Armory introduced, a platform to enhance the developer experience through their declarative continuous deployment solution (Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service). 

This developer hub offers a comprehensive website aimed at providing developers and end-users with convenient access to detailed resources. The platform offers various learning materials such as videos, tutorials, and reference documents, enabling users to learn and progress at their preferred pace.

“Continuous deployment is critical to us delivering value to our customers, so our engineering team not only code our products, they consume them,” said Jim Douglas, CEO of Armory. “They live and breathe the developer experience daily, so it’s front and center in all our product decisions.”

Developer Hub offers the ability to visualize deployment configurations to understand existing setups, share URLs from exposed services to webhooks for service identification, access and review Kubernetes manifests on the deployment graph screen, and expose external preview URLs for deployed Kubernetes services, granting developers independent access without relying on other teams for networking setup.

Every user, including Freemium tier users, have full access to the site, allowing them to utilize their account to the fullest extent.