CloudBees has announced a new DevSecOps platform that was built with platform engineering in mind. 

Platform engineering is a discipline that brings together several different roles and integrates siloed technology into a single platform.

The new platform centers the developer experience, minimizing cognitive loads and making DevOps processes invisible. It achieves this through blocks, automations, and “golden paths.” 

The platform is also open and extensible so that platform engineers can make use of other DevOps tools in the industry, including CloudBees’ Jenkins. “This flexibility to orchestrate any other tool enables organizations to protect the investments they have already made in tooling. Teams can continue to use their preferred technologies simply by plugging them into the platform,” CloudBees wrote in a press release

It uses a self-service model to enable developers to be more autonomous and not have to wait on others for automations, actions, or resources.

The platform also centers security and includes out-of-the-box workflow templates with security measures already built in. CloudBees abstracts away sensitive information out of the pipeline, such as passwords and tokens. 

It also includes automated DevSecOps capabilities, such as security checks of source code, binaries, cloud environments, data, and identity. These checks are made possible by utilizing the Open Policy Agent project. 

The new platform also comes with frameworks for security standards like FedRamp and SOC2. 

“Today we are announcing the most open and extensible platform on the market, architected for cloud scale and the problems developers and platform teams face today,” said Shawn Ahmed, chief product officer of CloudBees. “Over the past 24 months we have listened, crafted, iterated, and developed a solution based on thousands of unique points of feedback. Time and time again, customers highlight the challenges in going fast, staying secure and improving developer experience. The CloudBees platform is the culmination of our commitment to reshaping the DevSecOps landscape. Our new platform empowers developers, unifies teams, and accelerates innovation while offering unprecedented flexibility and choice.”