Upcoming Webinar: Getting it Right: Self-service in Cloud Automation

Tuesday August 25, 2020 | 1:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT Everyone knows that infrastructure automation is fundamental to any DevOps platform. However, infrastructure automation requires not only coding abilities, but also cloud network, security and cost expertise, and Infrastructure as Code skills. It’s not something developers want to waste their time on. Being … continue reading

Your Budget is Gone, Your Data-Intensive Application is Next, What Do You Do?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 | 1:00PM ET | 10:00AM PT While organizations accelerate moving their data-intensive applications to the cloud for cost cutting reasons, they are afforded the opportunity to adopt cloud-native technologies. IT departments are facing a radically different operating climate than they did last winter. Now their entire user and customer communities have … continue reading

DevTestOps Landscape Survey 2020

DevOps delivery practices are being adopted across the industry, but unfortunately they’re not always built with quality assurance as a core capability. Teams have no choice but to build a testing strategy as they go, rather than designing the culture, processes, and tools upfront. QA testing as an afterthought in an agile or CI/CD environment … continue reading

How low-code solutions can help prepare for your return to the office

Recorded Event As businesses start to re-open and organizations begin to bring employees back to their places of work, there will be new challenges — some known, and some unexpected. But employee wellness will be top of mind, and having workers maintain social distancing and still be able to collaborate is among them. Traditional spreadsheets … continue reading

Software Development at Home: Balancing life, retaining compliance

RECORDED EVENT Many developers and IT professionals have been working from home for a long time, yet even more have only recently begun to do so. The speed with which organizations have had to shift to accommodate the new home workforce raises issues for both. Organizations worry about ensuring security on devices and applications — … continue reading

Scared Serverless? Don’t be.

Serverless functions are becoming a bigger part of microservices applications in today’s modern software architectures, helping organizations gain flexibility and substantially cut compute costs. But are those applications performing well to deliver business value? It’s hard to know, because nothing about serverless fits the model of how application performance monitoring works. Today’s tools don’t work … continue reading

New Orleans 911 Scales COVID-19 Response with Quick Base

When New Orleans became a hot spot for coronavirus, the city’s emergency response had to rapidly adapt and scale its operations to meet the changing needs of its communities, employees and customers. Tyrell Morris, the executive director of Orleans Parish Communication District, joins Ankit Shah, of low-code platform provider Quick Base, to discuss how Morris and … continue reading

A Pragmatic View of DevOps in Large Enterprises

RECORDED EVENT Join SD Times and Micro Focus as we deflate the hype around DevOps and provide a no-nonsense, real-world view of how your organization can gain operational efficiencies and deliver value to your customers. … continue reading

The Complete Guide to Observability

Recorded Event Easy-to-understand monoliths are giving way to distributed systems: microservices, serverless, meshes, proxies, and every possible combination. These systems offer developers the freedom to build new features and technology faster, as they are no longer beholden to the elaborate release processes associated with monolithic architecture. … continue reading

Attack Simulation: Deconstructing an Attack in a Containerized Application

Recorded Event You’ve been hacked. A developer leveraged a 3rd party library with unsanitized input that a SCA tool can’t flag. This containerized application goes into production – making your entire cloud infrastructure vulnerable to severe security incidents. Does this sound familiar? … continue reading

How to Engineer Your Digital Transformation

Recorded Webinar Learn the latest tips from the experts! Gary Gruver’s latest book Engineering the Digital Transformation provides systematic approaches for improving how software is developed for a broad range of applications. This webinar will provide an overview of the key takeaways from Gary’s newest book. … continue reading

What problem are we looking to solve with value stream management

Recorded Event: In this webinar we will talk about the last year in value stream management and value stream integration. We will try to answer questions like what is next for value stream and what is the real problem we are solving with value stream management and value stream integration. Also why value stream optimization … continue reading

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