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This series will give you insights into performance testing, managing data while testing, and how to design tests with AI. With software complexity continuing to grow, the need for testing is more compelling than ever. In this SD Times Live! Microwebinar series with HCL Software’s OneTest, we’ll explore where SCA, SAST, DAST and IAST can be most useful and help organizations reduce their vulnerability footprint.


Featured Speakers:

  • David Rubinstein – Editorial Director of SD Times
  • Martin Lescuyer – Product Manager at HCL Software



A Journey Toward Deeper Performance Insights w/ HCL OneTest Product Manager Martin Lescuyer

In this introductory talk, Martin Lescuyer will explain why performance testing is critical to businesses – it has a direct correlation to conversion rates – and how to test your performance using automation.



Data Generation for Testing w/ HCL OneTest Product Manager Martin Lescuyer

Data is everywhere, and is especially important in testing – including performance, API, UI and functional testing. In this episode Martin Lescuyer discusses how creating data models and definitions can be used effectively to generate tests and scenarios for application testing. And, he hints at an upcoming rebranding.



Test Creation from Design Mockups w/ HCL OneTest Product Manager Martin Lescuyer

In the third episode of this series, Martin Lescuyer discusses how test designs, powered by AI, can become the actual tests organizations need to ensure their applications are performing at their peak.


BONUS EPISODE: December 5 @ 1:00PM ET | 10:00AM PT

Testing in a Cloud and Container World w/ HCL OneTest Product Manager Martin Lescuyer

Testing in a cloud and containerized world is often very difficult. A standard Kubernetes application is usually made of a number of containers and services within those containers — and accessing them transparently and individually is a real challenge for testers. In this bonus SD Times Live! microwebinar to conclude the series, we’ll cover how HCL OneTest can help solve some of these challenges to make the Kubernetes cluster accessible.


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