Survey Results In! Your Peers Are Using Usage Analytics to Build Better Products

RECORDED EVENT: Gartner has identified Software Usage Analytics as an “on the rise” emerging technology that is enabling software providers to improve customer experience. But how is that translating in developers’ daily lives? According to the results of a recent survey on data trends by SD Times, almost 85 percent of respondents reported that customer … continue reading

Embedding security into your cloud-native pipeline

RECORDED EVENT: In today’s modern software factories, organizations are shifting security to the left. No longer just the purview of firewalls, security needs to be built in during development and deployment processes. By doing so, organizations can ensure they are limiting vulnerabilities getting into production while cutting costs of both downtime and code rework. Learn … continue reading

Digital Performance Management Webinar

Why aren’t your website visitors converting? Are they just browsing? Is the offer not right? Or is your website too slow? A faster, more reliable website has been proven to increase engagement and deliver more revenue. Which can lead to higher order values, better conversion rates, stronger brand loyalty, and more positive business outcomes. Watch … continue reading

Adopt and Scale an Effective Unit Testing Practice for Java with Guided Unit Test Creation

RECORDED EVENT: There is no doubt that a solid unit testing practice is fundamental for building a successful testing strategy, but organizations struggle to effectively adopt and scale unit testing. Stymied by the effort, specialized skills, and time required to create, scale, and maintain an effective unit testing practice, many end up with gaps in … continue reading

Why Your MySQL Needs Redis

RECORDED EVENT: If your application stores data in MySQL or any other relational database, you’ll benefit a lot by inserting Redis in between your application and the database. By using Redis as a front-end database you can: 1. Boost your application’s performance with minimal code changes 2. Innovate faster; introduce new features and functions faster … continue reading

Managing the Performance of Applications in the Microservices Era

  Organizations in a wide range of industries are rapidly adopting microservices because of the promise of greater agility and scalability. However, managing the performance of microservices–based applications introduces new challenges. Gartner stated in a recent report that traditional APM tools which were purpose-built for monoliths aren’t well suited to the dynamism, modularity, and scale … continue reading

Java 10 and beyond: Keeping up with the language and planning for the future

RECORDED EVENT: With the release of Java 10, the impact of Java 9, and the spread of multiple emerging technologies, the biggest questions for high-performing development teams is: How do we keep up and take advantage of the features relevant to us? Java experts Toomas Romer and Rod Cope discuss recent changes to the language … continue reading

How Connectivity Management Solves Challenges in the Evolving IoT Landscape:

Improved efficiency, reduced cost, and new revenue streams are the promised benefits of IoT deployments. To attain these results, connectivity management comes to the forefront, providing the ability to effectively connect, monitor, and manage multiple devices spread out over diverse areas. Connectivity management, regardless of the number of devices or the amount of data transmitted, … continue reading

Modern regression testing across platforms: How crowdtesting cut You.i TV’s testing burden by 80%

RECORDED EVENT: You think regression testing is hell for you? You.i TV tests more than 10 private-label apps on different mobile devices, streaming devices, and gaming consoles. At You.i TV, a leading video experience platform with clients like NBA, Fox, and National Geographic, Fernando Gonzalez is using crowdtesting to speed up regression testing and gain the coverage … continue reading

Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes

RECORDED EVENT: Containers are becoming the basic unit of deployment. Kubernetes is becoming the industry standard for managing containerized applications. In this webinar, we will talk about basic Kubernetes constructs and will show how you can run three pod clustered Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes. You will learn:  Kubernetes primitives  How to deploy Redis Enterprise service … continue reading

Modern Web Developers Demand Simplistic Integrations – the Future of Payment Technologies Has Arrived

Recorded Event: Learn how developers are leveraging JSON and Quick Chip EMV to provide a 100% cloud-based omni-channel payment experience. It’s time for modern web developers to have the simplicity they need. Software vendors and developers need access to easily useable and scalable payment APIs that simplify the integration process. From conversations with developers, it’s … continue reading

Increase your dev efficiency with application error monitoring

RECORDED EVENT: Writing great code is hard. Even with careful planning and process, unexpected issues arise that distract you from delivering a useful, manageable service. Application error monitoring helps cut through the noise and minimize the time spent chasing and resolving bugs. Real-time alerts warn you about critical problems affecting your users, and give you … continue reading

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