Zero Day doesn’t mean Zero hope – Fast detection / Fast remediation

AVAILABLE NOW | Software supply chain attacks mainly happen because 80-90% of all software developed relies on third party dependencies. Most of these attacks don’t happen with the dependencies you implicitly state but the transitive dependencies they rely on. The most dangerous of these attacks happen on a “Zero Day” which is where a vulnerability … continue reading

From Zero (Day) to Hero

AVAILABLE NOW | It feels like the song is on repeat. Another week, another zero-day vulnerability is disclosed. Some are more potent than others. Log4j and Spring4Shell were on the catastrophic side. Enterprises are still grappling with the long tail of Log4j. The Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary Rob Silvers, the board’s chairman, recently proclaimed that … continue reading

Building and Deploying Python Code in Snowflake

AVAILABLE NOW The complex data environment today makes collaboration and the productization of data pipelines, machine learning (ML) models, and apps extremely difficult for data professionals, resulting in slow time to insight and leaving much invaluable data unrealized. Snowpark, a developer framework of Snowflake, was built to solve this exact challenge by allowing different data … continue reading

SD Times Live! microwebinar series – Value Stream Management

CHECK OUT ALL 10 TOPICS/VIDEOS BELOW Topic 10 – “The Bitter Truth About the State of Value Stream Management” SPEAKERS FOR THIS SESSION: Lance Knight, President & COO, ConnectALL, Andrew Fuqua, SVP of Products, ConnectALL, David Rubinstein, Editor-in-chief, SD Times As we get closer to the beginning of the new year, we feel obliged to give … continue reading

Bust This Myth: Software Quality is not Everyone’s Problem – Six Ways Tool Integration Dramatically Improves Test Management Processes and QA

AVAILABLE NOW Now, I got no fight with any man who does what he’s told, but when he don’t, the machine breaks down. And when the machine breaks down, we break down. And I ain’t gonna allow that in any of you. Not one. — Sgt Barnes, Platoon (1986) In our world of software delivery, … continue reading

You’ve Heard What Value Stream Management Isn’t. Now Hear the Truth About What It Is.

AVAILABLE NOW At ConnectALL, we have discussed ad nauseum what value stream management isn’t. We’ve told you that it is NOT a tool, NOT a feature, and NOT a map. It isn’t a person, it isn’t a platform, and it isn’t a set of metrics. Agile? DevOps? Also not value stream management. But what is less … continue reading

DevOps at Scale: Release Faster in More Complex Environments with Test Automation

How do you scale your testing to realize the full value of DevOps? In this session, Ethan Chung, Solutions Architect Manager at Keysight Technologies, will show how to expand testing coverage across complex applications with intelligent automation. Watch now to learn the basics of automation right through to building sophisticated test cases that integrate with … continue reading

Threat Landscapes: An Upstream and Downstream Moving Target

AVAILABLE NOW Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and calculated in the ways in which they deliver attacks upstream in the software supply chain. There are growing numbers of organized attackers whose sole focus is exploiting vulnerabilities in open source ecosystems, frequently by making their malware appear legitimate. What’s new is the intensity, volume, frequency, and … continue reading

Write a year’s worth of code in 8 hours: Accelerate your Java pipeline with AI-assisted coding

AVAILABLE NOW Modern development strategies employ different tactics to deliver code more quickly, from agile planning to cross-functional teams to ‘shift left’. Unit testing has an important role to play, accelerating cycle times by detecting regressions at the earliest possible stage. Since testing remains a significant bottleneck in most CI pipelines, the gains can be … continue reading

Modernize Your Pipelines with Best Practices Built-In

AVAILABLE NOW Declarative pipelines provide a more modern, opinionated approach to pipeline creation and management. But what are they really? What benefit do they bring to your CI/CD processes? Our three expert panelists discussed: What declarative pipelines are and how they are used Where they are most useful Best practices around creating declarative pipelines in … continue reading

Introducing Contrast’s New Free Developer Security Tool – CodeSec!

AVAILABLE NOW As the need for code to be deployed faster grows every year, code scanning has become a great part of the developer role. As such, Dev teams need a simple-to-integrate security tool that allows them to secure code quickly and accurately without disrupting their workflow. That is why Contrast is proud to introduce … continue reading

Protecting your Spring Boot applications from recent critical vulnerabilities

AVAILABLE NOW Spring Boot is a common framework for building Spring-based applications. But all frameworks have their risks, and Spring Boot is no exception. Recently, zero day vulnerabilities in the Spring Framework and Spring Boot have created increased demand for security for Spring Boot. For example, Spring Boot was recently impacted by the SpringShell vulnerability … continue reading

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