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CloudBees has a new DevSecOps platform specifically for platform engineering

CloudBees has announced a new DevSecOps platform that was built with platform engineering in mind.  Platform engineering is a discipline that brings together several different roles and integrates siloed technology into a single platform. The new platform centers the developer experience, minimizing cognitive loads and making DevOps processes invisible. It achieves this through blocks, automations, … continue reading

CloudBees announces integration with Argo Rollouts to improve Kubernetes deployments

CloudBees, the software delivery platform for enterprises, today introduced its integration of the company’s continuous delivery and release orchestration solution CloudBees CD/RO with the Kubernetes controller Argo Rollouts.  This integration is geared at strengthening a user’s ability to deliver high quality software quickly and at scale in cloud-native environments.  CloudBees customers gain access to Argo … continue reading

CloudBees acquires ReleaseIQ to expand DevSecOps offerings

CloudBees acquired the ReleaseIQ DevOps Platform to expand the company’s DevSecOps capabilities and to empower customers with a low-code, end-to-end release orchestration and visibility solution.  The SaaS offering enables DevOps organizations to compose and analyze workflows, and also orchestrate a combination of CI/CD technologies including Jenkins without the need to migrate or replace.  “The decision … continue reading

The benefits of declarative pipelines

Pipelines are an important part of the Jenkins ecosystem for CI/CD, and one important iteration of the pipeline concept is called the declarative pipeline. SD Times, in partnership with CloudBees, recently hosted a webinar called “Modernize Your Pipelines with Best Practices Built-In,” to talk about the benefits of these.  But to understand why CloudBees, which … continue reading

How this company facilitates the tasks that need to be done inside the CI/CD pipeline

We asked Drew Piland, product manager at CloudBees, how the company’s solution helps organizations facilitate tasks that need to be done inside the CI/CD pipeline. This is what he had to say: There are a few different task types: integrations with other tools, scripts, deployments, and manual tasks. Integration steps will interact with the third-party … continue reading

CloudBees announces Community Edition for feature management

CloudBees, the software delivery platform for enterprises, today launched CloudBees Feature Management Community Edition.  With this, development teams gain access to enterprise-grade feature flagging capabilities, advancing the technique of progressive delivery within modern software engineering. This release allows teams of up to 15 developers to take advantage of feature flags at scale, working to tackle … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Android 12L in Beta 1; CloudBees raises $150 million in Series F; MariaDB announces new release model

Android released the first Beta of Android 12L, a feature drop for Android 12 that’s built for large screens, for users to test and provide feedback as they prepare apps for the feature drop coming early in 2022. Users can try the new large screens features by setting up Android Emulator in Android Studio. The … continue reading

CloudBees makes improvements to feature management and compliance

CloudBees is aiming to make improvements to feature management and compliance through new updates to its platforms announced at its DevOps World 2021 conference. CloudBees Feature Management now provides full visibility into feature flags throughout development and release pipelines. This allows companies to more efficiently scale their use of feature flags.  The platform now integrates … continue reading

CloudBees appoints new CEO: Stephen DeWitt

As CloudBees embarks on its next phase of its DevOps journey, it will have a new captain steering the ship. The company has named Stephen DeWitt as its new CEO.  DeWitt is a known technology executive who has more recently served on the Silicon Valley Executive Network, was chief strategy officer at Automation Anywhere and … continue reading

CloudBees takes its software delivery management vision and DevSecOps solutions to the next level at DevOps World 2020

CloudBees announced at DevOps World 2020 the first two modules for its Software Delivery Management (SDM) vision are now generally available. The modules are designed for feature management and engineering productivity use cases. “We previously introduced our vision for Software Delivery Management as a market category,” said Shawn Ahmed, senior vice president and general manager … continue reading

‘Show Us Your World’: DevOps World brings content, engagement, leadership development under one virtual roof

What’s in store for DevOps World? Who better to ask than the CEO and co-founder of conference host CloudBees? Sacha Labourey offers his thoughts leading up to the conference, to be held on Sept. 22-24. Register today for free!  Conferences have had to be resourceful putting on virtual events during the pandemic. Why is DevOps … continue reading

CloudBees expands its software delivery management platform with new integrations

CloudBees has announced new integrations with top continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) engines for its Software Delivery Management (SDM) platform. The new integrations include Google Cloud Build and Tekton.  “Our customers want to be able to move faster and innovate,” said Pali Bhat, vice-president, product and design at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to work … continue reading Protection Status