Cloud Foundry announced the latest release of Korifi, a platform that aims to simplify Kubernetes and enhance the application deployment process. It now supports Docker images and allows developers to easily deploy them to Kubernetes.

This update streamlines container-based workflows by making Docker images compatible with existing containers in various development stages, which makes it a valuable tool for teams already utilizing container-based solutions.

With support for Docker images, users no longer need to write or maintain intricate YAML configurations, as most lifecycle operations come with readily available workflows, Cloud Foundry explained.

It also enhances productivity by simplifying scaling and streamlining container lifecycle management, all without the complexities of Kubernetes configuration.

Additionally, a new installer simplifies the deployment of Korifi for first-time users, further enhancing its usability.

“Korifi now offers users the power to transform container-based workflows and take advantage of Kubernetes scalability and resilience,” said Chris Clark, the program manager at Cloud Foundry. “We’re enabling developers to focus on innovation, without having to deal with infrastructure and become experts in Kubernetes.”