CloudBees is aiming to make improvements to feature management and compliance through new updates to its platforms announced at its DevOps World 2021 conference.

CloudBees Feature Management now provides full visibility into feature flags throughout development and release pipelines. This allows companies to more efficiently scale their use of feature flags. 

The platform now integrates with Jenkins, allowing developers to see their flags in the build pipeline. According to CloudBees, feature flag management has traditionally been separate from CI, which led to inefficiencies. Now, Jenkins users will be able to create, delete, or update a flag within a CI job. 

“In order for feature management to be scaled effectively across enterprises, it cannot operate in a silo separate from the tools used for CI and CD,” said Dinesh Keswani, chief technology officer of CloudBees. “There must be common visibility and governance of feature flags throughout the software delivery lifecycle. These new enhancements lay the foundation for fully integrated feature flags across the CloudBees Platform, enabling enterprise-scale progressive delivery, especially for our customers with highly complex environments.”

The company also announced CloudBees Compliance, which provides compliance and risk analysis throughout the development lifecycle.

The solution can assess compliance of code, binary artifacts, data, identity, and infrastructure environments. It also provides developers with actionable feedback so that they can resolve compliance issues quickly. 

It uses a common repository of rules in its assessments, and also deduplicates alerts to eliminate double alerting. Teams can also set custom thresholds based on their acceptable risk level. 

CloudBees Compliance is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2022. 

“Shifting left is not enough for enterprises that are highly regulated, highly complex and operating at extraordinary scale,” said Stephen DeWitt, CEO of CloudBees. “Putting code into production that doesn’t work, whatever the reason, isn’t a viable option – the risks and costs are just too high. What enterprises want and need is immediate and actionable feedback at every point of the software delivery lifecycle so that they have the peace of mind of being compliant at all times, all while enabling developers to focus on creating business value. CloudBees Compliance lets developers focus on writing code, lets security and compliance teams ‘set it and forget it,’ and lets CISOs sleep better at night knowing risk is constantly assessed and issues are identified and routed immediately to be addressed.”