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CloudBees announces integration with Argo Rollouts to improve Kubernetes deployments

CloudBees, the software delivery platform for enterprises, today introduced its integration of the company’s continuous delivery and release orchestration solution CloudBees CD/RO with the Kubernetes controller Argo Rollouts.  This integration is geared at strengthening a user’s ability to deliver high quality software quickly and at scale in cloud-native environments.  CloudBees customers gain access to Argo … continue reading

Debugging apps on Kubernetes: The future is remocal

Some of the most painful memories from my 15-year career building enterprise Java applications have involved remote debugging. But this isn’t just a Java-specific problem. Many of my .NET and Ruby developer colleagues have shared the same challenges.  Through my time working with monolithic apps running on large application servers to building microservices that ran … continue reading

Open-source software sees growth across the board

As the use of open-source software (OSS) continues its year-over-year growth, the biggest area for innovation and open-source adoption is now AI. But the growth of OSS is in every area, relied upon by companies for a wide range of business-critical applications, including data and database management, containers and container orchestration, and DevOps and SDLC … continue reading

How to ensure open-source longevity

Most code in existence today utilizes open-source components, but it’s important to remember where, and who, that open-source code comes from.  Open-source software is mostly developed and maintained by volunteers. Unlike a company with resources to hire more developers, the maintainers of most open-source projects have to carry the burden of what comes after them.  … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: DevSpace

DevSpace is an open-source developer tool for Kubernetes that allows users to develop and deploy cloud-native software with increased speed. This tool works as a lightweight, client-only CLI that utilizes current kube-context and does not require the installation of anything inside of the user’s cluster. DevSpace works out of the box with every Kubernetes cluster. … continue reading

OpsMx announces software and services extensions to Argo

The intelligent continuous delivery solution provider, OpsMx, announced new software modules and support services for Argo that make it faster, easier, and safer for companies to use Argo in production, according to the company. New automated analysis capabilities can increase the speed and accuracy of complex progressive deployments. A unified view and centralized audit of … continue reading

DH2i announces DxEnterprise v22 with container sidecar

Infrastructure solution company DH2i announced the general availability of DxEnterprise version 22 with a new container sidecar to enable application-level high availability (HA) clustering for stateful containers in Kubernetes.  The Dxe sidecar offers the three key deployment benefits of isolation, quick deployment, and scalability.  The application can run independently in one container while the sidecar … continue reading

KubeCon Keynote Address stresses the importance of supporting maintainers and upstream commitments

The resilience of the Cloud Native community was emphasized this morning as Priyanka Sharma, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) gave the Keynote Address and opening remarks at KubeCon CloudNativeCon North America 2022. She began her talk by applauding the ways in which the community has continued to thrive despite the tumultuous … continue reading

Granulate launches new free tool for optimizing Kubernetes costs

Companies find many benefits from using Kubernetes to manage their containers, but might find that one challenge is managing resources and costs. In order to solve this problem, workload optimization company Granulate has released a new free solution, gMaestro, which companies can use to gain visibility into their Kubernetes clusters and avoid over-provisioning resources.  According … continue reading

Rafay Systems launches new open-source Kubernetes project

Rafay Systems launched a new open-source software project named Paralus to help keep users safe and applications secure on any Kubernetes environment for free. Paralus offers identity and access management throughout an organization by providing a single login zero-trust K8s solution to grant authorized users seamless and secure access to all clusters with a native … continue reading

Report: Rust takes the crown in Stack Overflow Developer Survey

For the seventh year, Rust has been named the most loved language in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey.  Eighty-seven percent of Rust developers said that they want to continue using the language.  Rust also tied with Python as the most wanted technology in this year’s report, with TypeScript and Go following closely behind. The distinction between … continue reading

Section’s new Kubernetes Edge interface allows organizations to deploy apps to the edge

Section announced a new Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI) to allow organizations to deploy application workloads across a distributed edge as if it were a single cluster.  With the new interface, development teams can use familiar tools such as kubectl or Helm and deploy applications to a multi-cloud, multi-region and multi-provider network.  Section’s patented Adaptive Edge … continue reading

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