CloudBees, the software delivery platform for enterprises, today introduced its integration of the company’s continuous delivery and release orchestration solution CloudBees CD/RO with the Kubernetes controller Argo Rollouts. 

This integration is geared at strengthening a user’s ability to deliver high quality software quickly and at scale in cloud-native environments. 

CloudBees customers gain access to Argo Rollouts’ deployment capabilities, allowing them to promote new application versions with reduced downtime, distribute controlled software updates, and test new versions of code in real-world environments prior to release.

Additionally, Argo Rollouts is compatible with existing manifests and CRDs so that users do not have to change any tools in order to use these deployment strategies.

“This integration of CloudBees CD/RO with Argo Rollouts is a continuation of our commitment to best-in-class open-source tools that empower our customers in their software delivery journey,” said Shawn Ahmed, chief product officer at CloudBees. “We strive to meet our customers where they are with our open platform strategy, and are confident this integration will provide them with better control and visibility over the deployment process for cloud-native applications.”

Other key benefits of this integration include access to real-time information about app versions in a range of environments; increased visibility into the state of an application during release; and access to deployment analytics such as frequency, duration, and success rates. 

Lastly, this integration provides users with security policies that permit only authorized users to promote releases to production. 

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