May 21st microwebinar:

Navigating Data Challenges for SaaS Companies

As a product manager in a SaaS company, you have to juggle a lot—from adopting products and setting roadmap priorities to keeping up with technological advancements and supporting customer needs.

Knowing how your end users leverage the product and data within it often leads to increased adoption but not without some bumps. There are three key challenges common in SaaS environments:

  1. Building industry-specific solutions that meet customer data where it is and support security norms
  2. Enabling access to data for responsible usage and distribution
  3. Scaling data access for integration with other tools and BI/reporting

Join the Progress DataDirect team for a micro-webinar series that delves into these challenges.


Avadhoot Kulkarni, Manager, Product Management

Avadhoot is an Experienced Product Leader who has been with Progress DataDirect for 18 years. Over the past 8 years, he has been working as a Product Manager/Product Owner on Progress DataDirect data connectivity portfolio.

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