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Welcome to a series of Microwebinars featuring Appvance. This series will detail numerous topics related to application testing including generative AI, automation maturity, and application coverage.


Featured Speaker:

  • Kevin Parker – VP Product at Appvance


October 10 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 1: Taking a Strategic Approach to Quality with Generative AI w/ Appvance VP Product Kevin Parker

See how autonomous software testing, enabled by cutting-edge AI, can take your testing program to the next level by providing visibility into all areas of your application. You can improve coverage and focus your efforts on the use cases that matter most. In this Microwebinar, Kevin will discuss:
– How to focus on finding bugs, NOT on how many tests we can automate
– That we can use artifacts in plain sight to train the AI on our business rules, validations, and behaviors
– There is deep meta data that the AI can exhibit that shows where the defect density is high, where performance is slow, and where the application is not being tested


October 24 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 2: The Journey to Automation Maturity w/ Appvance VP Product Kevin Parker

When software development teams adopt test automation, they tend to follow a straight line approach. But autonomous testing can help you approach this process differently.
In this Microwebinar, Kevin will discuss:
– How to get started with real AI-based Test Automation
– What is Autonomous Testing and how can it help you advance more quickly
– How you get better application coverage by writing fewer test scripts
– And why AI turns QA Automation Engineers into a strategic IT resource


November 7 @ 1PM ET | 10AM PT

Part 3: Application Coverage (Vs. Test Coverage) w/ Appvance VP Product Kevin Parker

Many quality teams measure success based on the number of scripts written and deployed, or via Test Coverage. Application Coverage is a more complete measure of the effectiveness of your testing program yielding more issues more quickly.
In this Microwebinar, Kevin will discuss:
– How Application Coverage is defined
– How Application Coverage compares to Test Coverage and other quality metrics
– What the implications are of achieving high levels of Application Coverage in your quality program Protection Status