webinar with pgEdge

Dive into distributed PostgreSQL and explore how it empowers you to deploy globally distributed, edge applications that are always on, always available and always fast. This webinar is tailored for application developers and database architects seeking to elevate their applications’ performance and reliability. See how easy it is to get up and running with a … continue reading

Generative AI in Quality Assurance | SD Times Webinar with Appvance

Over the past decade, the shift from waterfall to agile and then to DevOps has intensified the demand for a revamped test automation model. The move to application coverage and swift testing times has necessitated impeccable outcomes. With the introduction of generative AI in QA in 2018, there have been significant advancements, reshaping QA teams’ … continue reading

SD Times Live! Microwebinar Series – Testing with HCLSoftware

AVAILABLE NOW: SD Times and HCLSoftware will be presenting a series of microwebinars about testing. This series will give you insights into performance testing, managing data while testing, and how to design tests with AI. With software complexity continuing to grow, the need for testing is more compelling than ever. In this SD Times Live! … continue reading

SD Times Live! Microwebinar Series – Application Testing with Appvance

AVAILABLE NOW: Welcome to a series of Microwebinars featuring Appvance. This series will detail numerous topic related to application testing including generative AI, automation maturity, and application coverage. Featured Speaker: Kevin Parker –VP Product at Appvance Watch the series now   … continue reading

SD Times Live! microwebinar Series – Verification with Melissa

EVERY OTHER THURSDAY, STARTING AUGUST 24th, 2023 – See schedule & series topics below |  Welcome to a series of microwebinars featuring Melissa. This series will detail screening, verification, and other security methodologies to help your organization properly evaluate clientele.  Featured Speakers: Jeffery Jones, Sales Engineer @ Melissa & Ben Nguyen, Sales Engineer @ Melissa   … continue reading

SD Times Live! Microwebinar Series – The Fourth Pillar of Observability

AVAILABLE NOW: Logs, metrics and traces have come to be known as the three pillars of observability. Now, there is a push to have a fourth pillar — snapshots. In this four-part microwebinar series now available on demand, we examine the observability and discuss how snapshots make it easier for developers to troubleshoot issues. Joining … continue reading

Cross-Functional Metrics: Maintaining Accountability While Aligning Engineering and Business Performance

Join David Rubinstein, along with Adam Dahlgren and Parker Ennis from value stream intelligence company Allstacks, to learn about the benefits of aligning engineering work with business outcomes. You will discover how to use the right engineering metrics to encourage positive behaviors, identify risks in the development process, and gain expert insight into value stream … continue reading

SD Times Live! Microwebinar Series – Testing

WATCH EPISODE 5 ON DEMAND NOW As teams adopt DevOps practices and aim for automated pipelines, they need to expand the scope of testing that’s shifted left and aim for high test coverage. That’s because any quality aspects that are not covered by test automation and require manual checking will become bottlenecks to faster deployments. … continue reading

Make Your Java Dev Team More Productive With AI-Led Unit Testing

AVAILABLE NOW: Are you looking for ways to help your Java dev team meet their looming deadlines and free up more time for feature development? Adding more people doesn’t necessarily help with tight sprints since it takes a while to ramp up new developers. Unlock a new level of productivity to maximize output and minimize … continue reading

SD Times Live! Microwebinar Series – Pattern Thinking & Value Stream Automation Patterns

UP NEXT: Part 6: Sept. 19 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing technological landscape, it’s crucial for organizations to be agile and efficient. To achieve this, optimizing flow in the software delivery value stream is key. And the answer is pattern thinking and automation patterns. Welcome to a series of … continue reading

Unlocking the Full Value of Telemetry Data: Overcoming Challenges and Streamlining Your Strategy

AVAILABLE NOW | Growth of cloud computing and the preference for data-driven decision-making have led to a steady increase in investments in observability over the years. Telemetry data is becoming recognized as not only critical for maintaining a company’s infrastructure but also for aiding security and business teams in making informed decisions. In fact, according … continue reading

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