The low-code platform Airtable is trying to make it even easier for users to create applications on its platform with the launch of new features in Airtable AI.

The first update is the ability to extract insights from large amounts of data. It provides an easy-to-understand summary of the insights, which can then be shared with other users or teams. For instance, it can analyze unstructured data such as customer feedback and summarize the most relevant points. 

Next, the company added the ability to automatically apply categories or tags to data, helping teams keep their data better organized. Categories can be based on things like theme, sentiment, product features, and more. 

“If you aggregate thousands of transcripts of customer calls, you can ask Airtable AI to categorize each call according to sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) and group the data accordingly,” Airtable wrote in a blog post

Users can also now create content based off of their data, such as generating emails for sales teams or drafts of campaign assets for marketing teams. It does this by using information about messaging, product, and audience that has been stored in Airtable.

Airtable AI also now offers the ability to automatically translate content across multiple languages. In addition to just translating language, it can also translate tone based on a specific region. 

“Rather than just translating from English to Spanish, Airtable AI can translate copy from English to Mexican Spanish specifically, with a friendly, consumer-oriented voice and tone. This hyper-local approach makes your content immediately relevant to your target audience, and produces a much more accurate and compelling translation compared to other solutions,” the company wrote. 

And finally, there are new capabilities to improve data routing so that data gets in the hands of the right team. This frees up managers from having to spend their time identifying what teams data requests should go to. 

“Organizations have enormous potential to transform the way they work with AI,” said Howie Liu, co-founder and CEO of Airtable. “From the beginning, Airtable has been the most powerful way for teams to work with structured data. Now, Airtable AI offers the fastest way to bring AI to the data and the workflows that matter the most, uniquely unlocking AI capabilities for customers small and large.”